Miniature monday – Skeletons

Skeletons are a staple monster for generations of DMs and gaming groups, let’s have a look how our painters envisioned them!



Catch-Up Monday


This week we present a collection of miniatures our painters worked on outside or behind the schedule. But be warned: This might be the longest Monday-Mini entry ever!


Miniature Monday – Quinn, Iconic Investigator

This week’s mini is that of an explorer, or catographer, or maybe… a pirate? We’ll see!


Miniature Monday – Oni (female & male)


In a new installment of our “Eastern Encounters” we meet some frightening oni, ogres or demons from japanese folklore which allow for a variety of bright colors. Let’s see what our painters did with it!


Miniature Monday – War Dog & Foo Dog


Dogs in miniature games are mostly companions, sometimes beasts of war and even rarer monsters. This week we’ll have a look at the bones version of the latter two.


Miniature Monday – Bugbear Warband


This week we present one of the “staple monsters” for many fantasy RPGs, the bugbear! And in this case, even a full warband, which might be too much to swallow for some low-level adventurers… (more…)

Miniature Monday – Nazeera Bloodraven UPDATED


This week’s mini comes with her own pedestal – or is it a marble coffin? Good or bad, let’s see how our painters decided…!