Classic Action Movie Roleplaying Lives Again on Kickstarter

Chi WarriorIt’s been a while since I’ve done a post about a Kickstarter that has me excited enough to give it my support.  Frankly, I’ve been become a bit disenchanted with the whole Kickstarter thing lately, what with the Death Stars and movie stars bringing down the tone.  But inevitably a project comes along that gets me firing on all cylinders again.  That project is Feng Shui 2 Action Movie Roleplaying.  Click below the fold for more on the second edition of a modern classic.


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Monday Miniatures: Deenah

77062_1Notice how you can’t really make out the details of what we’re painting this week? That’s pretty accurate. This week’s mini is among the least detailed of all the bones I have painted so far. Sometimes the quality can be indistinguishable from plastic, and other times… well, it can be very hit and miss.

This week’s painters did a great job of overcoming adversity though.


Monday Miniatures: Trista


This week I stop traveling, and join in with the rest of the regular painters in painting a wolf themed warrior. God but it is nice to pick up a brush again.


The Death of Wolverine


Just as all good things must come to an end, so to must our heroes die. Of course, in the world of comic books, death isn’t always such a permanent affair. However, on rare occasions when the moon is full and Mercury is retrograde, a hero dies for good, ascending to join the pantheon of fallen heroes in the halls of Valhalla…

The Wolverine is going to die. Like, totally and for sure this time.


Monday Miniatures: The Shadow


This week’s mini is a pair to one painted a couple months ago. It is also, hopefully the last one I will miss painting due to travel for work. Only one more week to go and then my schedule will return to normal. This week’s submissions run the gamut from pulp steam punk to hard boiled noir.


Monday Miniatures: Medusa


This is one mini I hate missing out on. It’s a classic with a great level of detail. Pity I’m writing about it from a hotel room instead, but this one I will definitely have to go back and paint someday.


The Cover (Non-)Story

not-this-shit-againComic book cover controversy is apparently in this year.  I can’t wait for 2015 to bring a whole new thing we should be outraged about, because this one is as dumb as dumping  a bucket of ice on your head during a drought.



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