Project Delays

Well, we’re late.

The original plan called for a digital delivery in late April, and a physical delivery in late May. Right about now we were supposed to be getting in a crate of comic books to share with all of you; obviously that hasn’t happened.

When we contracted our artist, Robert, we asked him how many pages a week he thought he would be able to do over the long term. He thought five would be about right, so we set the target at four. Four pages a week from the end of the Kickstarter till the end of April with a week off for the holidays would be enough to do 87 pages and launch the Kickstarter on time.

For a time things went on schedule, but sometimes life gets in the way.

In a project like this it is not as if you can change artists halfway through; such a move would forever mar the book. In one of our previous updates we alluded to some delays. At the time our artist felt like he had them under control, and production wasn’t slipping too much. Without going into details, things came up in our artist’s life that caused him to fall behind, and short of hiring a new artist or abandoning the project there is not much we can do but try to give him some more time and work around the issue.

The comic is nearly complete. At this point it is less a matter of page count and more of a revision and improvement. As you saw from the art in the last update the newer pages are turning out even better than the ones that launched the Kickstarter. We have a great deal of faith that all of you will get your money’s worth and then some. Currently we have the majority of funds, less taxes and partial payment to the artist, waiting patiently to be doled out for the printing and shipping costs.

The project is in no danger, and our new target dates will be June for the digital copy and July printed version. I know this is a disappointment for all of you.  It’s a huge disappointment for us too. There is no one that wants to hold a printed copy of the finished product in our hands more than my partner and I, who have been working on this on and off for years.

Regardless – we understand this delay is a hardship. If this new timeline throws off your plans so radically that you cannot cope with it, then please email us at and we will discuss your circumstances. For everyone else, we appreciate your patience and as a token of our thanks we will commission the bookplate stretch goal that was not realized during the fundraising effort and include one with each copy of the book.

My biggest regret is the lack of updates we have been able to provide. The art delays have been out of our hands, and though the causes aren’t really anyone’s business but Robert’s, they affect us all. Hopefully in the very near future we can start posting regular status updates about things we have more control over, like printing and shipping.

Our next update filling you in our progress will be mid June at the latest.

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