Miniature Mondays: Eye of the Beholder


Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, that word is trademarked in this context, and ‘beauty is in the eye of the eye beast’ is not half so clever. To make up for that though, we have several lovely paintjobs, and a couple different min related projects just posted on Kickstarter.

Mystic Hobby Resins – This project is for some transparent miniature bases.

Warboard – a gaming mat with an urban motif.

Darklands – this is a dark fantasy gaming series with lovely sculpts. The real problem I have with it is that they are launching their second project before they finish fulfilling their first.

We also have two more laser cut scenery projects: TJH miniatures project, and High Quality Miniatures project.


First up we have Clint’s Eye Beast. It may be a molten technicolor monster, but that eye is amazing.


Next we have Jessica; she has added a stupendous amount of detail. The blending on the teeth and skin is really quite lovely.

photo (37)

We also have Jeff’s eye beast.  I love the teeth on this one as well. Great stuff.


Lastly we have my eye beast. I like how the color scheme came out, and the color blending, though I wish that the glowing eye had come out better. I also think it looks better in person – this model still needs a matte coat – it was barely dry when I snapped these shots.


Lastly, we have a bad case of pink eye. Peter’s eye turned out exceptionally – don’t you think?

And next week? The grave digger.

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7 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: Eye of the Beholder

      • Thanks! No, I painted in the specular highlights. If you look at the tentacles, the highlights are painted as coming from the same light sources as the reflections in its eyes. At least, that’s what I was trying to accomplish. I like the effect, but it means you can really only photograph from one angle.

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