Monday Miniatures: Kord


Apparently our painters watch the super bowl, because precious few people took the time this week to try their hands at a barbarian color scheme, but still, there are three paint jobs below that are worth a look.

There were no Kickstarter mini projects worth mentioning this week, so on an unrelated note, I made great progress on another one of my painting projects, my Skaven army. That’s 50 rats down, and another hundred or so to go.



Despite not caring much for this particular mini – I think it turned out fantastically. On a face that small I didn’t even try for the eyes, but many of the details were a lot of fun to pick out. The ice, wolf skin, and glowing runes turned out best I think.

77061 Kord the Destroyer 1_zpsylj8ccwt

Magnus continues to work on his NMM techniques. He also went with a much warmer color scheme than the rest of this week’s minis.

Kord Arjen

Arjen’s mini is very grim. You wouldn’t want to cross any barbarian, but this one in particular I would think that you would want to avoid.

Update: Four more barbarians join the fray.


Jess went with a much more colorful scheme than some of the previous paint jobs, and check out the base!


Dirk is showing off again. I’m not sure he knows another way. On behalf of all the readers of thiss blog, I request, nay – I demand – some insight into your crazy glow effects.


Brian’s WIP shows lots of great potential. He hasn’t gotten to the shading yet, but the detail is looking pretty good. Check out that free hand.


Jo went down the same dark road as Arjen, and the result is equally intimidating. The glare needs to be tamped down on most of the model – but it makes for a very cool negative light effect on the sword runes, don’t you think?

2/8/15 – Vaeloth

2/15/15 – Battleguard Golem

2/22/15 – Large Earth Elemental – This one wasn’t a part of the vampire back, but it is a great mini with plenty of detail for the experienced model, and plenty of simple techniques could make it great as a beginner. If you don’t have it, it’s only 7 dollars – you should pick it up.

3/1/15 – Grandmother

3/8/15 – Ghoul Queen

3/15/15 – Teirdeleria

3/22/15 – Aina

3/29/15 – Spirit of the Forest

4/5/15 – Ezren

4/12/15 – Almaran

4/19/15 – Zalash

4/26/15 – Red Dragon – Week 1 – this is a big model, so this week are just looking for a WIP.

5/3/15 – Red Dragon – Week 2 – Nows your chance to really show off. You’ve had 2 weeks and a gorgeous sculpt – blow me away.

I went a little further ahead than normal so that if people wanted to procure minis they didn’t have, they would know what they were painting and when. As always, send me your suggestions!

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19 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Kord

  1. I worked 6 days this week, so sorry I missed it! I was painting feverishly last night, but it did not happen.
    Y’all did a great job! I love your wolf pelt and ice David!

  2. All 3 look good this week!

    Sorry I didn’t get in on it, but I’m definitely in on the next 2! If my FLGS gets the elemental back in stock, I’ll do that one too.

  3. Awesome work on your Kord, David! I really like how the darker brown fur turned out; I wish I had went with that myself. My goal was to paint the figure in an hour, so I went with less color variety than I might otherwise have done. The figure totally reminded me of the iconic Dovakhiin from Skyrim, which was the inspiration for my colors.

  4. David, you did REALLY well! You brought out all those details that somehow didn’t pop up in mine.
    Note: we did Teirdelaria in july on this blog. I suggest swapping her for Liela, a very similar figure.

  5. David’s mini is my favorite this week, the details in the sword (runes?) are very well done, and as Magnus pointed out, the fur is excellent!

    I had mine painted, but unfortunately didn’t get my picture sent last night in time.

  6. Things got in the way on the weekend,and I couldn´t finish Kord. But I will send in WIP pictures this evening. I hope David can show them as an update.

  7. I’m turning out to be every-other-week, but I haven’t given up. Not sure if i will make this week’s deadline, but I will definitely get going on the Earth Elemental.
    All the minis this week look great! I will take some as inspiration to finish mine soon.

  8. Nice work guys! David’s looks especially good! I’m trying to get back into painting, and some of the minis coming up look really fun, so I’ll try to participate for at least one or two in the next month or so!

  9. I´m happy to comply with David´s demand to tell about the glow effect.
    After painting the blade I washed it with black ink (dark tone quickshade). After that the runes where made clearly visible. I redraw the runes with white eith a very small brush; some paint went outside the runes, but that´s okay. I then drybrushed over the blade with a light blue (ellectric blue), caring about not to obliterate the white colour inside the runes.

    For the energy and blood trails I used a colour shaper to put some water effect on a palette, sculpting it into the form I need. After letting it dry I repeated the process to get a strong enough layer. The finished “trail” was carefully loosened with a scalpell and then painted with some wash or ink (I used thinned down ellectric blue for the glow effect of the rune sword and red ink combined with thinned red for the blood; for flames you can use red and yellow ink, or green for ghostly fire).
    After drying, I glued it on the blade edge with super glue. To strengthen it (and to give it structure on the back side) I glued a second “trail” from the other side.
    The non consistent colour in the energy trail was due to drying effects, but I like it.

    If there is the interest, I can make a step-by-step tutorial to show how it works and send it to David. I want to make some flames for the Mangu mini anyway (tried it back then; I mixed the colour directly into the wet water effect which didn´t work well – so I skipped it).

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