Miniature Monday – Mister Bones


Hey there! What are you doing here? This graveyeard is sacred ground, and trespassers will be… buried!

After some “rest” last week (not really, but, you know… :p) we managed to paint a Mister Bones mini each. Yay!

Dirk chose a classic crypt keeper theme, with bluish greys and browns:


As you see, he used a very limited color palette, which works just great for such a gloomy project. Also note the lighting effect, which is very subtle but a good idea for this mini and its lamp! Dirk used the chance to try some OSL-techniques (mostly a brightness difference between front and back plus a lamplight-colored shine on the cloak here and there) and is happy with the result πŸ™‚


My color scheme is even more reduced (as was my available time), since I painted Mister Bones as a (animated?) stone statue:


As you see, he’s just plain grey stone, grey base with drybrush and washes, plus a quick eye-glow effect… it didn’t take much time but has a nice look to it, I think!


That’s it for this week, but if you have pictures sitting in your phone or on your disk, feel free to mail them! We’ll just update this article πŸ™‚

And to all our readers: What have you been up to lately? Did you have busy days, or are you rather enjoying (or enduring) the weather?

Coming next:

05/16/16 Big Monster Part I: β€œChimera” Preparations & Basic Colors (Bones II Core Set)

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 01/15/16 to

–>Β  new address:Β  MondayMiniature@fantasymail.deΒ  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

05/23/16 Big Monster Part II: β€œChimera” The Final Result (Bones II Core Set)

05/30/16 β€œBloodmane, Gnoll Warrior” (Bones II Core Set)

06/06/16 Dragon Hatchlings Part II: β€œBlueβ€œ and β€œGreenβ€œ (Bones II Core Set)

06/13/16 Cassiatta, female Dark Knight (Bones II Core Set)

06/20/16 Nakayama Hayato, Iconic Samurai (Bones II Core Set)

06/27/16 Amiri, Iconic Barbarian (Bones II Core Set)

07/04/16 BasiliskΒ (Bones II Core Set)

07/11/16 Rogan, Half Orc Rogue (Bones II Core Set)

after that… perhaps some classical or strange dungeon monsters? Or demons?

(Wishes? Ideas? Tell us via email or in the comments!)

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7 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Mister Bones

  1. I had a very busy week last week – I was travelling all week away from my family for a major job interview. But now I’m back and ready to paint!

    If you’re feeling lonely and want to attract more visitors, I might suggest posting over on the reaper forums. People there are very friendly, and I would wager many have a bunch of bones on their shelf and are looking for direction. That’s how I found the site in the first place.

    • Hey William!
      Thanks for the input – the reaper forums are a great idea! And while I’m at it, perhaps also somewhere one facebook, I think there’s a group “Paint my BONES”, where we also could find some interested painters…
      We’ll see how that works πŸ™‚
      Anyway, we’re looking forward to see more minis from you and everyone else πŸ˜€

    • Hey Riffle, sorry for the slow response in approving the comment, it somehow got stuck. Anyway:

      Yes, the kraken is absolutely a great mini, and it’s absolutely on my to-do list πŸ˜‰ My players know that and wonder when they will encounter it… they’re lucky I don’t have that much time atm. But I guess we can do a “monster special” someday, perhaps with a monster of the painter’s choice, so everyone can use their favourite “big nasty” from Bones II.

      And since we have at least one D&D campaign featuring pirates, I’m sure we’ll find room for sea creatures πŸ˜€

  2. Hi all. I love the OSL Dirk did. I think his mini has very much atmosphere, a real lonely dark feeling. well done.

  3. I’ve been watching for a long time, but have never submitted any pics. I haven’t been painting much this spring so I’ll have to get busy and work on something from the Bones II list. I really like Mr. Bones as a statue. I may have to do that myself. Keep up the good work! There are probably a lot of us who look and don’t post anything.

    • Hey Jim, thanks for the uplifting words πŸ™‚ And yes, have a go with the Bones II range – despite some stressful times I really like painting and working on small, manageable projects. If you ever decide to submit pictures, we’ll be happy to show them on these pages πŸ™‚

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