“I want to be under the sea…” – Monday Miniature: Kelpies


Mermaids, Sirens, or what else names you give them, the enchanting beauties from beneath the waves can be found in many stories throughout history. Sometimes they are benevolent, sometimes they’re not. Let’s find out what we have here…



Miniature Monday: Imrijka, Inquisitor


One of the more unconventional miniature concepts, and an Iconic character in the Pathfinder universe: Imrijka, the (half?) orcish Inquisitor.


Miniature Monday – Squog Warriors


I once saw an old (veeery old) movie of dangerous killer frogs from the swamps that was filmed with real frogs. In every scene with this monsters you just could see fat frogs sitting around and … croaking! You wouldn’t believe these pets could hurt anybody! But the buddies (or froggies) our painters dealt with aren’t so nice at all – look on….


Miniature Monday – Tick Queen


All the creepy crawlies in the world have a queen, and here she is!


Miniature Monday – Dwarf Cleric UPDATED


Hi there! Ready for some grumpyness? See what our participants did with the Keldan the dwarf cleric!


Miniature Monday – Burrowing Horror


Since we both found the time to paint a mini and got good participation from you all too, we have a wide range of burrowing horrors to show! Read on to see what could be waiting in the soil just beneath your feet…!


Miniature Monday – Anti Paladin


Here we have a bad guy again, a darksome anti-paladin. Either a champion for the most sinister of evil entities or a fallen advocate of justice. If you want to see how our painters have visualized the squalidness of this mighty warrior, read on…