Miniature Monday – Brotherhood of the Seal

Miniature Monday – Brotherhood of the Seal


This week’s mini is a pathfinder iconic, a martial artist ready to strike! (more…)


Miniature Monday – Sigurd, Viking


Sigurd is one of those “classic” vikings, long haired, bearded, even wearing one of those infamous horned helmets!


Miniature Monday – Alistrilee, Elven Archer

If you think of elves, the archer ist probably the class/profession you’d imagine first, thanks to Legolas’ never missing bow, I predict that thoses elves are also clad in green, but let’s see what our painters imagined this week!


Miniature Monday – Wraith (Updated)


Like a low whisper the wraith appears, ready to slice you apart. Do you dare to cross its path?


Miniature Monday – Durok, Dwarf Ranger


Most dwarves seem to be miners and/or fighters, but some have to keep watch in the tunnels (or woods) too – like Durok, the Dwarf Ranger. And in case you wondered, yes, there’s even a dwarven Rogue mini out there, but let’s leave that for another monday.


Miniature Monday – Sir Conlan


Robed, armoured and ready to fight – Sir Conlan finally arrives to show his (various) colors!


Miniture Monday – Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie



If you prepare for battle (or maybe worship), the first thing to pack after your weapons are a large metal (or even stone carved) crest and an anvil, right? At least if you are a dwarf, it seems!