Monday Miniatures: Ghoul Queen


Normally I have a favorite among the assembled submissions, but this week I think that every mini that was sent to me is awesome. The only thing I can say is that my least favorite was mine. There are some great color schemes and techniques this week – you should definitely take a look.

The Edge – this one has some lovely sculpts. I might actually back this one. Poland seems to have some really amazing amateur arts in the mini realm.


My ghoulish queen was missing the large sword that should have been on her back, so I made the best of it and went with amore regal color scheme than I otherwise might have. I was very happy with how the face came out, but there are a lot of details left to be touched up.


DaveB went with purple, a popular choice this week. I love the color variety and the facial expression on this model.


David B went the other way, with purple skin and textured robe. If the model looks a little different to you, its because he painted this one by mistake. It fits in pretty well though – I’ll bet they move in the same circles.


Brian went with the brightest color scheme and a completed base. The dress, eyes, and hair are all outstanding.


Arjen’s mini looks like it came recently from a crypt. I love how dank this model turned out.

PhotoGrid_1425620486428[1] (1)

Jessi went with a particularly vibrant green, and painted some terrifying henchmen to match. I love this one!

3/15/15 – Mariel Twinspar

3/22/15 – Aina

3/29/15 – Spirit of the Forest

4/5/15 – Ezren

4/12/15 – Almaran

4/19/15 – Zalash

4/26/15 – Red Dragon – Week 1 – this is a big model, so this week are just looking for a WIP.

5/3/15 – Red Dragon – Week 2 – Now’s your chance to really show off. You’ve had 2 weeks and a gorgeous sculpt – blow me away.

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email your pictures of your mini to

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14 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Ghoul Queen

  1. Ha! I thought David B had done a conversion with the hair. Strangely similar model indeed. I very much like the web free hand on the clothing.

    David W I do like how you went for the bare midriff. It makes more sense than the cut out side panel I think.

    Brian I think achieved a much nicer purple than myself.

  2. Looks like mine didn’t get posted! I sent it in a little early this week due to my surgery.
    I love the differences between the pewter and the bones minis. And I love the texture dress!

  3. Hi all, my mini has messy eyes as always. Do you guys use a special brush for eyes? You all have fine details there. Or is is simply a lack of dexterity on my part?
    I found that you can spend way to much time on this mini and still have details left. The bones on her bracer somehow did not come out with much contrast, DaveB did a much better job with that, it is hard to recognize the skulls on my mini, DavidW did those better, and so on. I loved to paint this one, though. It is fun to see that Brian managed to paint her as quite a lovely lady. A very versatile mini.

  4. I had such a hard time with this one, and didn’t really care how it came out. The purple base layer (Reaper Carnival Purple) was very splotchy, so I tried to cover it up with several layerings. Arjen is right – there are sooo many details that I eventually got bored of trying to call them all out.

    I like David W’s the best this week – the dark red with black/dark blue details on her gown works great.

    Arjen – I use one of these brushes, depending on my mood and the size of the mini for the white and black parts of the eyes:
    Princeton Select 10/0
    Master’s Touch 10/0 6050 spotter
    Robert Simmons White Sable 2/0 785 (which is unfortunately no longer made).

    Pretty much follow Dr. Faust’s Painting Clinic method. I can’t link URLs, but check him out on YouTube. I tend to make my eyes too subtle, but that’s cause I’m trying not to shake too much, and over-compensate the opposite way.

    Hope this helps!

  5. For all our efforts to get the details right, it is probably DavidW’s mini that looks best in play, from a distance, as it has a very clear outlook.

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