Miniature Monday – Lendil Blackroot (update)


This week’s mini is an archetypical wizard with flowing robe, cloak and a pointy hat – very gandalph indeed  😉  This leaves room for a lot of different interpretations, have a look!

(posting by Antonia)

The bones mini shows realistic textures (I like the flow and wrinkles of the clothing) and some nice, crisp details. Even a bit too fine, because I wasn’t really in the mood to paint them *laughs* but of course for most painters (including me, normally) the mini should be fun to paint 😀


Dirk painted the wizard as a denizen of Mortheim:


Since he wanted to use the painted wizard as a mercenary for the Mortheim skirmish game, he chose colors fitting the decaying, dirty ruins the wizard will probably spend a lot of time in. In the Mortheim game (Classic Warhammer Fantasy setting) warbands battle each other over the opportunity to search for warpstone shards, and I think the wizard probably hid too many of those under his pillow so his skin got a sickly green undertone. Dirk re-sculpted the staff tip to resemble a warpstone shard an changed the staff’s angle for a more dynamic pose (and because it was bent on the first place).


My color scheme is rather ordinary, but I tried and gender-swapped the wizard:


For some time I have been thinking that when I’m old (like, really old) I’m going to play a cranky old lady wizard in LARP. You know, not a witch or wise woman or healer or what old ladies normally get casted for, but a bookish old wizard. Just female. So when I saw the mini I jumped at the chance to try that concept. The wizard is built thin and lean which needed no modification, I just removed the beard with a scalpel. The result is not exactly pretty – I didn’t have the time to re-sculpt the face or something – but fortunately my old lady wizard doesn’t need to look nice *laughs* because she can always fireball someone for being impolite.

For colors I chose different blues, because they look the least nature/witch-like, and because my actual LARP character wizard already wears a lot of blue. So if she survives the next 30 years (I really hope so!) there we go, old lady wizard  😀 The shading of the cloak looked a bit harsh at first (I used a dark wash on a blue basecoat) but after some more washes, this time in blue, the trasition smoothed out a bit.


Michaels wizard comes from the middle of a storm:


When Michael sent these pics he did so directly from his phone because sitting in the middle of a wind storm he had no power for his computer (I’m impressed by your dedication, btw!). Fortunately he had already finished the mini some time before. That’s what he wrote about his choice of colors:

“The scheme is for my campaign world where the wizards are organized into Orders that are generally color-coded. This guy is a member of the green-robed Order of the Staff, whose members are exploring new horizons, both natural and arcane. He has a well-traveled look about him.”

I like the color scheme a lot, the browns and greens work perfectly together (he also looks like an earth bender for me, from the “Avatar” Animated Series, in case somebody knows it). The red tip of the staff  is an important detail for balancing, btw., its contrast keeps the rest of the palette alive and interesting!


Jim sent uns a very regal looking mage this time:

JIMBones Lendil Blackroot IMG_4006

Jim wrote he wanted to use his darkest red and purple on the mini, which always give me the impression of rich, expensive materials like velvet. In combination with the golden chains and other details they make the sorcerer look like he’s from a wealthy order, maybe spending a lot of time inside mage towers and libraries. Still, Jim also suggested the mini could have been a druid for its name (which should have been ‘Lentil’ then, of course  😀 ).

I think the light skin and hair work well as a contrast to the dark clothes. Jim wrote he liked his paintjob on the face, and from what I can see it’s very well done, soft and smooth. If you decide to add another shot of the face just send it and we’ll update the article!


Update: another wizard arrived at our home. As we all know, a wizard is never late…

Lendil Arjen

Arjen used this mini to try out some painting techniques, as he wasn’t so interested in it and didn’t worry too much about it could come out. I like the choice of colors – it’s quite unusual in my eyes, but works surprisingly well on this mini! Which techniques did you try here? And how did it go?



This week’s gallery:


Coming next:

03/19/2018 Bones II Harsk, Dwarf Ranger (B2 Core)

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 03/16/18 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will show up in an update  😉

(As you can see I prepared a lot of date entries but am still looking for mini ideas. Post your suggestions if you like! The ‘Type of mini’ placeholder ist just that, if you want something else tell us!)

