Monday Miniatures: Trista


This week I stop traveling, and join in with the rest of the regular painters in painting a wolf themed warrior. God but it is nice to pick up a brush again.

No new projects on Kickstarter worth backing lately, though Reaper seems to have a new and surprisingly retro one up to revamp an old line of battletech style miniatures. At $80k so far, the brand seems to be carrying the day.


This week I finally got to start painting again, though I didn’t finish (I still have the details and highlights to do) it was nice to get back into the swing of things. Was it just me, or was this woman wielding a katana?


I think this might be Magnus’s best looking mini to date. I’m not sure if it is the simple but classic color scheme, or all the little details he has picked out, but he is really coming along.


Arjen paints my favorite color scheme of the week. He was the only one to eschew metallics on the armor (and paint dark haired warrior to boot.) So why these colors, what’s the story with this mini?


Dirk once again made substantial alterations to his bones mini. The hammer and the shield arent’t even the best parts of this mini though, or the freehand scroll work. This time Dirk has really outdone himself with the battle damage. It really makes the character (which I am told is an NPC in an RPG.) Well done.

Antonia sends us this wip progress shot.

Deenah – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 9/14/14



Townsfolk (mother)

Orc Berserker

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Trista

  1. Trista’s sword bugs me, too. The handle is way too long compared to the length of the blade; it looks like the weight distribution would be poor, and the blade wouldn’t have enough mass (or length) to warrant wielding in two hands. It’s just… strange.

    Anyway, some nice entries this week! I’m glad you were able to rejoin the party, David. 😉

  2. I took my basic idea from the Derek Schubert version on the Reaper website, but adjusted for my limited painting skills. Also, I like her better as a brunette. I am happy with the result.
    I must say I hardly recognized the model Dirk made: excellent modifications, a totally different character.

  3. Oh, and I sort of cheated: mixed sandy brown with gold and used it for highlights. I am awed if someone can do NMM, but I have accepted that I cannot and am practical about it.

  4. Haha! I know how you feel about NMM, Arjen; I made a (sort of) attempt at it on Trista’s blade. Unfortunately, I think the lack of surface area made it hard to achieve an effect, though I like the color transitions I was able to get.

  5. Nice work everyone!

    My first thought about Magnus’ paint job was that the NMM on the sword looked really good! I love NMM when I see it, but I haven’t pulled it off very well yet. I need to keep practising!

    Also, Dirk’s mods look great!

  6. You guys did a fantastic job. I have been working on mine but didnt get it finished and didnt think to send in a WIP shot.

    But these are all brilliant!

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