Miniature Monday – Fly & Blood Demons


Deep within the hellish realms of past Kickstarters, we proudly present two smaller demons from the Bones II range: The Fly demon and their bloody sibling.



Miniature Monday – Aeris, Female Elf Ranger


This week’s ranger was obviously busy in the woods (maybe collecting some herbs for cough remedy?) but finally she arrived!


To be continued…

Dear readers and painters,

since we  are both ill we’ll post this week’s article a bit later. The schedule for the next minis stays as planned.

Yours, Antonia

Miniature Monday – Yetis (2x updated)


Depending on your climate you may have had a white christmas/winter, or maybe not – fortunately, we have Yetis for every situation in the following post! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Friar Stone


If you come with us this week, you are in pious company! We have some travelling monks for guests, who of course happen to bring some delicious spirits and ales!


Miniature Monday: Death Dog


It’s miniature tuesday again, since Dirk & I have been working at a “christmas art fair” the whole weekend plus monday, but that doesn’t stop us from checking who of our readers let the dog(s) out, and which kind  😉 and it’s some really cool variation this time!


Miniature Monday: Vagorg, Half Orc Sorcerer


This time, a heavily armoured dark sorcerer lifts his staff to send a curse, a fireball or maybe an acid arrow? Come and see!