Monday Miniatures: Something Familiar


This week we take another crack at a whole pile of themed minis. The familiar bundle was one of the final stretch goals for the Kickstarter. Though we still have a long way to go, it does make for a nice milepost.


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Marvel Characters Get a Makeover

Genius BarYou might recall that my post from last week touched on the movie-fication of some of Marvel’s characters, most notably Nick Fury, by way of “Nick Fury Jr.” (anyone else hear the theme from James Bond Junior just then?  No?  Just me?  Okay…), and Peter Quill, aka as the outlaw Star-Lord.  As much as I love the movies, I’m not a huge fan of the films overly influencing how Marvel portrays their classic characters.  That said, when Marvel decides to tweak a first string character, I take notice… and this week they announced changes to three of the core Avengers.  That is noteworthy.


Monday Miniatures: Deadeye Slim


this week we shift gears to the old west. I really like this sculpt, though it would seem that not everyone else did; participation is always higher when fantasy figures are involved. Regardless, peak below if you want to see what people whipped up this week!


Comic Book Review: Legendary Star-Lord #1

LSL1 CoverToday’s comic book review is not so indie as the last few.  It also veers from review to rant a little bit, but whatevsies.  With Guardians of the Galaxy poised to take the title of Greatest Movie Ever Made any day now (at least until Age of Ultron comes out… or maybe Star Wars VII… or Pacific Rim 2), I thought I’d take a look at one of Marvel’s crucial movie tie-in’s, intended to drum up excitement and dollars in advance of opening weekend.  Peek below the fold for my thoughts on Legendary Star-Lord #1.


Monday Miniatures: Teirdeleira


This week we delve into the underdark for a drow fashion show. Who would have known that there were so many varieties of black out there.


Indie Comic Review: Atomic Robo!

Atomic RoboFor today’s review, we need to set our Wayback Machine all the way to 2008.  Remember 2008?  Flo-Rida topped the Billboard charts, Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize for Economics, and a plucky little comic about an atomic powered robot made waves in the comic world, up to narrowly missing an Eisner Award win for Best Comic Miniseries.  2008 was a party, and like most parties, I find myself arriving late.  Today, I offer my review of Atomic Robo.


Monday Miniatures: Rats


This week we do another mass painting exercise, and try to finish off another bunch of vermin. In this case, rats. This mini lacked much in the way of details, but the posing was actually much nicer than I thought it was during previous examinations.



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