Avengers Assembling!

In a winter of many downs and few ups (at least so far as the weather and my life is concerned…) nothing buoys the soul quite like a good movie trailer.  There is something about the promise of an awesome flick just over the horizon that reminds you–when its all said and done–whatever’s got you down is fleeting, and at some point in the not too distant future your ass will be firmly embedded in a theater seat and action packed summer cinema will be making sweet love to your eyes, ears, and animal brain.


Ah, movie trailers, how I love thee.

The only thing better than a movie trailer is a movie trailer for one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year.  The kind of movie for which ‘tentpole’ is a gross understatement–’redwood tree’ is more apt.  Age of Ultron’s is just such a film, and it’s third (and ostensibly final) trailer is just such a trailer.  Spring can’t come soon enough–and not just because half the country is experiencing a mini ice age…


After exhorting it’s fans to Tweet “#AvengersAssemble!” Marvel unleashed the trailer on the world.  And what a trailer!  Besides more of James Spader’s sinister-yet-buttery Ultron voice, we’re treated to some nearly full body shots of the titular android, including the red cape that has occasionally adorned his metal body (you know, when he gets a chill…), we get Quicksilver throwing down with Cap, Scarlet Witch laying some hex action on Widow, and… most surprising of all… our first–albeit fleeting–glimpse of Vision in his classic red, green and gold form.


But the real gold is in the image at the top.


That picture sums up my expectations for Age of Ultron:  Avengers.  Assembling.  In ways that are awesome.  That’s just what the doctor ordered.


I won’t lie.  I’ve been off Marvel for the past couple of months–since the end of Original Sin, basically.  I’ve been enjoying some indie titles a bit more (we’ll be talking about some of those in the next few weeks), and I’ve been scratching my head at some of the creative decisions happening over at Marvel HQ (I’m pretty much over resets and reboots, so I’m taking a well deserved break.  Except from Rocket Raccoon and Iron Fist.  And INHUMAN.  Those books are awesome…).  Seeing the this trailer, more than even the Ant-Man trailer, put the fire back in my belly for all things Marvel.


The questions are coming hard and fast: Why does Stark have Loki’s staff–does it have something to do with Ultron, or even Vision?  Does the private moment between Bruce and Widow have something to do with their apparent mutual hexings by the Scarlet Witch–or more to the point, does it lead to the Hulk-out that has Stark donning the Hulkbuster suit?  Will we get an Agent Smith style Ultron drone pig pile on Thor?  I can only hope.


May can’t come soon enough.

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