About Caffeineforge

Caffeineforge LLC is a company founded by two people, Christopher Avery and David Winchester, to better share and distribute their creative ideas and projects with the world.

David Winchester burns to complete creative projects (graphic novels, board games, novels) and share them with the world. He spent some time in the navy, went to school for art when he was young (just long enough to realize he lacks natural talent,) and instead abided by the universal wisdom about day jobs. What he lacks in artistic skill, he makes up for in troubleshooting and repairing electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems.

Currently he manages a large wind turbine site in Colorado, but spends his free time, writing, gaming and saving pennies so he can work on the creative endeavors that are constantly boiling over in his mind.

Sexy Chris, Pharaoh King.

Christopher Avery is a practicing anthropologist working primarily in the creative/technology industries.  He has an M.A. in Applied Anthropology and spends a lot of time traveling, talking to people, and then writing about it.  He lives in the SF Bay Area, which is unarguably the best bay area in the SF region.  In his free time he plays games, makes music, and writes comic books.

3 thoughts on “About Caffeineforge

  1. Hi Dave and Chris,

    I just came across this page, but it’s really good stuff! The “Mind the Gap” post brought me here and I decided to browse around. With your coverage of Kickstarter projects and the regular features on all things miniature, I think you’re going to be really interested in what I’m doing: http://kck.st/15C3CeX

    I hope you’ll check it out and keep up the great work here!


  2. I stumbled here looking for a font based on Mark Twain’s actual handwriting (and learned from you that this may not be the best idea… thus I can’t find one). I looked at your polls but you didn’t say the name of the font you went with. Is that sharable intel or would you have to kill me if you let me know. Tweet me if you can share @CraftLit.

    Thank you so much, btw, my sons are working on graphic novels right now and I’m sending them to your site for inspiration.

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