Monday Miniatures: Grandmother


This week we paint a grandmother. Its a bit vanilla as far as the bones line goes, so a lot of people chose to pass on this one, but we still have 4 painters strutting their stuff.


Monday Miniatures: Large Earth Elemental


This week we paint up a particularly big mini. In retrospect, 2 weeks to do this one justice might have been a better choice.


Monday Miniatures: Battleguard Golem


This post is extremely late thanks to a botched post last week and traveling for work. But on the brightside, my presentation won an award, so that’s nice, right?


Monday Miniatures Misfire

So last night I put up this week’s post before heading off to Florida for work. Something happened and apparently it didn’t go off as planned, and I won’t be able to fix it until Friday.

So you’ll have to wait a few more days for the eight golems that were painted by this week’s artists.

Movie Review: Magic Mike & The Starlight Express (Er… Jupiter Ascending)

Jupiter_AscendingTypically when we talk about movies and television on this blog, it is in reference to comic books, and the other media they inspire.  There is no question that we live in what will almost certainly be known as the peak of the comic book crossover media craze.  And what a craze it’s been!  We’ve been veritably blessed with a string of awesome movies and TV shows, and it hasn’t even begun to wane.

It’s a good time to be alive.

But as much as I love me some Marvel (and to a lesser extent, DC) movie goodness, there is something to be said for content that is fresh, creative, and not another adaptation, reboot, remake, or sequel.  Frankly, it seems like original genre films don’t come along very often at all these days, so when does pop up, it’s popcorn time!


Monday Miniatures: Vaeloth


This week’s post is pretty emblematic for the reasons I like to these features. A new participant, and every color scheme unique.


Monday Miniatures: Kord


Apparently our painters watch the super bowl, because precious few people took the time this week to try their hands at a barbarian color scheme, but still, there are three paint jobs below that are worth a look.



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