Monday Miniatures: Scenery


Whether you are playing a RPG or doing some wargaming, good scenery can bring the action to life. This week, rather than asking everyone to paint the same mini, I wanted to see what everyone was working on in general. People sent in a little bit of everything.

Take a look below!

This week the Dust Kickstarter launched. I don’t know that I will be backing it, but I will definitely be following it.

20140526_092028 20140526_092303

I’m just about done with one project, and just starting another. The barriers are from 40K, and building is from Deadzone. Just a little more drybrushing and I can move on to painting my next building. I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at sme freehand graffiti.

Fiery Altar & Treasure Chest Collage

Kylie painted some of the reaper objects. I love the free handed flames she did.

MM Terrain Dirk

Dirk is busy working on a toxic pool. Really stunning work – I’d love to send my guard troops to try to defend it.

MM Terrain Bettina

Bettina is building a hill that is part alter, and part mass grave – you have got to send us another picture when this is a little further along.

Fly spell 1b

Arjen is working on a flight spell diorama. Does the clay have a metal wire core, or is it just clay? I confess – I don’t know just how strong Fimo is.


Laura sent us a real treat; she’s been working on this one for a while. Plaster bricks, airbrushed lighting, and a thatched roof really make this a stand out project. For more information, you should check out her blog.

IMG_0948 IMG_0443 IMG_0449

Last but certainly not least, David shows off a couple different project’s he’s working on.  He must have one hell of a gaming table.

Ape-X – one of the last big models left in the Vampire package. – Send pictures to by 6/1/14 at 9pm.




Oh Rats! – Let’s knock out another group of minor minis!


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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Scenery

  1. Nice projects everyone.

    @David: thanks for the kind words.I love the pool because it was cheap – only build from scrap and some spare parts (e.g. lasgun and petrol can). But it was time consuming: the GW water effect needed approximately a week to dry – and I used only thin layers. Next time I try simple clear glue.
    Like your defence line. Will the colours match your imperial uniforms?

    @Kylie: I like your altar of evil. The OSL on the “archs” is brilliant!

    @Bettina: looking forward to see the finished model! 😉

    @Arjen: nice idea! By the way, where is the ogre/giant from?

    @Laura: really extensive project! Have seen this “brick moulding” thing before but hadn´t the leisure to make the effort myself. Perhaps I should invest more time in terrain…

    @”other”David: what do you use for the lighting behind the mechanicum skull symbol? looks fantastic.

    • @dirk strangely enough i was just playing around with the lighting to see if i could get an interesting photograph. I really do like the effect though, so I will definitely need to try and sort out how to include the lights in buildings so they don’t obstruct movement. Thanks though.

  2. Wow, the flames on the altar are awesome! I haven’t seen anyone else make it a “hollow” space; that was really creative.

    Great work, all! I’m not currently playing any wargames, so I don’t really have any terrain projects going on at the moment. I’m currently working on Ape-X and expect be back in next week’s submissions. 😉

  3. Hi all, the fly spell is for RPG, not for a diorama. Untill now, we used a stack of dice under a flying character. It has a wire core. Fimo, once baked, can hold the weight, but it will sag in the oven unless prperly supported. I had alufoil under all the octopus’ tentacles during baking. The hill giant is from the Paizo pathfinder prepainted line (not reaper), see paizo website. They have some nice models as well as some very ugly ones.

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