Miniature Monday – Durok, Dwarf Ranger


Most dwarves seem to be miners and/or fighters, but some have to keep watch in the tunnels (or woods) too – like Durok, the Dwarf Ranger. And in case you wondered, yes, there’s even a dwarven Rogue mini out there, but let’s leave that for another monday.

(posting by Antonia)

The miniature is an interesting idea, because dwarf rangers are certainly not common. The cloak works well with that, but in my opinion they should have designed Durok with a different weapon, e.g. a bow or crossbow, and not this… axe? pipe wrench? Or did I miss something, is this a classic or a shout-out to some well-known story?


Anyway, my Durok is straightforward green:


Since my son just decided to paint first one of his toy miniatures (which was planned) and then himself (not planned) I don’t have the nerve right now to write that much about Durok other that I chose reddish brown for his beard as a contrast to the green, a “raw iron” look for most of the metal parts to give him an overall darker look and that he’ll probably be used as some kind of bounty hunter in an ongoing (but rarely played) D&D campaign.

(Until when I read Jim’s mail I didn’t even think about the fact that a dwarven ranger could quite probably be a subterranean ranger in the underdark eco systems… Well, I’m obviously not much of a dwarf player *sighs*)


(The painted mini as a stand-in for the painted toddler, who will hopefully be grateful  one day that I didn’t post himself here 😉  That’s an old Mage Knight minotaur, in case you where wondering – I once bought MK minis in bulk and they give him the whole “mini painting” vibe without costing a ton of money)


Michael sees Durok as a Jack-of-all-trades:


He wrote: “He’s relatively simple, just a stout warrior in dark clothes. I think he can he pretty versatile though – a dwarf of many talents!”

Yes, you’re right, with that light armour (for a dwarf at least) and the cloak which could hide a lot of tools and accessories he could  definitely do all sorts of jobs, and your choice of blue for the cloak doesn’t point strictly into the “ranger” direction as a green or maybe brown cloak would. I like the blonde beard, it gives a nice contrast to the blue!


Jim’s dwarf is patroling the woods:

jimBones Durok IMG_2087

He said: “For Durok, I opted for “above ground ranger” as opposed to “underground ranger”. I was thinking an unsung guardian of a hill dwarf community in the vein of Strider (only shorter). Because of the sage green hood I took to calling him Bombur, even though he’s nowhere near as stout. Overall a good mini, even with some loss of detail where the torso meets the cloak. I like the face and beard and I’m pleased with my painting on those parts, too. Really my only minor complaint is that his feet resemble hooves in my opinion!”

I really like your color scheme, the pale green of the cloak really reminds me of the “near magical” ranger/elven cloaks in the movies! Your ranger is brighter than mine, who is supposed to be a rather sinister type, so that’s great! Even if the range of colors is similar, one can achieve quite different results. And yes, I also wondered about his feet. They even look a bit digitigrade from a certain angkle, although I’m sure they’re supposed to be just plate mail shoes or something (because demonic dwarves would e a lot more frightening!).


This week’s gallery:


Coming next:

07/22/19 Bones III Wraith (B3 Core)

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This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

I added tons of miniatures to the schedule now. We might still shuffle them around, do extras (like “Show me your project!”) or add more, just tell us what you think in the comments!

–> Since reaper re-organized their online shop recently, some of the links might not be working anymore. Until we come around to fix that you can always use the miniature’s name and use the search box on top of the page.

08/05/19 Break Day

08/19/19 Bones II Alistrilee, Elven Archer (B2 Core)

09/02/19 Bones III Sigurd, Viking (B3 Core)

09/16/19 Bones III Brotherhood of the Seal (B3 Core)

09/30/19 Bones II Mi-Sher, Sword Dancer (B2 Core)

After that Bones 4? Or should we start earlier? Until then everyone should have had the chance to check their shipments or even bought some minis directly from the shop.

We’ll happily accept your suggestions!


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6 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Durok, Dwarf Ranger

  1. This was a nice little mini; I especially liked the bushy mustache. The big pick/hammer thing was a bit of an odd choice for a weapon. I agree with Antonia’s assessment that even though hers and Jim’s have similar color schemes (it’s really like you guys inverted the greens!), the varying brightness really affects the mood of the mini. That sage green is really nice; it makes me think this dwarf is an Elf-friend!

    Random thing I noticed – Antonia’s dwarf isn’t wearing gloves. Clearly he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty!

    • I find it fascinating when some (or all) of us choose similar colors. Sometimes it’s almost like we’ve spoken to each other before we started.

  2. Dwarven Rangers? I have to agree with Antonia that the weapon should have been more ranger-like. I guess we should have modified it, eh?

    Antonia – Yours is definitely more deep woods looking with darker colors than mine. He looks like he should be stalking through a fir or pine forest. Oh, I think I have some of those MK minis!

    Mike – I like the “stout warrior in dark clothes” look. But then again I like dwarfs (and blue)!

    Maybe mine got his cloak from Galadriel and he’s actually Gimli?! I actually live where there is a lot of sagebrush, so I may have been thinking about that when I was painting. He surely must come from an area that is more open with scrub brush. The pic angle doesn’t show it but his eyes came out well and he is really glaring intently, as if to say “What are doing in MY territory?”

  3. Cool paint-along game you’ve got going. I love dwarves & rangers, so it’s nice to see so many in one place!

    • Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like the project!
      Btw, you’re of course very welcome to join us! Just check the links on the bottom of every post and see if you like one of the upcoming minis – most of them are not more than 3$ and should be available from either an online shop or a local gamestore wherever you live 😀

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