Monday Miniatures: Medusa


This is one mini I hate missing out on. It’s a classic with a great level of detail. Pity I’m writing about it from a hotel room instead, but this one I will definitely have to go back and paint someday.

Battle Systems – Arjen sent the link for some cheap fantasy scenery currently on Kickstarter. There’s a lot of bang for your buck for all you gamers out there.


Magnus went with a classic Clash of the Titans inspired paint scheme. The glowing eyes actually turned out quite nicely.

Medusa Arjen

Arjen claims  his mini is cursed, and included a long list of things that went wrong during the painting. I like how it turned out though. I think the dark color scheme and the blending gives it a very undead vibe.

The Black Mist – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 8/31/14



TBD – I got a bunch of great suggestions on minis last week. If you want to see something specific on the list, leave a comment.



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9 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Medusa

  1. I unfortunatly hadn´t the time for painting last week, but I (too) will finish Medusa later as I´m planning a clash of titans (the old film) style diorama. The glowing eyes are right the thing I´m aiming at, really good job, Magnus!

    @Arjen: I know it can be frustrating if all goes wrong, but the end result looks great. I like the dark and sinister fealing.

    @David: I would like to see the Orc Berserker 77059 on the list. I like its dynamic pose.

  2. Hello everyone!
    Great work on the medusae! I’m always a fan of scaled monstrosities 😀

    On the topic of more MonMinis to come: I read in an update that the shipping of Bones II Kickstarter sadly was postponed to Nov/December or something like that.
    On the bright side: We have more time to paint Bones from the first KS!
    And since there are some open spots left, I nominate…

    – 77009 Werewolf
    – 77012 Gnoll Warrior
    – 77013 Minotaur
    – 77015 Bugbear

    I’m not entirely sure if these are in the Vampire package, but I hope some are… As you see I have a soft spot for monsters, so I hope one or two of these fellows get picked 🙂

    Also a +1 to Dirk’s orc suggestion, this guy is a fierce looking one. (And the mini is also quite nice :p )

  3. @Antonia: I could be mistaken, but I don’t think any of the four figures you listed were from the Bones I KS. I know the Gnoll Warrior was a pre-KS retail release, as I painted one before I received my KS package.

    Also, I think Bryan posted on the Reaper Forums yesterday that they expect to ship Wave 1 no later than mid-November. He also mentioned that they’re awaiting timetable information from China so they can make a better assessment, so I guess that’s the caveat. 😛

  4. Hi all, the tail of my medusa actually has bright purple scales mixed with green, but that is hard to see as I took the photo on an overcast day in my backyard. Stil no good photo set-up and camera. And I dropped it hence the white spots. As the overall idea comes across I still sent it in.
    I love magnus glowing eyes. I have a few undead where I would like to try glowing eyes, but I haven’ t dared yet.
    Antonia, unfortunately they are either pre-KS or add-ons. I do have the gnoll archer though.
    For the orcs we could do paint as many as you like, as there are five of them. Personally I will paint them sort of assembly line as I aim to finish half the fantasy figures from KS 1 before KS 2 comes in. Now that it is late, I might actually succeed.

  5. This was my first attempt at glowing eyes, and I’m pretty happy with out it turned out. I used a bone white color as a base, and then progressed through three shades of yellow, followed by pure white on the actual “eye”.

    My initial goal for Bones I was to finish 100 of them before Bones II arrived. I passed that goal, so I set another at finishing half of the Vampire set (120 figures). If my count is correct, I’m up to 140, so I’m doing way, way better than I thought I would!

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