Miniature Monday – Show me your Project


Here we go: Let’s see, which projects you and we had miniaturewise & besides our beloved dose of Bones  😉



Monday Miniature running late

Hi there!

We both worked the whole weekend and to make things worse, one of our pet snakes was injured by one of our cats, so we didn’t manage to finish the article between job and vet.

It looks like it will be even a bit later than usually. Thanks for your patience  🙂

Yours, Antonia

Miniature Monday – Beastman Champion – UPDATED


May it be lost forests or the catacombs of a forbidden dungeon, beastmen are at home everywhere, just waiting to chop off pieces of their enemies!


Miniature Monday – Warg


Imagine you’re alone, deep in the woods, dusk is coming, and somewhere, not too far away, something snarls. And howls…!

This week we’re taking a look at some ferocious wargs – and an important personal announcement at the bottom of the article  🙂


Miniature Monday – Brass Bull


This week we present a classical monster, a big bull covered in scales. But there are many ways to paint this scaly monstrosity, as our painters show you… (more…)

Bull wandered off towards next week…!

Since we have some big changes coming our way (good ones, but still  🙂 ) we both didn’t manage to finish this week’s miniature.Therefore we will postpone the Brass Bull to next week and change the time schedule accordingly  🙂

Sometimes there are just too many things piling up, but I guess you all know that, may it be job, family or whatever else keeps us busy.

So don’t worry, next week on the same spot we will show our and the brass bulls which eager painters sent in until then. Atm that’s one, and  now is your chance – if you are still working on the bull or are thinking about it: Go for it!  Take a pic and send it, we’ll happily show it here  🙂

See you, have a great week!

Yours, Antonia (and Dirk)

Coming Next (updated schedule):

09/05/16 Brass Bull, scaly Monster a.k.a. Gorgon (Core set)

Comment: A rather big miniature, but since its surface is mostly scales, you could paint it really quickly with the help of inks/washes- on the other hand you could go wild with  layers of highlights or even non-metallic metal. Let’s see how you do it!

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 09/04/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)


09/12/16 Warg, Gigantic Wolf (Core set)

09/19/16 Beastman Champion (Core Set)

09/26/16 Show me your army/project

10/03/16 Hordlings, small demons/familiars (Add-on, but since they’re small and cheap we’ll keep them in anyway)

10/10/16 Egregis Darkfathom, Dark Sea Priest (Core Set)

10/17/16 Companion Animals – Feline, Hawk, Wolverine, Wolf, Bear (Core Set) -> paint as many as you like:)

10/24/16 Stone Lurker, classic dungeon monster (Core Set)

10/31/16 Kar Drakir, Reptile Warrior (Core Set)

Miniature Monday – Desert Thing (UPDATE)


This week, terror waits below the ground, when we discover different versions of a horrible sub-terranean monster which seems to consist only of teeth and tentacles…!