2015 in Review

Back in June I announced a bogging hiatus until September. Obviously I have overshot that mark. It has been a very busy year, but not too busy to make time for the important things in life. Since we last spoke I have: (more…)

Monday Miniatures: Novacorp Sergeant

80010_w_1[1]Today we look at one of the few sci-fi minis that came with the Bones set. Its interesting to me just how many of our painters squeezed this mini into their sci-fi world of choice.

Also, next week will be the last week of regular posting. After Monday 6/15/15 I am suspending regular blogging for several months. Peak below the fold to find out why.


Monday Miniatures: Gruff Grimecleaver


Another week – another pirate. That’s not a saying, but it should be.


Monday Miniatures: Oswald the Overladen


This miniature seems pretty appropriate to me given how busy life has been lately. Since I got back to down and immediately got sick, I neglected to post these paint jobs at the end of last week, so here they are. I have adjusted the schedule accordingly.


On the Road Again

I am traveling for work this week, and so I will post 4 overloaded porters Thursday night. Thank you for your understanding.

Monday Miniatures: Red Dragon


Here there be dragons! It’s been 3 weeks, but the results are worth the wait. Great work all around!


Monday Miniatures: Rain Delay

In my inbox I couldn’t help but notice that there were many fewer finished dragons than started dragons, so I have decided to give everyone another week. A model this awesome deserves a little extra time. I will amend the mini timeline in next week’s post to compensate. In the interim, look at this:

TrafficYou might notice there was a real spike yesterday. Someone shared last week’s post on Reddit, and that was the result. Whether it was the awesome tutorial or the dragon that drew such a crowd I can’t say, but the best way to get more people painting their bones are to share these posts and make the aware that we exist. I’m looking forward to seeing more dragons next week!


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