Miniature Monday – Werebear


This week we are featuring a really heavy hitter, so to say – the massive werebear.



Miniature Monday – Aaron the Conjurer


This week we take a look at a mini from the Bones 2 Kickstarter, a spellcaster with a built-in special effect. Read on to find out what our painters did with it!


Miniture Monday – Tengus


This week we travel into the far east and encounter some legendary creatures: Crow people!


Miniature Monday – Pathfinder Troll


After a weekend full of sweet chocolate, cute bunnies and beautiful easter eggs, we present you some quite ugly things people painted for easter  đŸ˜€


Miniature Monday: Harsk, Dwarf Ranger


Dwarves are not known for their bond with nature or their affinity to the surface world, but as you will see, there are some rare individuals among that race that get out and wander around in forests and meadows…


Miniature Monday – Lendil Blackroot (update)


This week’s mini is an archetypical wizard with flowing robe, cloak and a pointy hat – very gandalph indeed  đŸ˜‰Â  This leaves room for a lot of different interpretations, have a look!


Miniature Monday – Giant Cobra


This week we painted the Queen of the Snakes: A truly gigantic cobra! (more…)