Monday Miniatures: Marsh Troll

77152_w_1At last we come to the venerable troll. Guardian of bridges.. eater of children. Best known for their frightening regeneration, they are fearsome beasts.

Peek below the fold if you want to see some especially frightening color schemes.

Darksword is releasing a new line of Game of Throne Miniatures on Kickstarter. Given that they’ve already sculpted most of the main characters though, this is largely an advertising effort or a sale, not a genuine fundraising effort.

Me Troll

This week I intentionally stayed away from dry brushing (a personal crutch) and tried to uses washes, glazes, and paints thinned with matt medium to create subtle effects. I’m happy with the results.

Magnus Troll

Magus chose  a great color scheme, and I love how his model looks almost underlit.


Jessica had to do some traveling, and wasn’t able to finish her blue color scheme, but I think she was off to a great start.

Arjen (2)

Arjen’s mini came out looking very saurian to me. I love the eyes and the crocodile skin of the back on this one.


Dirk’s mini came out amazing. Check out the skeleton bursting out of the water. That’s pretty amazing.


Clint also had a late and great entry. I love the yellow on this one; it’s very different from all the other paint jobs.

Snakeman Send your picture to by 3/9/14

Hydra – Part 1 A model this big I want to take two weeks on. Week 1 will be prep and base coating. This week I want to see everyone’s WIP shots. You have 6 weeks till this project, if you don’t have a hydra, you should consider picking one up.

Hydra – Part 2 A whole week just to detail work think about it. I expect to see some really spectacular results from this one. Come on people – this is the week to blow me away


Malek, Necropolis Mage


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4 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Marsh Troll

  1. Hi David! Nice collection you got there, I nearly wish I could have done the Troll, too. But, it was Dirk’s time!
    Nice work with the washes, btw., that’s my favourite way of painting and well suited for fishy/amphibian skins for sure!
    Magnus and Arjen’s approach is a good one, with the greener tones you really get the crocodile feel.
    Jessica’s colors are sure interesting, the cool blues would make him fit perfectly to a certain race of lizardmen, dwelling in the jungles of Lustria 😉
    Is there any chance you could update the picture when the mini is done?

    @David again: Did you get the email with Dirk’s mini? We sent it on monday, and Dirk was checking, like, every hour since then to see if you put up his troll mini yet. That’s of course a nice way to generate hits on your blog 😉 but for Dirk’s peace of mind, could you perhaps upload his photo too?
    In case you didn’t get it I’ll send it again! Thanks 🙂

      • Oh David, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how bad the weather is across the pond. I didn’t want to bother you, really – if you happen to manage the upload, we (esp. Dirk) will be overly grateful. Keep your chin up!

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