Miniature Monday – Ape Demon


Ape demon:

These are not the flying monkeys from “Wizard of Oz” and it is not King Louis from jungle book  with wings, but Daemons From Hell! (dramatic music playing) If you want to see what kind of hell our painters were imaginating when they worked on this mini, read on…


Miniature Monday – Troll Slayer Sophie UPDATE


This time we see a new incarnation of the famous iconic figure of Sophie, more martial then ever I think, clad in plate armor and carrying a big sword.


Miniature Monday – Tiik Baron



A real tidal wave of photos hit our shelves this time, not only of this magnificent resident of the deep sea, but of all the visitors from the last weeks. So until we sorted them all out updated the last articles, which we hope to complete in the next two days, here are – for a start – the inhabitants of a dark and wet world under the waves…


Miniature Monday – Rogan


A hooded figure moves silently through the streets, scurrying from shadow to shadow. It didn’t want to be seen pursuing his dubious business. But we shed light on this resident of the gloomy corners in town, to see what our painters worked wonders in the dark…


Miniature Monday – Basilisk


The basilisk, the king of snakes, a monster of myth. Able to turn anyone to stone who looks upon it. Legends entwine around it how it looks like, how it hatches. Is it a snake with a crown, a lizard or a rooster? Is it incubated by a toad? No one knows, because all who saw it turned to stone… but we have installed a special filter to let you see this mysterious creature live and in color (-;


missing monday miniature – an outbreak report

As the flu held us in its cold claws, we were unable to work on the samurai miniature from this week. And as there weren’t any other photos from honorable swordsmen arriving on our shelves, we had nothing to show. (more…)

Miniature Monday – Cassiata


The black knight, the anti-paladin, the dark champion… this and more are the names of the antithesis of the white knight, an iconic figure in literature and folklore. Often the right hand of an evil tyrant or king. But nobody said this embodiment of dark virtues can´t be female… click here to see how our readers breathed life into this remarkable miniature.



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