Monday Miniatures: The Witch

As I get back into the habit of painting again on a weekly basis, this week we continue on with our bones painting spree with the witch. This week we have 4 different witches to look at, but first let’s take a look at this week’s miniature projects on Kickstarter.

Road Kill – If you loved Car Wars, this might be for you. The models are interesting, and the creator ernest, but the concept leaves me cold.

Golem Arcana – We previewed this project a few weeks ago. Combining miniatures with the digital realm will happen one day, but this still feels too cumbersome. It might fund, but I would be surprised.

Airship Pirates – Steampunk and miniatures, how could it possibly go wrong. The sculpts on this project are fine, but below average compared to the other projects I have seen on Kickstarter.

Mantic is also launching another project soon: Mars Attacks. I feel like the once guaranteed profit center that is crowd funded miniatures is fast approaching total glut, and that CMON and Mantic are the culprits (I say having 2 funded projects belonging to both companies.)


First up we have Jessica’s witch. She went all out with the original color scheme, and amazing detail. She even rebased the mini.


Clint’s Warm color scheme and lush base on the other hand makes the witch feel very nature oriented. Am I the only one who thinks that she might be a gelfling with that color palette?


I went down a similar road to Clint, but less successfully.


Last, but certainly not least, Laura chose to go the whole nine yards and add the fox from the iconic to the mini’s base, and give it a winter theme. She get’s my vote for champion painter this week, but everyone else is welcome to disagree.


Next week we are doing the mimic. Want to participate, send me your picture at

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10 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: The Witch

  1. Jessica, great job on the hair, and I love your base. I’m always astounding at how a simple freehanded line or two adds so much personality and complexity to a model. It never occurs to me to try that.

    I gotta agree with David. Laura killed it this week. So jealous of how easy she makes painting look.

  2. I don’t use primer per se, as its not needed for the paint to stick. But the base coat can’t be watered down or it will bead up. My preference has been a base coat of matte medium with just a drop of color in it. That let’s me see the details then from there I can use thinned paint.

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