Miniature Mondays: Here There Be Dragons


It used to be that the phrase “Here there be Dragons,” was just a metaphor – just a way of saying that this bit over here is not well explored and might be a little dangerous. You know, illuminated yield or slippery when wet signs as re-imagined by the artist formally known as Chaucer.

It would be a real disappointment it that’s how I meant it in this case. Fortunately, it isn’t. This week I really do have some dragons (now on Kickstarter) to show you.

This week there are four miniature related projects up on Kickstarter. We’ll explore them in the order of least awesome to most awesome.

  • Scratch Build Titan – This is a project that could have been really interesting. The creator wants money to scratch build a Titan, and then give the plans to his backers to do the same. I hope to see more projects like this in the future, only with slightly better implementation  Hell, I hope to see this project again with better implementation. At $25 for a pdf of the design and $50 for a pdf design and pictures of the WIP. No thanks. 
  • Sails of Glory – This is a miniature game for miniature boats. Warhammer and a few other lesser companies have tried this road before, with mixed results. The difference here is that the miniatures come painted. This make the project less interesting than otherwise to me, but maybe other people feel differently.
  • Modular Buildings for War games – This project wants money to up scale its 15mm war gaming scenery to the 28mm range. The buildings look nice, but so far is gaining little traction. Considering how well bug hunt did, I think the exchange rate and shipping costs are to blame.
  • Drake: The Dragon War game – The lack of credentials leave me a little leery about the rules and design on this final project, but there is no denying that the sculpts are lovely. Some of the dragon and foot soldier models in particular really make me want to toss a few bucks this project’s way, despite my current prohibition. In particular I lust for the rivercrest infantry and the Garrik dragon. Fortunately i have more than a month to decide.  Seriously – check this one out.

This week I made more progress on my dwarves, finishing up another three riflemen. That’s 7 down, three to go. I also started base coating some of the forge guard for a change of pace. You’ll notice I have posted no picture this week. That’s because all the models I have painted recently look the same, and posting a picture of a couple new identical models just feels lackluster. Instead next week I hope to be able to post the group shot of all ten, before moving on to tackle a forge guard unit, or maybe a heavy warjack.

This week Clint sends us another mini, this time it’s a ork. Though I think that the color scheme gives him a bit more credit with hygiene than orks are known for, he did an excellent job painting him. My favorite bits are the back of the shirt for its depth and the sword for its rust.


Jessica also submit more of her ongoing Eldar army. This time we have a reaper with a missile launcher. As usual she goes with a largely traditional color scheme, but I think that the helmet turned out especially well (along with all the jewels which I can’t paint to save my life.)

40K Minis14Want to submit your own paint jobs? Email pictures to

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5 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: Here There Be Dragons

  1. Those look nice, this week! That must be an older reaper–it lacks the frilly headpiece and looks scarier. I like the simple-but-still-did-something base on it, too. And Clint’s decision to now include close-ups of details gives the pic some nice, action-y feel.

  2. Thank you, Grayson.

    Jessica, your highlighting is spot on! Too often I see folks take the edging of black way too light, spoiling the point of black. You done good.

    • Thanks, with the black it was definitely a challenge trying to bring out enough definition without over doing it.

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