Busy, not gone.

Hello everyone! Just a short note from us 🙂

Sorry for being silent the last couple of weeks. We are all right, don’t worry. Dirk just started a new job and is busy adjusting and getting to know the place and I got a bit swamped by trying to have his back concerning everything else.

Your pictures still reached us and we try and paint too, as time allows it (so, not much) but right now I’m not sure when we’ll be able to take up the schedule again. Maybe we’ll just push everything into the future for two months?

Let’s use this as a chance to catch up, maybe you can even gain a head start and paint some of the future models?

We’ll post here as soon as we know how we’ll continue, check back from time to time or maybe subscribe, if you haven’t already, there should be a box on the right of this text where you can enter your email to get notified.

We hope you are safe and happy, see/read you soon!

Miniature Monday – Catch up/Project showcase

This time, we have warbands, 3D-printed minis, catch ups, WIP future entries and some weird projects…


Griffon (Bones IV) – updated

Fearsome and majestic, the griffon is another fantasy staple, and this bones version is a pretty impressive miniature.
Have a look at how our painters worked at it!


Miniature Monday – Adowyn, Hunter

Hunters have to blend in, in whichever environment their prey dwells, so they come in a great variety of colors. Have a look at our painter’s ideas!


Miniature Monday – Beggar

Another part of village life, this beggar could be some poor old man, a cunning informant, or maybe even a well hidden assassin, who knows?


Miniature Monday – Owlbear

Owlbears are a fantasy staple, but we’ve quite some variation to show. Have a look!


Miniature Monday – Woman w Torch

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reaper-1.jpg

“Burn the… what are we hunting now, again?” What is Frankenstein’s Monster without the angry mob? And why should the men get all the fun? We already painted the male, fork and torch wielding rioter in an earlier article. Now the women have their go, but whom the menacing mob is after? Let’s see what our painters had in mind…


Miniature Monday – Mavaro

This week’s posting is actually last week’s, maybe that’s why Mavaro shows such a grave expression? But puns aside, we have some nice paintjobs for you here, come and have a look!


Miniature Monday – Burrowing Behemoth

From beneath the earth comes a horrifying hulk, an astonishing abomination, a monstrous mutation! (ok, enough of this alliterations 🙂 ) If you are not afraid of things lurking beneath your feet, then read on…


Miniature (Mon)Day – Taroya

“We are… painters!”

This time we dig deep into the mythological world of ancient Greece, as we see a great heroine ready to fight Hydrae, Titans or Lions. But which epic voyage will she begin, to write her name in the anals of legend? Our contributors had different ideas…