Miniture Monday – Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie



If you prepare for battle (or maybe worship), the first thing to pack after your weapons are a large metal (or even stone carved) crest and an anvil, right? At least if you are a dwarf, it seems!



Miniature Monday – Kitsune


Creatures of legend, sometimes fox, sometimes in human form, but always mysterious! Come have a look at different takes on those sly shapechangers from japanese folklore!


Miniature Monday: Catch-Up Monday

Ghost Mini monday past

Once again, we welcome the “Ghosts of Christmas Past”… Or, rather, the ghosts of Mini Mondays past. Let’s see what our painters scratched off their respective painting lists this time!


Skara, Female Skoli

Skara, Female Skoli


Some unions are infernal, and their result even more: This week we have a look at a Skoli, Reaper’s version of a tiefling or maybe half-demon.


Miniature Monday – Werecrocodile


Imagine you are wandering in a swampy area, or crossing a river. It’s night, and the full moon casts a bright reflexion on the slowly moving water. You hear a soft, deep rumble, not too distant, that is, and over there, is that just a log? Some submerged tree? Lets have a look… (more…)

Miniature Monday – Alain, Paladin


In the name of all that is good and shiny – a group of paladins has gathered to show off their armour! Admire them here…! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Athak, Undead Knight


Most times the undead are easy to recognize by their pallid, often rotting flesh, sometimes their whole bodies are even reduced to bare bones.
With this week’s miniature we’ll never know, since Athak is completely clad in heavy robes which allow for a variety of styles and colors . Let’s see what our painters did with it! (more…)