Monday Miniatures: Mariel Twinspar


Today we have a buxom buccaneer painted in four styles. Enjoy!


I didn’t have as much time as I wanted this week, and I went with a naval style. I like how it turned out, but I could have used more time to touch up the details.


Viktor painted Felicia for a sci-fi game about the future of Brazil. Now that sound s like a game worth playing! I love how vivid this color scheme is.


Jessi painted some wonderful details. The base, the eyes, and of course the pantaloons. I love those strips!


DaveB painted a buccaneer queen with eclectic tastes. I love the mix of naval uniform and buccaneers bustier.

3/22/15 – Aina

3/29/15 – Spirit of the Forest

4/5/15 – Ezren

4/12/15 – Almaran

4/19/15 – Zalash

4/26/15 – Red Dragon – Week 1 – this is a big model, so this week are just looking for a WIP.

5/3/15 – Red Dragon – Week 2 – Now’s your chance to really show off. You’ve had 2 weeks and a gorgeous sculpt – blow me away.

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email your pictures of your mini to

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One thought on “Monday Miniatures: Mariel Twinspar

  1. Interesting how 3 of the 4 are rocking blue jackets. I just realized I didn’t bother painting lips…..again. Arg.

    Jessi – love the plank basing. Great stuff.
    Viktor – I really like how the black clothing turned out. It looks a bit glossy like leather or synthetic body suit. nice effect. I dig the red slash in the hair….and did you add a necklace?

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