Monday Miniatures: High Wizard

77034_w_1The most interesting thing about this weeks mini is that everyone chose basicly the same color scheme. Apparently this model is just begging for blue robes.


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Monday Miniatures: Ork Berserker


Back from my travels, and just in time to get bludgeoned by this fearsome looking character. I didn’t have time to paint (if the late hour of my posting didn’t give that away,) but I did spare a little time just to drool. That’s a reasonably orky reaction though, right?


Monday Miniatures: Townsfolk


In the words of one frequent contributor, this week’s mini ” I can see why this one didn’t make it to retail release, due to the poor facial features.  Also, the baby’s head looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll…” You have got to see some of the creepy paint jobs that ensued on such an innocent seeming model.


Comic Book Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #19

GotG19About a month ago I made a post about the ‘return’ of everyone’s favorite Nova, Richard Rider.  After basically falling off the map at the conclusion of Abnett & Lanning’s cosmos-shaking Guardians of the Galaxy run (rather, after being marooned in a vacationer’s paradise called “the Cancerverse”), Rider’s absence has been felt by fans for years now.  Now, over year and a half into the Brian Michael Bendis penned Guardians series, answers to the mystery of what happened to Nova are finally at hand… Or so we thought.

Damn you and your slow teases Marvel.


Monday Miniatures: Dragoman

03436_w_1This week we paint a dragon man, with mmixedresults.


Monday Miniatures: Anval


This miniature is scary even when it is unpainted. One of our regular painters did point out that it is ridiculous to wear that much armor when none of it is protecting your vital organs. While I agree, I would never make judgements about the fashion sense of man that carries an axe that size in one hand.

That would be bad for my health.


Classic Action Movie Roleplaying Lives Again on Kickstarter

Chi WarriorIt’s been a while since I’ve done a post about a Kickstarter that has me excited enough to give it my support.  Frankly, I’ve been become a bit disenchanted with the whole Kickstarter thing lately, what with the Death Stars and movie stars bringing down the tone.  But inevitably a project comes along that gets me firing on all cylinders again.  That project is Feng Shui 2 Action Movie Roleplaying.  Click below the fold for more on the second edition of a modern classic.



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