Miniature Monday – Christina, Cleric (updated)


Happy New Year to all our readers! Since the nights around here are still long and cold, we brought someone carrying a light into the darkness (both literally and metaphorically): Christina the Cleric.



Miniature Monday – Bloodhoof, Minotaur


Can you hear the stomping of heavy hooves somewhere deep within the labyrinth? Somewhere, the Minotaur is waiting… (more…)

Miniature Monday – Bat Demon


With the flapping of heavy wings another creature of the night descends on us and our readers!


Miniature Monday – Elven Blacksmith


This week we show one of Bones III’s townfolk, the rather unusual elven blacksmith. But all those fancy, high-end elven blades have to come from somewhere, right?


Miniature Monday – Hobgoblins UPDATED


For the friends of well organized non-human military and easy to use NPC adversaries, this week we painted some of Bones III hobgoblin warriors! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Horned Hunter


Right out of the realm of legends and lore we are set to paint the Horned Hunter.


Miniture Monday – Bregan, Valkyrie


Riding the cold winds from the North, a legendary warrior comes to caffeineforge this week: Come and see our painter’s takes on the valkyrie!