Show us your projects! (Feb 2016)

jessi_svetlana2.jpg  Now that we are getting back on track, here are some pictures of our and your projects. After that, we’ll go visit the Elven Woods and dive head-first into Bones II!








So, how did you spend your spare time? Let’s see what Dirk did.


Dirk painted a lot of stuff, e.g. planets for the Star Trek Attack Wing Tabletop Game, but for now he chose to show his gladiator-style barbarian. Conversions include the hand-claws, turning the axe into bone and sculpting some scales on the (once furry) loincloth. I like how he used just paint to give the arm and leg armor a similar scaly look, and wow, the gladiator’s job shows…That’s quite a lot of scars!

My project (of course among others) were some “regular” people, civilians to use in any villager and townsfolk NPC role.


Since I’ve collected (accumulated) MageKnight and HorrorClix miniatures for some time but never really got around playing the games, I tend to use my collection as a source for cheap conversion material, as in this case: I converted and re-painted  grave diggers and circus artist and horror clowns, swapped some heads and sculpted some tunics, and voila: Thugs and townsfolk  to use in our various D&D adventures.

Some of the minis didn’t even need an intense re-paint, esp. the MageKnight ones; although I have to admit the detail on the figs is not that great (neither in paintjob nor on the mini itself) they look quite nice on the table and are extremely useful since in my campaigns the players meet a lot of non-monster NPC, and esp. townsfolk is hard to get in a) lot of variation and b) cheaply 😉

Jessi sent in some pics of her awesome Frost Giant Princess:


That’s a princess of my liking: Strong, tough and gorgeously painted!  Absolutely no damsel in distress 😉 I suppose if she shows up others are in need of rescueing. Great paintjob, I esp. love the warpaint, it really emphasizes her character!

Bettina sent in photos of her Space Marines, which are close to being finished, or at least on the way there:

Blood Angels2.jpg

One look at the strong and clear color scheme shows the chapter’s designation: World Eaters!

Okay, just kidding. These are Blood Angels, of course! I really like the careful paintjob, e.g. look at the detail on the seals and parchments! In the right corner we see the force’s medic, still waiting to be completed – the pic gives a good insight how you can manage to paint multi part miniatures prior to assembly, one toothpick at a time 🙂

That’s it for today. Do you still have some projects to show, but didn’t get around making and/or sending pics? Don’t worry! We’ll have other “Specials” like this in the future.

As promised, our next two minis (from the Bones I Core Set/Vampre Set) will be denizens of the Elvish Realms, after that we will start with minis from the second Reaper  Bones Kickstarter, short: Bones II.

Do you have ideas what to paint next? Wishes? Tell us in the comments!

Yours, Antonia

Coming next:

03/07/16 “Autumn Bronzeleaf

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 03/07/16 to

–>  new address:


03/14/16 “Elladan Elf Ranger

03/21/16 “Bronzeheart, Minotaur Hero” (Bones II Core Set)

03/28/16 “Vrock Demon” (Bones II Core Set)

04/04/16DragothUndead Lord on Throne (Bones II Core Set)

04/11/16 “Barrow Rats” (Bones II Core Set)


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One thought on “Show us your projects! (Feb 2016)

  1. I’m impressed by all the details on the space marines, especially the tiny script on the parchments and sigils. Very nice work!

    And that giantess is just great! I think the colours harmonize good. Also I was delighted to see that she found her way onto the reaper page!
    By the way @jessi: how did you madethose tiny flowers?

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