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Everyone has heard that once something is put online it can never really be deleted. Somewhere it is still cached or mocked or debated. Somewhere an unfortunate picture from someone’s yearbook is about to be turned into another meme. Somewhere a quote that has been misattributed to (insert random luminary) is about to reiterated as gospel.

But much of what is out on the internet has never been seen by anyone, and is busy collecting dust. Fortunately, if you run a blog for a couple years, you start to get a little perspective thanks to all the data that WordPress harvests for you.

It turns that the gulf between most read and least read posts is vast. Caffeineforge’s most read post, Mind the Gap: Kickstarter funding trends, has been read 1,976 times, or about 3 times a day since it was published. Another popular post, Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo seems to be read at least once a day by somebody somewhere (though it is a bit out of date now, and could probably use a follow up piece.)

Our ten most read posts are listed below.


As you can see, half of them are only about a year old, so the oldest posts are not necessarily the most popular. About half of them are Monday Miniature’s posts, and the rest are dominated by Kickstarter, with a lone Shadowrun post serving as testament to just how popular that particular property is. It turns out that the average post is read about 300 times, but the median is much lower (about 70 views.) There are certainly some crowd favorites.

8 posts were read less than 10 times.

It’s hard to say what will stand the test of time, but I think it is certainly helpful to examine what you’ve done from time to time, if only to what did and did not work.

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5 thoughts on “Caffeineforge by The Numbers

    • Them this post too, will sadly go unread.

      What I find interesting is that for all the comics posts that have been written, very few have had significant readership.

      • Agree. I follow your blog and am surprised at what gets the most reads…maybe my taste isn’t akin to many of your other readers’. I LOVE the comics posts!

  1. I can solve part of the mystery of the undertaker: it was the first page i visited when i found this website, so i put a bookmark there. Every time i open caffeineforge from my desktop computer, i go through that page, so that will be at least ten additional hits every 90 days…

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