Miniature Monday – Alain, Paladin


In the name of all that is good and shiny – a group of paladins has gathered to show off their armour! Admire them here…! (more…)


Miniature Monday – Athak, Undead Knight


Most times the undead are easy to recognize by their pallid, often rotting flesh, sometimes their whole bodies are even reduced to bare bones.
With this week’s miniature we’ll never know, since Athak is completely clad in heavy robes which allow for a variety of styles and colors . Let’s see what our painters did with it! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Werewolf



The full moon rises, and it draws out all kinds of big, furry, heavily clawed animals… maybe even the occasional X-Man. For now, let’s have a look at the werewolf! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Dub Bullock, Rogue


After heroes, monsters, withces and barbarians once again a rogue sneaks up just behind you, a dagger hidden in the folds of his cloak…! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Wicked Witch & Monkey


Witches are a scary thing, even if you aren’t a little girl from Kansas, especially if they come with flying monkeys. Mechanical flying monkeys! Come and follow the cackle to a great variety of miniatures…! (more…)

Miniature Monday – Cuth Wolfson


In the good old era of barbarians, when bulging muscles, a crude weapon and a loincloth were all you needed to sway your audience and scare away the painted dogs wolves, no warrior was larger and bulkier than Cuth Wolfson. Read on if dare…


Miniature Monday – Christina, Cleric (updated)


Happy New Year to all our readers! Since the nights around here are still long and cold, we brought someone carrying a light into the darkness (both literally and metaphorically): Christina the Cleric.