Miniature Monday – Wicked Witch & Monkey


Witches are a scary thing, even if you aren’t a little girl from Kansas, especially if they come with flying monkeys. Mechanical flying monkeys! Come and follow the cackle to a great variety of miniatures…! (posting by Antonia)

First of all: We will stay in the mode of doing a Miniature Monday every other week. I really like the bi-weekly rythm, it gives you some time to work on the models, and with a small kid everything else is totally unrealistic *laughs*.
I simply messed up the dates when writing the schedule, which I’ll correct with this posting.

Second addendum: Since our son was ill and not in childcare today, I wasn’t able to write individual comments to your contributions (sorry for that!) and will simply post the prepared article plus whatever you shared about the painting process in your emails.

The Wicked witch and her monkey are some of the miniatures featuring the new darker “bonesium”, which they call “Bones Black”, although it is more of a medium gray. I’m not sure if there are differences beside the color, it’s maybe a bit more rigid, what was your impression while working on it?
I did notice some very visible flashing though, and even after cutting most of it off I still kept finding more areas…
I painted my witch in my son’s favorite color:


I’m honestly not sure why I picked the mini in the first place, because although the minis themselves are interesting, I didn’t even have a precise idea how to paint them. Since my son loves a TV show featuring cute versions of classic monsters I decided to use purple and red as my main colors (I didn’t go so far as to choose pink, which he likes even better than red, because I had the faint hope of using the mini in some kind of RPG where pink would just have been too much.)
To make sure that red and purple didn’t clash I had to use relatively dark tones and some white elements to balance that, but overall I think the color scheme is okay, might even look good if I ever find the time to do at least some simple highlights or even layers on it.

The monkey was done in matching deep red, with some golden elements and washes. Quick, but effective. And yes, now that I realized the monkey has the same colors as Iron Man, I can’t unsee it either *lol*
Dirk did a “Wicked Witch of the (Old) West”:


First he wanted to paint her in a classic “Wizard of Oz” style, but then he got the impression she was wearing some kind of duster and decided to make her a cowboy version. At the same time he wanted to keep some defining elements like the red and white stockings. Like mine his Miniature is a bit of an WIP – he plans on doing some kind of “spell effect” with water effect paste on her open hand like she was just casting a spell.

For the monkey he used plain silver with some details in red and blue-gray to tie both models together.


Jim added another robot:

Bones Wicked Witch Monkey Tin Man IMG_4323

He wrote: “I ended up doing the Witch’s skin green like in “The Wizard of Oz” even though her outfit is very different. The monkey is just good old bronze and for a bonus, I did the Tin Man as well. I actually liked my Tin Man better before I threw on a little rust but he still came out pretty good. I have no use for him as he looks totally robotic to me but maybe something will come up!”
Michael ended up painting the whole posse:




He wrote: “I couldn’t resist doing the entire Oz set when this one went on the list. These ended up being a ton of fun, and I like how they all turned out.”


Arjen focused on the flying monkey and gave it a whole new look (and species!):

quasit Arjen

He wrote: “I have no use for flying monkeys, so I changed mine into a quasit (yes, they normally are tiny, not small, but it is still better than using a bat or something.
Somehow the red eyes become brownish in the picture. Apart from that, no fancy stuff here: green base, red wash, very slight highlights.”
This week’s gallery:

Coming next:

02/18/19 Bones II Dub Bullock, Rogue (B2 Core)

*they sell them in packs of three (obviously) but in the KS there was only one piece

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 02/15/19 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

I added tons of miniatures to the schedule now. We might still shuffle them around, do extras (like “Show me your project!”) or add more, just tell us what you think in the comments!


03/04/19 Bones III Werewolf (B3 Core)

03/18/19 Bones III Athak, Undead Knight (B3 Core)

04/01/19 Bones II Alain, Paladin (B2 Core)

04/15/19 Bones III Were-Crocodile (B3 Core)

04/29/19 Bones III Skara, Female Skoli (B3 Core)

05/13/19 Bones – Catch-Up Monday (Your choice of Bones I-III!)

05/27/19 Bones III Eastern encounter part 3 – Kitsune! Female and/or male.

06/10/19 Bones III Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie (B3 Core)

06/24/19 Bones II Sir Conlan (B2 Core)

07/08/19 Bones III Durok, Dwarf Ranger (B3 Core)

07/22/19 Bones III Wraith (B3 Core)

08/05/19 Bones II Alistrilee, Elven Archer (B2 Core)

08/19/19 Bones III Sigurd, Viking (B3 Core)

09/02/19 Bones III Brotherhood of the Seal (B3 Core)

09/16/19 Bones II Mi-Sher, Sword Dancer (B2 Core)

After that Bones 4? Or should we start earlier? Until then everyone should have had the chance to check their shipments or even bought some minis directly from the shop.

we need more suggestions!

This entry was posted by Antonia & Dirk Vogel.

One thought on “Miniature Monday – Wicked Witch & Monkey

  1. Antonia – I think the Bones Black material is a bit more rigid but wasn’t very noticatble with these minis. Actually, the witch’s color scheme came out pretty nice. The monkey is even nicer, in my opinion.

    Dirk – The witch came out really well. Good colors and well executed. I love the striped hose! I just went with naked thigh. The monkey matches well and the dark torso almost makes him look like he’s wearing armor.

    Michael – Thank you for doing the whole group! I don’t know why I stopped at 3?! I love the unity between the witch and monkey. The “good” characters all look like individuals, which I think they should. They’re all well done, but Dorothy and Toto steal the show! From her facial expression to her ruby slippers to Toto’s fur, I’m jealous.

    Arjen – Good idea to make him into something you will use. I love the horns! I have the same dilemma: How to use these minis, if at all?

    I don’t get the genre mash-up (fantasy/fairy tale/sci-fi/wild west?) but they were a nice change from the usual. I like the Tin Man’s head and facial expression and I gave his medallion a heart red color for obvious reasons. The only connection between the monkey and witch is the tiny bit of green. In the original story, the monkeys weren’t evil, they were summoned by a device that just happened to be in the possession of the witch. Maybe the witch could be used as a Green Hag or something similar.

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