Miniature Monday – Owlbear

Owlbears are a fantasy staple, but we’ve quite some variation to show. Have a look!


Miniature Monday – Woman w Torch

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“Burn the… what are we hunting now, again?” What is Frankenstein’s Monster without the angry mob? And why should the men get all the fun? We already painted the male, fork and torch wielding rioter in an earlier article. Now the women have their go, but whom the menacing mob is after? Let’s see what our painters had in mind…


Miniature Monday – Mavaro

This week’s posting is actually last week’s, maybe that’s why Mavaro shows such a grave expression? But puns aside, we have some nice paintjobs for you here, come and have a look!


Miniature Monday – Burrowing Behemoth

From beneath the earth comes a horrifying hulk, an astonishing abomination, a monstrous mutation! (ok, enough of this alliterations 🙂 ) If you are not afraid of things lurking beneath your feet, then read on…


Miniature (Mon)Day – Taroya

“We are… painters!”

This time we dig deep into the mythological world of ancient Greece, as we see a great heroine ready to fight Hydrae, Titans or Lions. But which epic voyage will she begin, to write her name in the anals of legend? Our contributors had different ideas…


Miniature Monday – Anuminar Winterbeard

The wise hermit, the old headmaster or the stargazing prophet. The fantasy genre is full of powerful wizards casting lightning bolts, killing dragons and setting pine cones ablaze. They can have any form and color, but also have many things in common.

Let’s see what our painters made out of this iconic magic wielder…


Classic Horror Monsters – Victor’s Creatures

It’s night, and out there, lightning is flickering over the painting table. Or did the desk lamp just malfunction again? Who knows – the unspeakable happened anyway, and there are creatures lurking… finally ALIIIIIVE!


Miniature Monday – Bedeviled

Happy Halloween! We hope you had some fun moments or at least heaps of candy – we celebrated indoors and our son delightfully wore his new “Princess Celestia”* costume the whole weekend.

And guess what, we even had time to do a little bit of painting! Come and check out the results!

*Yes, the magical alicorn from My little Pony. Some might see that as scary in itself, but he absolutely loved it.


Miniature Monday – Vampire Bloodlords

Halloween is near, and the vampires are rising from their crypts! Have a look (if you dare)…!


Miniature Monday – Gauth Pt.2

At last, the final chapter of Gauth is here. Read on to see this mighty monsters in all their glory. We can present at least 3 of the 5 chromatic dragons.