Monday Miniatures: Barnabus


I didn’t get submissions till late last night, so I thought I would wait till this evening to throw up this sky pirate. 5 painters trying 6 different color schemes; they turned out really well.

So, that happened… Exploding Kittens edition

This week, I was planning to write about how a game project recently posted to Kickstarter has been doing gangbusters. THAT post was going to be about Shadowrun: Hong Kong, a new campaign by developer Harebrained Schemes following on the success of their 2012 project. It was going to be about they’ve raised nearly 600k in just a few days time, and how they’, like inXile’s Wasteland 2, are an example of a truly successful crowd funded game developer, unlike some other notable players in that space. The fruits of their first Kickstarter was a riot, and you should totally back the new project.

It was going to be a really good post. But I’m not going to write that post, because this happened.


Monday Miniatures: Blacksmith


The response to the blacksmith was mixed. Some people loved the classic mini, and others found themselves looking forward to some of the more interesting ones in the coming weeks. Regardless, we have 7 versions for your viewing pleasure.


Monday Miniatures: Flesh Golem


It’s alive, alive!! This week we paint a reanimated monstrosity, which is not to be confused with a plain old zombie.



Indie Comic Review: Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Adventures vol 1&2

RSANot long ago, I posted a general-ish review of one of my now favorite indy titles, Atomic Robo.  Thinking that I had gotten my mitts on all the trades available, and pining for new material featuring my favorite, well, atomic-powered robot, I was delighted to discover that I was mistaken.  Pristine on the shelves of my local comic seller were not one, but two volumes of Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Adventures.  How do these collections compare to the original?  Peek below the fold to find out.


Monday Miniatures: Shaeress


Is this week’s model a sorceress? A demon? A queen? A martial artist? I don’t know for sure, but I love how many different takes this week’s artists had on it.


Monday Miniatures: Dain Deepaxe


77074_w_1[1]After taking a long hard look at the Reaper Bones minis that were available, we chose to paint the most Santa like dwarf we could find this week, Dain.

The results are 6 different dwarves, none of them bedecked in red.



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