Monday Miniatures: Ghost King


Six, count them – six ghostly kings in all their horrific glory are up this week, and not one of our painters took the same approach as another.


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Monday Miniatures: Lizardman (part 2)


Sometimes too much of a good thing just isn’t enough. This week not only do we have a second lizardman, but two new artists to share their art with us.


Monday Miniatures: Lizardman


I’m not sure who posted what where, but last week we got a real traffic boost and at least one new painter, so bravo.

Feel free to share the link – there are literally ten’s of thousands of vampire sets of bone out there, and many of those painters are just looking for motivation to get their minis painted.


Monday Miniatures: Damien


How appropriate that the week of Halloween we should find ourselves painting. Painting a demon, well – hellborn wizard, whatever that is. (more…)

Monday Miniatures: Nienna

77091_w_1This week we paint Nienna. Want to see everyone do a better job than me? Well this is the week for you!


Monday Miniatures: High Wizard

77034_w_1The most interesting thing about this weeks mini is that everyone chose basicly the same color scheme. Apparently this model is just begging for blue robes.


Monday Miniatures: Ork Berserker


Back from my travels, and just in time to get bludgeoned by this fearsome looking character. I didn’t have time to paint (if the late hour of my posting didn’t give that away,) but I did spare a little time just to drool. That’s a reasonably orky reaction though, right?



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