Miniature Monday – Burrowing Horror


Since we both found the time to paint a mini and got good participation from you all too, we have a wide range of burrowing horrors to show! Read on to see what could be waiting in the soil just beneath your feet…!



Miniature Monday – Anti Paladin


Here we have a bad guy again, a darksome anti-paladin. Either a champion for the most sinister of evil entities or a fallen advocate of justice. If you want to see how our painters have visualized the squalidness of this mighty warrior, read on…


Miniature Monday – Show me your Project


Here we go – you sent us pictures of the projects you did in the meantime, and it was quite a lot!


Miniature Monday – Charnel Grub


After such a long pause, you could think this blog was dead. I mean, it isn’t, fortunately, but some here come the scavengers anyway! Big, fat charnel grubs are crawling all over caffeineforge… and no, that’s not a baby joke 😀 (more…)

It’s aliiive…!


Hello everyone!

Yes, we are still around.

No, we didn’t really realize how **much** work caring for a baby is. Parents may now laugh at us  😀


Miniature Monday – Kar Drakir (updated)


Welcome to the last installment of Mini Monday before our break. How will things go on? Check the bottom of the article – and enjoy some great minis on the way down  😀 For our last monday miniature for now whe chose a mighty dragon warrior. As always with dragons there are many different colour choises…


Miniature Monday – Stone Lurker


This week’s mini is a classic, a very weird monster from early editions of D&D, where it is called a “Roper”, a dungeon creature using its long tentacles to bother adventurers.

This time we have quite a lot of enties, obviously this strange monster caught veryone’s attention. Or was it fond memories of long-ago RPG sessions?  😀