Monday Miniatures: Zalash


This drow rogue skulks onto the blog this week. Few people painted him though – he was obviously so sneaky that no one could keep him on their desks long enough to finish the deed.


Monday Miniatures: Almaran

77058_w_1[1]This week we don’t have much participation. Maybe you guys didn’t think this mini was all that interesting, but the painters below will certainly prove that wrong. My house is still a disaster, and I will be sleeping on the couch for at least another week, what’s your excuse?


Monday Miniatures: On The Road

Forgive the format: I’m posting this from the road. I’ll be out of town all week for work, and last week I was dealing a plumbing disaster. As a consequence, no painting got done. Fortunately other people found the time to pick up my slack painting Ezren. (more…)

Monday Miniatures: Spirit of the Forest


I think in the future I am going to have to give all the larger models two weeks. There is just too much to do I a single week.

This Treant is a real treat. There is literally a ridiculous amount of detail. Under every leaf is another leaf, and behind every vine is another mushroom or bit of wood grain just crying out to be highlighted.


Monday Miniatures: Aina


Four Valkyries , four color schemes, all awesome. ‘Nuff said.


Comic Cover Controversy Strikes Again

Batgirl41vIf you follow the comics industry on social media, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the latest variant cover to raise the gorge of readers.  Rafael Albuquerque’s variant cover to Batgirl #41 was supposed to be 1 of 25 variant covers celebrating the Joker as a fixture of DC’s canon for over 50 years.  Thanks to a vocal minority, Albuquerque and DC withdrew the cover before the launch, caving to an Internet uproar that is becoming all too common these days.

Seems like only yesterday we we’re clutching our pearls over Spider-Woman’s posterior. Those were the days…


Monday Miniatures: Mariel Twinspar


Today we have a buxom buccaneer painted in four styles. Enjoy!



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