We are disorganized, but fine!

Dear readers and miniature painters, since in Corona times toddlers with runny noses aren’t allowed in daycare*, all our schedules got a bit mixed up and our next article will come out the following monday (ie one week later than planned). But runny noses, shaken nerves and lost sleep aside we are fine. I hope you are, too!

Stay safe and keep on painting, see you next week!

*I know! You would think the nursery would be completely empty, right? But obviously there are still a handful of dry noses around. Outdoor nurseries boost the immune system, I guess.

Miniature Monday – Gloom Stalker

There are a lot of dangerous creatures that a group of adventurers might encounter in the caverns beneath their world, and this week, we take a look at some especially scary claws. Or was it horrifying hooks…?


Miniature Monday – Baba Yaga

(Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo before painting our minis, so here’s the drawing again)

This week we take a closer look at a supernatural, witch-like being from slavic folklore, so take a seat on your mortar, grab your pestle and join us!


Miniature Monday – Ettin

If you want two ogres for the price of one, you’ve come to the right place! Come and have a look at this week’s minis!


Miniature Monday – Fomorian Giant


Distorted and ugly. Is the fomorian giant a hideous mystical creature, or just some “poor” mutant out to rob and maim? Let’s have a look…


Miniature Monday – Elf with whip

Anmerkung 2020-04-18 123750

Whips are not known as the weapon of choice for many people, more a tool than an actually dangerous weapon. So who is this guy, a sinistrous slaver, a showy swashbuckler with a fancy choice of weapons, or an animal handler maybe? Let’s see what the community thought:


Miniature Monday – Fungoids

Anmerkung 2020-03-31 220317

And here we go, ready your weapons and/or collection baskets for loads and loads of fungi!


Stay Tuned

Dear readers, due to holidays and still non-existing childcare the Attack of the Doom Shrooms the next Miniature Monday article will be delayed a couple of days, but rest assured that all your wonderful contributions will have their chance to shine, puff spores or whatever they prefer!

See you soon, everybody, and stay safe!

Miniature Monday – Were Rat

Anmerkung 2020-03-23 173312

A hulking monstrosity comes bursting out of some sewers, or from under heaps of garbage, maybe? Read on to see what terrors our painters envisioned this week (hint: There are loads of them!)


Miniature Monday – Anwyn, Bard


Better late than never: Have a look at some painted musicians!