04/02/2018 Bones III Pathfinder Troll (B3 Core)

04/16/2018 Bones III Eastern Encounter I: Tengu, Crow people (B3 Core)

04/30/18 Bones II Aaron the Conjurer (B2 Core)

05/14/18 Bones III Werebear (B3 Core)

05/28/18 Bones III Nazeera Bloodraven, female fighter (B3 Core)

06/11/18 Bones II Bugbear Warband! Hunter, Warrior, Leader (B2 Core)

06/25/18 Bones III Let the dogs out: War Dog and/or Foo Dog (B3 Core)

07/09/18 Room for your suggestions

07/23/18 Bones III Quinn, Iconic Investigator (B3 Core)

08/06/18  Catch-Up Monday – your pick from Bones 1 & 2 incl. extras

08/20/18 Bones II TBA Wishes? Ideas? Tell us!

09/03/18 Bones III Fomorian Giant (B3 Core)

09/17/18 Room for your suggestions

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10/15/18 Bones II TBA

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11/12/18 Bones III Humanoid TBA







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10 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Lendil Blackroot (update)

  1. Nice, everyone! Dirk’s wizard definitely looks like he’s seen better days; that skin tone is nasty. Antonia, the gender-swap looks great! I never would have thought about cutting away the beard. Jim’s does look like he’s got some temporal power as well as arcane.

    My power came back on after 20 hours off, but I’m lucky; other people in my county are still out after 3 days. But I was happy to send in what I could!

    The other note I emailed in was that for this model, I went pretty quickly – starting with the mini already coated with Reaper’s Walnut Brown (my usual “primer”), I was done, cleaned up, and had photographed the mini in one three-hour session. For me, that’s fast. I stayed focused on just this model, which is different for me, as I’m usually bouncing between two or three at a time.

    Looking ahead for some of the minis for June and onward – is there a good place to find a list of what was in the sets? All of mine are mixed up, and I know I bought some extras that weren’t in the core sets.

  2. I am just loving this website.
    Being able to see all of the different versions of the same model is great, and although I still have yet to finish my Bones 1 models, mayhaps someday I will take part!

    • Hi Cole, thanks for your comment! We’re happy that you like the project as well (because it takes quite a lot of our little free time 😀 ). From time to time we will do “Catch Up Mondays” where we feature from earlier Bones Kickstarters, so keep an eye on the list and feel free to send us a pic of one of your Bones 1 miniatures, we’ll be happy to show it!
      Yours, Antonia

  3. Great variety again. Nice mudsplash effects from Dirk. Great cutting from Antonia (did you cut this well or did you have to resculpt some of the face?). I like that Mike made a non-caucasian wizard. I feel challenged to put more variety in my skin colors as well. And Jim…I painted mine as a scruffy wizard, as that is what the mini looks like to me, but you somehow managed to make it look clean, flashy and even a bit regal. well done!

    To answer Antonia: Experimental techniques for me are 1) I used black wash for the beard and the belt. I am afraid to use black washes as they tend to look hard and unnatural if you use too much; brown washes are my comfort zone. 2) I am still working on my technique with very diluted paint, not really comfortable with that either. Blending on the cloak went well, but the robe does not have the smooth blend I was looking for.
    The color choice: well, if I go easy on myself all my minis will have blue clothing and my table will look very dull, so I wrote down all the color combinations that might work with this wizard and started eliminating them based on: red, blue and yellow wizard…have already done those, green or brown will not stand out between all the trolls and lizardmen and then it was either white (did anyone say Gandalf) or this one (the bottle calls it crimson red, it was in one of the Bones Kickstarter paint sets).

    • HI Arjen, thanks for your answer! I know what you mean with the brown washes, I also tend to use brown washes mostly, even the lightest versions of them. For the blue cloak I used a black wash but wasn’t happy until I added several blue ones because the black one really seemen too hard. Did you ever experiment with mixing washes? I sometimes do that to create olive tones.

  4. As usual, a great variety of interpretations! I love Dirk and Antonia’s conversion work: Dirk’s looks decidedly ill and Antonia’s came out great. I’m always fond of blue and gray. I’m glad Michael used those colors, they remind me of my druid idea, but more sinister. I really like Arjen’s purple/lavender tones.

    I’m always surprised by what others see in my color choices. Now that I look at mine, I get the same impression.

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