Miniature Monday – Ostarzha, Elf cleric


Some miniatures leave a lot room for artistic interpretation and painter’s ideas, like an epty canvas, and Ostarzha with her plain, flowing robes ist one of those.



Miniature Monday – Ogres


What is meaner and scarier than an Ogre? Yes, three of them!


Miniature Monday – Missing in Action?

Just so you know: Contrary to what you might think we have not been eaten by ogres. Maybe chewed on, partially…

Miniature Monday will continue next monday, and the schedule will stay as planned. Or so we hope. Wish us luck!

Miniature monday – Skeletons

Skeletons are a staple monster for generations of DMs and gaming groups, let’s have a look how our painters envisioned them!


Catch-Up Monday


This week we present a collection of miniatures our painters worked on outside or behind the schedule. But be warned: This might be the longest Monday-Mini entry ever!


Miniature Monday – Quinn, Iconic Investigator

This week’s mini is that of an explorer, or catographer, or maybe… a pirate? We’ll see!


Miniature Monday – Oni (female & male)


In a new installment of our “Eastern Encounters” we meet some frightening oni, ogres or demons from japanese folklore which allow for a variety of bright colors. Let’s see what our painters did with it!