Miniature Monday: Imrijka, Inquisitor


One of the more unconventional miniature concepts, and an Iconic character in the Pathfinder universe: Imrijka, the (half?) orcish Inquisitor.

(posting by Antonia & Dirk)

This week’s miniature has rich detail and (in our opinion) quite some style. A cool coat and a stern attitude made us think of a headhunter or even a “desperado” in a fantasy/wild west setting.

We both wanted her to have an arrow for her bow, and used different ways to achieve that.

Dirk painted the mini as a bounty hunter/city ranger.



“I wanted her to look a little sinister, as she stalks the dark corners of the town searching for her prey, so I stayed with brown and gray colours and even ‘rusted’ her armor. For the arrow I used a broken spear from an undead sprue and cut the tip a little shorter. With no time to make the feathers out of green stuff, I used a plastic farn from an terrain pack and cut it in half – finished!”


Antonia was the one with the “desperado” idea, and made her mini a kind of a gun bowslinger:



“I was inspired by western movies by the hat and the long coat, so I decided to make the armour plates leather instead of metal and gave her a desert base, plus some dirt on her shoes and coat from the long, lonely walks on the dusty road. As a contrast to the reddish leather I gave her green skin (although in D&D most orcs are rather grey, I suppose, but artistic freedom and stuff…). Like Dirk I wanted her to have an arrow ready, so I carved mine out of a wooden toothpick – it was a bit rushed, so the tip is just sharp and painted, not sculpted, and the fletch is a bit small. But still I’m quite happy how it worked out as an (last minute) addition to the mini.”


Jim sent us the version with the most shining metal:

Jim_Bones Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor IMG_3787

Jim wrote that he had a hard time to get into the painting, but is happy that he finished her anyway. I (Antonia) personally like the brightness of the armour, which is quite a contrast to both our dark & grimey concepts. Nice work on the face! (I was annoyed with it and didn’t even paint pupils, fortunately for orcs that’s mostly okay). Your inquisitor has a grim and questioning look, perfect for someone of her trade!


William sent us the a daring conversion this week, making her a duellist.


Well done, mate! Awesome conversion!

Let’s hear what William said:

“One of the central NPCs in the pathfinder game I’m playing is a half-orc duelist. I didn’t have anything like that in my collection of bones, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to do a conversion.
So I started with Imrijka, our iconic inquisitor, but made a few modifications. First I cut one side of the brim off her hat, made a turned up version out of green stuff, and added some feathers to make it look like a swashbuckler’s cap. I also cut off the bow and replaced it with a rapier. The blade is made out of a pin, and the fancy guard was made with lots of little thin strings of green stuff. I like how her pose really looks like a dueling stance.
For the color scheme I decided to go with bold colors, and lots of freehand: a bold blue cape with lace trim, and black gloves and bustier with red brocade. This was also my first time painting orc skin; I started with a yellowy tan color and did washes of green over it.
The base was made from sculpey. It looks a little weird out of context, but it’s designed to fit into 6 other bases like puzzle pieces as part of a larger pattern.”

He made a 360° spinning animation as well:

This weeks’s gallery:

Coming next:

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This entry was posted by Antonia & Dirk Vogel.

5 thoughts on “Miniature Monday: Imrijka, Inquisitor

  1. I like the dusty vigilante look Antonia and Dirk did, it suits her. The weathering really makes her look dusty like she’s been on the road a long time. Dirk’s has got some pretty crazy eyes, I would not want to be her target! The arrows are a nice touch, but perhaps a bit out of proportion. It’s very hard finding things that work at this scale; I tried a bunch of stuff including a toothpick before settling on a pin. A bowstring would sell it even more, but those are tricky.

    The face and metallics on Jim’s are very nice, and I also like the leather details. But the choice of a gray cloak is too close the silver metal I think – choosing a different color would have provided some needed contrast.

  2. Thanks for the compliments on the face. That was the one part I really liked! I still think she looks like an elf with fangs! I’ve always envisioned orcs and half-orcs as ugly, not like this rather beautiful girl.

    William’s conversion is really great! I can’t decide whether I like the hat or the rapier better. The bold colors really say “Duelist”. I can’t wait to see a shot of all the minis/bases that go together.

    I feel Antonia & Dirk captured the character of the original mini way better than I did. Dirty and dusty but grimly determined.

    I didn’t put much into this one (and my pic ended up grainy!) as I just wasn’t very inspired. I’m not a Paizo or Pathfinder fan and I don’t really care for the concept of “Iconics” or an Inquisitor class. I’m not fond of orc/half-orc characters (except as NPCs) and, finally, I felt this mini tried to be too many different things at once. O.K. rant over and sorry if I stepped on anyone’s toes!

  3. That duelist is fantastic! I might have to steal that idea, especially since I’ve got the figure in both bones and metal!

    • Thanks! You should go ahead and steal the idea, plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.

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