Miniature Monday – Companion Animals


This week, we had a great variety of animals to paint, which was quite fun for us to do, and gives us a proper zoo to display here  🙂



Miniature Monday – Egregis Darkfathom (UPDATED)


In the deep seas, things drift. Waiting. And sometimes, there are people, cults, who call them forth – one of them: Egregis Darkfathom, the Sea priest.


Miniature Monday – Hordlings


Sometimes, the denizens of Hell or the Abyss are horrible. Sometimes they are… cute?


Miniature Monday – Show me your Project


Here we go: Let’s see, which projects you and we had miniaturewise & besides our beloved dose of Bones  😉


Monday Miniature running late

Hi there!

We both worked the whole weekend and to make things worse, one of our pet snakes was injured by one of our cats, so we didn’t manage to finish the article between job and vet.

It looks like it will be even a bit later than usually. Thanks for your patience  🙂

Yours, Antonia

Miniature Monday – Beastman Champion – UPDATED


May it be lost forests or the catacombs of a forbidden dungeon, beastmen are at home everywhere, just waiting to chop off pieces of their enemies!


Miniature Monday – Warg


Imagine you’re alone, deep in the woods, dusk is coming, and somewhere, not too far away, something snarls. And howls…!

This week we’re taking a look at some ferocious wargs – and an important personal announcement at the bottom of the article  🙂