The Future of Caffeineforge

Its been a busy two months. Two weeks of run up and project creation, followed by five weeks of running a project and the constant search to find new venues to attract attention and advertise Wardenclyffe really takes it out of you. Add in a couple of weeks of travel for work (and travel to Reno next week for Thanksgiving) and it feels like all I ever do is spend the weekend writing blog posts so that I can stay up to date. A life spent perpetually catching up is not a life well lived.

Fortunately on my drive back from Iowa this morning, I had plenty of time for reflection. Despite the fact that it feels like I’m always running in place, I think that real forward progress is definitely being made.

Life has been a blur since August, but some progress is being made:

  • The Kickstarter got funded! This is by far the biggest deal; our dream is in the process of being realized in a very concrete way.
  • Plans have been set in motion! Artists? Found. Packaging? Figured out? Shipping? Same. Everything is in motion and we have far more answers than questions at this point.
  • Over the horizon goals – set! We have plans for next year already decided: Fulfill backers of The Wardenclyffe Horror, attend at least one comic con, and try our very best to release at least two more books in 2013.
  • Writing is in progress! The next book, Parasite is fully outlined, and the script is currently 60% complete. The next project is a little further out, but forward progress is being made!
  • The Blog is picking up steam! I’ll wait another month or two before I bore you with more blog traffic graphs, but yesterday we entered the top million sites on the internet, per Alexa, and that is pretty fabulous.

It is a good thing that I have so much vacation scheduled for the end of the year. I am sorely in need of the down time. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in the Reno area, and Christmas in southern California. I’m sure I’m not the only one in desperate need of a recharge, or the only one having trouble seeing progress from the middle of the whirlwind. Anyone want to share tips on relaxation or perspective? Trust me, I’m all ears!

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