Miniature Monday – Gauntfield (Updated)


Although Halloween is still months away, we painted some really spooky scarecrows this week!



Miniature Monday – Mystic Theurge


This week’s miniature is so mystic, it floats! And we have a great range of colors, styles and ideas to show, read on!


Miniature Monday – Arran Rabin


It seems this week’s miniature carries a valuable treasure, it tempted six stealthy painters to work on it! Have a look…


Miniature Monday: Centaurs


Centaurs are literally “classical” monsters (or creatures), since they originate from Ancient Greece, and today they are present in many wargames and RPGs, may it be as wise beings or creatures of chaos. Let’s see what’s pawing the ground today…


“I want to be under the sea…” – Monday Miniature: Kelpies


Mermaids, Sirens, or what else names you give them, the enchanting beauties from beneath the waves can be found in many stories throughout history. Sometimes they are benevolent, sometimes they’re not. Let’s find out what we have here…


Miniature Monday: Imrijka, Inquisitor


One of the more unconventional miniature concepts, and an Iconic character in the Pathfinder universe: Imrijka, the (half?) orcish Inquisitor.


Miniature Monday – Squog Warriors


I once saw an old (veeery old) movie of dangerous killer frogs from the swamps that was filmed with real frogs. In every scene with this monsters you just could see fat frogs sitting around and … croaking! You wouldn’t believe these pets could hurt anybody! But the buddies (or froggies) our painters dealt with aren’t so nice at all – look on….