Gift Giving that Never Ends

pile of wedding gifts

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Kickstarter… Okay, I can’t keep that up. The only rhyme I can think of is ‘martyr,’ and  I don’t see that one ending well. Besides, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I mean, I participate to a limited degree because my friends and family do, but as a rule I’m not a big fan of the idea that you must buy things on a certain day for someone. If I see something that one of my nearest and dearest would appreciate, I tend to get it for them, regardless of the time of year. Christmas is great, if you celebrate it for religious reasons, or you have kids. Beyond that, I don’t have much positive to say.

Maybe that is one of the reasons I like Kickstarter so much. The idea of getting random presents (backer rewards) at some point in the future appeals to me in much the same way. As I already said in a previous article, many of those rewards will show up late, and some may never arrive – but according to the calendar  next year is going to be one hell of a year in the ‘stuff’ department.

Granted getting these little surprises one at a time lacks the gradure of the above display of gift giving prowess, but what it lacks in display, it makes up for in longevity. To date I have backed 71 projects. Of those, 10 failed to fund, 6 have been fulfilled, 10 were supposed to be fulfilled in 2012, and 41 are due to be fulfilled in 2013. The breakdown looks something like this.

Project Delivery Schedule

Now, I’m sure that many of these dates will slip, and the rewards will arrive at some indeterminate point in the future  but that’s fine. It’s still cool to think about. for the first half of next year I should be receiving more than a present a week. I confess that the one I am most looking forward to is the Reaper delivery in March – I plan on painting and discussing mini’s more in the coming weeks in preparation for that amazing day.

How about the rest of you? Any projects you are really looking forward to?

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