Monday Miniatures: Deenah

77062_1Notice how you can’t really make out the details of what we’re painting this week? That’s pretty accurate. This week’s mini is among the least detailed of all the bones I have painted so far. Sometimes the quality can be indistinguishable from plastic, and other times… well, it can be very hit and miss.

This week’s painters did a great job of overcoming adversity though.

The Green Alliance – is launching a project consisting of WW2 Orks. They aleady have a couple bitz in that range, but are looking for some crowd funding cash to to expand that niche.


This week I was pretty happy with how my mini turned out, aside from the face which lacked detail of any kind. It’s a shame that the lovely auburn hair that you can see in person has tuned to mustard on the camera.


Magnus made a similar complaint, and went with warpaint to adress the issue, a great addaptaion.


Deenah Arjen

Arjen’s came out looking very wild. With a wind up like that, I don’t think that pillar stands much of a chance.

MM Deenah_Avogel (1)

Antonia swapped out the weapon with a Kroot rifle to give her mini a post apoc vibe. What a show off. 🙂 Seriously though, I love how she chose the color scheme of blood and desperation. Also, great auburn hair.

Anvall – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 9/21/14


Townsfolk (mother)

Orc Berserker

High Wizard

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Deenah

  1. Try as I might, I could not get the eyes right on this figure; they’re tiny! I still intend to go back and do it, though (and hopefully not botch the face in the process).

    • I always paint the eyes first, let’s me mess them up as many times as necessary without messing up the face. They can look like big blobs then I paint the skin in around the eyes and clean it all up.

  2. Really nice entries everyone!

    Funny that all primary colours of light (Red, Green, Blue) are included.

    @David: I like the fierce stare of your mini.
    To the least details theme: I painted 77090 Mason (Ranger) as a needed NPC on Sunday and nominate him also for the least detailed mini. I had to look on the reaper page to see a painted model to find out where the trousers and bracelets end. 😉

    @Magnus: I love the braveheart-painting.

    @Arjen: good shading on the cloth and equipment, it looks really realistic! especially the boots look real leathery.
    By the way: how do you made the pillar? I´m looking for a cheap and easy way to make greek-style pillars.

    My favourites from my wifes mini are the hair and the mood of the scene (bloody fight for survival).

  3. The pillar is made from FIMO, but getting the marble effect requires some practice. If you do not want to go to the trouble, I spotted nice looking pillars at a company called Thomarillion, I think they are German, they have several models, also greek-looking.

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