Miniature Monday – Fly & Blood Demons


Deep within the hellish realms of past Kickstarters, we proudly present two smaller demons from the Bones II range: The Fly demon and their bloody sibling.

(posting by Antonia)

The minis this week are comparatively plain, especially the blood demon, who doesn’t show many details. Still I really liked painiting it, I just adjusted my concepts accordingly. The Fly demon mini has some interesting variation in textures, fur, scales, smooth legs and the veined membranous wings.

When I painted the Blood demon, I took the name quite literally and imagined a creature made from solified blood:

blood toni_k

For the Blood demon I used a medium red base coat and added layers of different reds in washes and mixtures of red paint + water based glue to get a thick, glossy and semi-translucent finish. I could maybe add more layers, but for now I’m quite happy with the result. The shallow detail on the mini doesn’t matter here, I think it rather helps creating the feeling of ‘semi-liquid strangeness’.

For the base I sculpted rough ‘waves’ and painted them the same way as the demon, to make it look like he just emerged from a boiling sea of blood, resting (and dripping) on the black stone beneath him.


To work with the various textures, I painted the Fly demon mostly with liners and washes instead of traditional paints:


The eyes and the base are the only parts of the miniature where I used regular (in case of the eyes metallic) paint, the rest I painted with Reaper washes and liners, right on the white bones plastic, which was really fast and gave a nice, watercolor-y look. Dirty too, but since I imagined that critter as somehow plague/decay-related that’s okay with me. I will definitely try that again on other projects, I just have to make sure I use the right brands of liners/washes, as some (like Army Painter’s) don’t work on bare bonesium.


Dirk went with a “grey with red slime” color scheme from the D&D 3.5 Monster Manual:


Since the miniature had a hue that gave our camera problems, you see two versions of the picture: The left one shows the hightlights and true colors better, the right one gives you an idea of the great lava-details Dirk created on the base. He painted the demon in a steel grey and added red slime with water effect paste which he colored with red wash. I like the jelly-like look of the slime, you can imagine how it slowly runs off the thin limbs. Wonderfully disgusting 😀


Michael also managed to paint two demons, inspired by art resp. nature:


He wrote that the Blood demon was painted after D&D art, either official or not, which he remembered with a bright, unnatural green color. For the bloody mucus he used water effect too – which brand was that? And did you color it first, or after it dried, like Dirk did? Cool bright contrast between the demon and the slime, it definitely looks unnatural!

For the Fly demon Michael used a real species, the blue bottle fly, as a reference, with green spots for extra eekiness. I really like the result, although I’ve never seen one of those flies in real life, I guess they are native to the US? The color scheme works great anyway! The flight peg is also a nice idea, do you have plans for the minis already or did you just modify them for fun?


Jim used D&D descriptions of the Babau and the Chasme as a base:

Bones bllod demon fly demon jimIMG_3998

I like the smooth and realistic (if you can say something like that about demons?) paintjob on those two, and the bases look great! The lava is very well done and the grass adds much needed variation to the Fly demons base, I should really flock parts of it too. Did you use metallic color on the wings, or does it just look like that on the picture? And the eyes literally seem to glow, awesome!


Paul wasn’t too happy with the low details and added some of his own:

CF_BloodDemon (copy)

For the face he used a 40k Harlequin mask and swapped the right hand too. He also cut off the horn to make the demon more generic, and gave him *ahem* another one further down instead. To keep our page tasteful, as he says, he blacked out the newly added ‘anatomy’, though. Probably better, I might not have thought of that (we barbaric Europeans are not as sensible I suppose). Anyway, great conversion and paintjob, it looks very smooth and professional! The cracked earth effect is cool too, which brand of color did you use?


this week’s gallery:

02/19/2018 Bones III Giant Cobra (B3 Core)

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 02/17/18 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will show up in an update  😉

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6 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Fly & Blood Demons

  1. It’s really nice to see the broad range of interpretations of these figures! Very creative indeed.

    The colours I used are a combination of Citadel and Tamiya, with that magical Vallejo Old Gold on the mask.

    As for the showing of lower horns or not, I wouldn’t say the Old World is barbaric; it just has a lower density of prudes than the New. Should I ever have another fig with such an addition, I’ll send two version of the picture and trust in editorial discretion!

  2. Antonia: I like both of yours, but I’m particularly taken with your “bloody” Blood Demon! Sometimes literal works best.

    Dirk: Surprisingly similar to mine. Very creepy and nice lava glow on the base.

    Michael: Another bloody Blood Demon! I like the bluebottle fly effect, too. Mine started out that way but most of my blue got lost.

    Paul: That harlequin mask is really spooky and a great looking mini overall.

    I went really simple on mine, but I’m pleased with the overall results. The original Babau desription say they look like skeletons in skin tight black leather, so there you have it! I probably should have picked out the claws in a lighter shade. As I mentioned, my Chasme/fly started as a bluebottle but morphed into a purely fantastic version. I couldn’t figure out how to easily do a compound eye so I just did light blue grading to white in the center with a little gloss for shine. The wings only look metalic, they’re just brown and tan with a very heavy wash.

  3. Overall, I think I like Antonia’s two best – great, crazy interpretations of these two. Both the blood demon being literally blood and the fly’s plague-bearer look are nasty.

    Dirk has a great lava effect going on. I think I like your blood effect better than mine too.

    Jim’s are book-perfect. The bases are great, and my favorite part of the Fly are the wings.

    Paul’s additions of the mask and the anatomy down below are a great idea presenting the demon as something truly obscene. That could work great in a mature campaign.

    Besides whatever official art I had been looking at, I also wanted my Babau/Blood Demon to look a little bit like the nasty demons you’d find in Medieval/Renaissance art (like Bosch) – just a freaky green dude dripping in blood. I used Woodland Scenics Water Effects; this was my first time ever trying something like this. The bottle had a nozzle, but I ended up mostly just making curved lines on some wax paper, then draping them over the demon and adding a little glue to keep them there. I painted them afterwards. I was going for “blood-mucus”, but I think I probably should have used a little more dark color.

    The bluebottle fly is found all over the Northern Hemisphere, from what I found. I like how the metallic blue color came out. I tried to do a minimalist approach on the wings to make them look as transparent as I could with opaque paint, but I wonder if that was the best choice.

    I might use these in my D&D game that I DM a little later on (characters are only Level 4 right now). I just added the flight peg for fun though; I bought a bunch of them initially for some forgotten reason, and now I look for an excuse to use them! My other favorite hidden highlight of my two is that I painted the bases with the same dark red color to make it an Abyssal blood rock or something.

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