Miniature Monday – Desert Thing


This week, terror waits below the ground, when we discover different versions of a horrible sub-terranean monster which seems to consist only of teeth and tentacles…!


Miniature Monday – Bone Fiend


This is a very interesting mini from the point of composition, but from the view of painting it is really basic (just bones). Let’s see what our painters made of it to improve the challenge…


Miniature Monday – Drys, Elven Dryad


Dryads are forces of nature, beautiful and mysterious. Four of them are our guests this time, and each is different from the other.


Miniature Monday – Whispering Tyrant


This week’s mini is the whispering tyrant, a mighty monster from Pathfinder, but it works quite as well as generic lich or ghost or… let’s see what our contributors made of it.


Miniature Monday – Ape Demon


Ape demon:

These are not the flying monkeys from “Wizard of Oz” and it is not King Louis from jungle book  with wings, but Daemons From Hell! (dramatic music playing) If you want to see what kind of hell our painters were imaginating when they worked on this mini, read on…


Miniature Monday – Troll Slayer Sophie UPDATE


This time we see a new incarnation of the famous iconic figure of Sophie, more martial then ever I think, clad in plate armor and carrying a big sword.


Miniature Monday – Tiik Baron



A real tidal wave of photos hit our shelves this time, not only of this magnificent resident of the deep sea, but of all the visitors from the last weeks. So until we sorted them all out updated the last articles, which we hope to complete in the next two days, here are – for a start – the inhabitants of a dark and wet world under the waves…



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