Monday Miniatures: The Alchemist


Ages ago, when I first started this segment, the main reason was to encourage people to paint more. Specifically though, I wanted people to paint the reaper minis when they came out.

Well, this week we are going to finally get that particular show on the road. This week Clint, Jessica, and I each painted the alchemist. Hopefully after a few weeks of this we can get some other Reaper backers to jump in.

This week there were several new mini projects.

Tabletop Castles – This is a print on demand mini terrain project.

Alien Uprising – This is a board game with a few interesting sculpts.

Dark Side of The Moon – This project gets mention because it’s miniatures are made out of cardboard. Given that they are ready to start shipping 20 days after funding, I don’t think it really needs the money, but I do think it is novel enough to be worth a look.

HD Stencils – This is the first stencil project I have seen on Kickstarter.

Oathsworn – A fantasy miniature project.

Winter War – This project has winter themed WW2 minis.

This week Clint and his wife were visiting my new place in Denver, so we did a little painting together. Clint chose a more authentic color scheme on the left, and I went for a more flamboyant one on the right.


Jessica went with a color scheme similar to Clint. I think she has by far the best vials, but I think Clint edges her out in the leather trenchcoat department. I also love her rebasing.


What this experience has taught me more than anything, is that if you don’t paint for several months, you really get rusty.Next week’s mini is another Pathfinder iconic – the witch.


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11 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: The Alchemist

  1. Wow they all looking so good. And I love that mini! I hadn’t seen it before but what a cool design.

    And may I ask – who did the one you posted with what looks like clear bottles!? That looks EPIC!! Need to find me a tutorial on how that was pulled off! 😀

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