The Revenge of Reaper


Reaper launched it’s second project this week. Predictably, it is doing gangbusters.

Reaper started the Kickstarter mini trend in a big way this time last year (and incidentally got me hooked on the crowdfunding phenomena.) In the first 8 hours the project has raised three quarters of a million dollars and defeated 25 of their stretch goals.

So far the sculpts look great, and though I certainly don’t need any more minis, Reaper will be getting at least some of my money, though perhaps not quite so much as they did last time. I do have some reservations, given that Reaper probably doesn’t need to crowdfund this line, but for the time being I’ll withhold judgement. Still – I would hate to see this become a yearly thing.

I guess this project means that I will be painting a mini a week in perpetuity. For regular readers, our Monday miniature feature is nothing new, but for any new reaper fans looking to get their fix, the full list is below. Take a look. If you are about to get a couple hundred more miniatures in 2014 it is never to early to start practicing your painting skills.



The Witch

The Alchemist

If you backed the first Reaper project, feel free to join us.

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5 thoughts on “The Revenge of Reaper

  1. Hi! I also posted this on Reaper’s KS page.

    Would it be possible to post the next 4-8 weeks of minis in advance? Maybe make it a standard part of your weekly posting? I’d LOVE to participate, but I’m a really slow painter, and a rookie on top, which makes things even slower. By knowing in advance what is coming, I can cherry-pick the minis that I want to paint in order to participate.


  2. Short-term, simple stuff might be a good idea, to allow us rookies to get our feet wet. I know from experience that my first several at least are going to be pretty sad.

    I could see you getting a bunch new followers if you keep spreading the word on the KS and forums…

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