Monday Miniatures: The Shadow


This week’s mini is a pair to one painted a couple months ago. It is also, hopefully the last one I will miss painting due to travel for work. Only one more week to go and then my schedule will return to normal. This week’s submissions run the gamut from pulp steam punk to hard boiled noir.


Magnus went with a greyscale noir effect. That is always a lot of fun to paint. If you’ve never tried the technique, you should. The only thing that would have improved this mini would be a bit higher contrast.

MM Black Mist_kl

Dirk went pulp, and made a few modifications to complete the look. In comparison to the other minis this week, this one is downright colorful.


Luke also went noir, but added just a single bit of color to provide contrast. This mini is how I want to paint mine someday when we have the time.

Trista – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 9/7/14




Townsfolk (mother)

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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: The Shadow

  1. Hi David, I am a bit surprised by the “to do”-lineup. I see none of the minis that were suggested in this forum. Were these suggested outside the forum or should we stop making suggestions?

    • A couple were email suggestions over the last couple weeks, and one was one that I thought looked interesting. The suggestions made over the last couple weeks. The suggestions I saw posted last week were either ones I couldn’t find (orc berserker) or not in the vampire package.

      If you see a mini you want to paint, let me know, and I WILL put it in the list, as long as it is part of the vampire package.

    • I saw that comment, but I couldn’t locate it. I left a link on Antonia’s post with a link I use to look up the vampire minis, but couldn’t seem to locate it on there.

  2. @David: I agree, I think my figure needs some brighter highlights to give better contrast. It’s one of those things that looks brighter in-person than it does in a photo (I’ve been struggling with the same issue on the Night Spectre).

  3. “What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows…”
    I love this old pulp radio show. I was lucky enough to find the original serial airing on CD. Great paint job folks! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

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