Monday Miniatures: Dead-Tired


Until this weekend I had forgotten what sleeping in felt like. Seriously, it has been far too long. You can keep the rest of the extra day, me – all I needed were the first couple hours.

Alright, I MIGHT have found something productive to do with the rest of that time, but for once it was nice not to have to running screaming with my hair on fire for some reason related to work/moving/real estate transactions. Side note: on Tuesday I expect to be running around screaming with my hair on fire for reasons wholly related to work.

But that’s 24 hours from now – that’s practically an eternity. Why worry about tomorrow when we can ogle miniature projects today!

This week there were only three miniature projects I saw worth discussing. Two are fairly run of the mill, but one of them would definitely be characterized as ambitious.

Dungeonstone – First up is another terrain project. This one is priced a little on the high side, but might be perfect for the gamer in your life who needs cavern walls to with their otherwise rectilinear dungeon.

Warriors of Darkmyre – I don’t know whether this project is inspiring or horrifying. 3d printing is allowing for neat developments in the gaming world, but it is also allowing anyone to walk in off the street and throw down a half baked game. That’s the magic of Kickstarter, and this project is certainly emblematic of that magic. From art to prose this project is all over the map, but there are a few miniatures I might pick up to paint (Submerge, Slain the Insane, Terius Goreflayer) if I happened across them in a game store. Despite the creator’s five previous projects though, I have little confidence in this one.

I’d love to hear what the rest of you think.

Mimic Miniatures – Ahead of is time? A bridge too far? I can’t decide. This project wants to sell you a customized mini that has your face on it. Seriously. Take a look – it is creepy and cool, all at the same time.


This week Clint finishes up a Menoth unit. We’ve seen a couple of these minis before, but put all together they look really great.


Jessica does three more Eldar reapers with her usual high level of quality. The masks and gems in particular look amazing.


And wonder of wonders.. I actually got stuff painted this week. Turns out that three day weekend is good for more than just sleeping in. The next unit in my Rhulic army has officially been started with these two. I went with a painting scheme used in one of the interior illustrations of the mercenary book; it’s hardly cannon, but I think it’s striking. That brings me to 14 of 27 complete – I’m halfway there.

Want to show off your painting to the world? Email me your pictures at

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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Dead-Tired

  1. Damn guys! Clint’s Menoth Unit may have to come beat the repentance out of me, for I am envious. Awesome job everyone! Showing off some serious talent (which I do not share). Always impressive to see the amount of detail you folks can put into the mini. Good shot all!
    Makes me want to grab a few minis and some paint! Trust me, it will do nothing but make everyone’s awesome paint jobs look all the more awesome by comparison.

  2. It’s funny, my initial reaction to seeing stuff like this is always “man, I wouldn’t have the patience for that”. Then I realize that that’s what most people would probably say about the past 3 hours I spent altering raycast functions in this game I’m working on.
    They are pretty damn cool though.

  3. As to the price of the Dungeonstone Cave & Caverns sets. Please understand that each of the major pieces in this set is a 4″x4″ tile and are roughly four times the size of a comparable, standard dungeons tile.

    The 15 large 4″x4″ tiles in the set will actually build out to the same amount of gaming space that 60 2″x2″ tiles would.

    • Thank you for the correction. If that point had been made more clearly I would have certainly treated the product more kindly. I just reviewed your KS page, and that fact still isn’t jumping out at me. It is a selling point worth displaying with more prominence.

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