Season’s Greetings from Caffeineforge!


It’s been quite a year at Caffeineforge.

For one thing, Caffeineforge is now a real entity, no longer a figment of our imagination.  And we’re looking at publishing not one, but two graphic novels this next year, with a third taking shape in the latter half of 2013 for release in early 2014.  From there, who knows how things will escalate?  Perhaps a few Christmases from now, David and I will gaze down from the thrones of our comic and gaming empire, reigning despair delight down upon the huddled joyous masses. 

Or perhaps not.

One thing is for certain:  none of the success of this year would be possible without our readers and backers, so from the bottom of our hearts:  Thank you and have a safe and happy holidays!

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