Monday Miniatures: Autumn Bonzeleaf (Update!)


This week we take a look at another pointy-eared miniature, in this case an elven women who could be a magician or druid. Everyone was busy this week so for now, we have just one already three Ladies in the spotlight – with maybe some more company on their way 😉

(Posting by Dirk V.)

I decided to make the mini a Wood Elf, so I kept the color scheme within a range of natural greens and browns, including e.g. the jewellery which I painted as bone.

MM autumn-k

At first I thought the miniature wasn’t that interesting, but while I painted it I realized there is quite a lot of very intricate detail all over the piece, for example the sculpted leave structures on the clothes, the jewellery and the bracers. Astonishing how much detail even such a soft material like bonesium can hold!

UPDATE (I): Brian sent in his take on Bronzeleaf!

Have a look!


Although Brian seemed not completely content with the final piece, I like his choice of color, very regal and intense – it’s fascinating how different the two versions look just by the color schemes!

The highlights of the face come out really nice, did you use drybrushing on this? Good job!

Thanks for the submissions, I’m looking forward to seeing more next week!

Yours, Dirk


Here comes Arjen’s Elven Lady, which he painted months ago, before Miniature Monday went into hiatus for a while:

autumn Arjen.jpg

He chose a blue-green as main color, and it’s interesting how much of a difference it makes:  This version looks rather “festive” like she’s attending some high-elvish event, perhaps prom night? 😀 I like how Arjen picked a purple color for the staff’s gemstone, that way it stands out but is still similar enough in tone not to break the color scheme.

(Note by Antonia: Well, look at Dirk’s gemstone… and how it looks back! In the woods you need eyes everywhere, I guess! A bit creepy and very well done 😀

@Brian: Love the deep red, and how it turns up in lips, jewelery and clothing alike. Keeping the range of colors rather small helps with giving a mini a balanced feeling, I think. And since I’m always interested in basing materials, nice “rocks” 😀  I like bold decoration, breaks up the rather uniform look of regular basing.)

So, has anyone else Bronzeleaf (or a similar mini) they want to show here?

Just send some pictures and we’ll update the article, especially since we set a wrong date in the last post – the submission date said March 7th (today/Monday), although it should have said March 6th (yesterday/Sunday, to give us time to compose the article. Sorry for the typo!).

Good news are – that way you have some more time left 😉

Coming next:

03/14/16 “Elladan Elf Ranger” (Bones I range, Vampire/Core set)

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 03/13/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)


03/21/16 “Bronzeheart, Minotaur Hero” (Bones II Core Set)

03/28/16 “Vrock Demon” (Bones II Core Set)

04/04/16DragothUndead Lord on Throne (Bones II Core Set)

04/11/16 “Barrow Rats” (Bones II Core Set)

04/18716       TBA    (Wishes? Ideas? Tell us via email or in the comments!)

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