Sharks may never rest – we need to…


Hey there! You all know that we plannend to show our shark man minis on this spot & time, but life sort of came in the way.

Besides some personal news (which we can share later perhaps) and the usual busy week Antonia got a suprise commission for a tattoo design, which was very short notice ( she started drawing friday and tomorrow the tattoo will be made), so both of us had a stressful and rewarding weekend – and didn’t finish the sharks. We had no submissions from other painters this time, so we felt it wouldn’t hurt to push back the schedule one more week.

Or should we?

We have two options:

a) show the sharkman next week and change the schedule that way or

b) trash the sharkman and go on next week as planned.

If you just tuned in: We are talking about this guy here: Reaper Bones Sharkman

What do you think? Is somebody out there who wants to paint the shark guy and give it a try next week? Or is this beast just not interesting enough?

Gladly tell us in the comments πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Sharks may never rest – we need to…

  1. I too am having a very busy week and had no time to paint, but I wasn’t too inspired by the shark either. I would just as well move on. Hope that the personal news is good news.

  2. So as there are no further comments, we will continue as scheduled with Mister Bones. Perhaps the Sharkman can have a reappearence later.

    Those of you who want to participate email the pictures of your minis until 05/09/16 to
    –> new address: (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing).

    The updated list of minis will come with the next post.

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