Miniature Monday Strikes Back


Hello everyone, Monday Miniature is back. As long as David is busy, Antonia and I (Dirk) will take care of this part of the blog.

So what happens next…?

I hope you’ll enjoy the opportunity to take up the paint brush again and rise to the challenge of weekly deadlines and foto shootings in the night… I for myself can’t wait!

During the winter months since last entry I didn’t paint much. As soon as the pressure of sending pictures was gone, a lot of other projects or tasks distracted me from painting. I always told myself: „No problem, you have no deadline, you can paint tomorrow“, which I absolutely did…not.

I am a creative person with many ideas and enjoy working on projects that pop up within my mind, but then I think of something else and and start another project…

“Setting a deadline” is a method of getting things done that works well for me (although it also puts me under some stress, but there’s also the glorious feeling of success if you go through it to the end).

So despite all the distractions of my imaginative mind, I still finished some painting projects. This elven druid I started painting as a mistake:

Elven Druid_kl

I confused her with Autumn Bronzeleaf, the next bones-figure in the list. Antonia used the head of this mini for her Nova Corp Sergeant (you possibly saw that entry), so I decided to give her (the mini, not Antonia) a new head and do some conversions while I’m at it.

I even had the idea to use the mini as an NPC in one of our roleplay sessions. As she was halfway painted, I realized that it wasn’t Autumn, the opportunity to use her as NPC had also vanished, so she laid dormant for some months, only partially done. After David returned I remembered her and finally finished the job.

So this elven woman is somehow symbolic for my work flow: Monday Miniature will help me getting focused on finishing a project, even if it is just one model.

Thanks to you David for this great and inspiring blog!

Next week you will see on which projects I worked in the meantime, as we want to start with an opportunity for all of you to show what you have done in the time since last Monday Miniature.

Were you busy? Did you paint a lot? Did you assemble a whole Orc army or perhaps just a Goblin warband? Did you construct epic terrain pieces or maybe glued some static grass on a base?

Show us your projects!

After this we’ll make a new list of upcoming Monday Minis, with some ideas from before and new minis. For the future we also want to paint some minis from Bones II!

Yours, Dirk

Bonus question: How many of you have purchased a core set or even some add-ons? What do you want to see on the list?


Coming next:

02/29/16 “Show me your project” – send in pictures of your mini-related projects!

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis/conversions/terrain/tabletop-related stuff until 02/28/16 to

–>  new address:

Autumn Bronzeleaf

Elladan Elf Ranger




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