Miniature Monday – Wyvern

Miniature Monday – Wyvern


Wyverns are often seen as the lesser cousins of dragons, although they’re probably every bit as stingy! And now, as you survived the pun, have a look at some painted minis!


Miniature Monday – Sarah the Seeress


Who knows what the future brings? Well, maybe this week’s subject does – let’s see what our painters envisioned!

(You see what I did there, right? Sorry 😀 )


Miniature Monday – Milk Maid (UPDATED)

03857_w_1 (metal mini pic)

This week another villager makes the stage – the milk maid. Or is she? Check the article to see what she might be carrying in that bucket…!


Milk delivery delayed!

Hello everyone!

I just now realized that we forgot to post an article this week! Oops! Our son turns 3 this week (today, actually!) and we were so busy preparing and clearing up for visitors that everything else, including our hobby thoughts, got shelved.


Miniature Monday – Villagers: Farmer


Everybody hears about the heroes. Dragon slayers, powerful wizards, cunning pirates (okay, “heroes” in the latter case), but what about the ordinary folks? Like, for example, a grumpy farmer?
Have a look at this week’s peasant collection!


Miniature Monday – Dire crab

Crab Arjen_klein
As seemingly any other sort of creature, crustaceans also sometimes are just “extra large and extra nasty” , aka “dire crabs” – have a look at what our painters caught in their nets this time!


Miniature Monday – Mi-Sher


Swirling scarves and glistening blades – this week Mi-Sher the sword dancer visits our blog! (more…)