Monday Miniatures: Medusa


This is one mini I hate missing out on. It’s a classic with a great level of detail. Pity I’m writing about it from a hotel room instead, but this one I will definitely have to go back and paint someday.


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The Cover (Non-)Story

not-this-shit-againComic book cover controversy is apparently in this year.  I can’t wait for 2015 to bring a whole new thing we should be outraged about, because this one is as dumb as dumping  a bucket of ice on your head during a drought.


Monday Miniatures:Goblins (Part 2)


Last week we started working on a big batch of goblins. After all, goblins do travel in packs (at least according to the random encounter table.) This week, we see how the painters made out; it looks like nine of them were completed 100%!


Long Live Nova

GotG18Marvel fans in the know have been aware for a while now that this month’s Guardians of the Galaxy #18 is going to reveal the fate of Richard Rider, better known as the hero called Nova.  With the wild success of the Guardians film, and the foreknowledge that Rider’s fate would be explained, I recently took a tour back through the now classic Abnett and Lanning run of 2007 to 2011, to remind myself of just how awesome those cosmic cops in the Nova Corp can be (especially after their portrayal in Guardians that left them feeling more like cosmic Keystone cops–perhaps the only let down of the film for me).  Click below the fold for more on the under-sung fan favorite, Nova.


Monday Miniatures: Goblins


So this week I was on vacation. on the bright side, I really needed the relaxation time, but on the downside, I spent that time with friends, and got no painting whatsoever done. Fortunately there were some wonderful artists on the internet that picked up my slack.

Speaking of slacking though, I might be doing it for the next month or so. You see, I will be spending the next 4 weeks traveling for work, and though I might get some painting done, it will not be up to my usual standards. As always, life gets in the way. Whether or not I find the time to paint though, I will make sure that the minis are posted.


DC Announces Big Movie Plans… Sorta

Batman_v_Superman_-_Dawn_of_Justice_(official_logo)In the wake of Guardians of the Galaxy’s record shattering opening weekend, DC took the opportunity to make some major waves of their own.  By which I mean DC made some announcements that should in no way be construed as waving their hands over their heads as if to say, “Don’t forget that we exist!  We’re relevant too!”  What could possibly be heard over the strains of “Come and Get Your Love” wafting out of cineplexes all over the country?  A ten picture timetable, that’s what.


Monday Miniatures: Oxidation Beast


This week we tackle one of the uglier (in my opinion) minis of the collection. The rust, I mean – oxidation beast, is a creepy little bugger. I actually wasn’t sure what to expect, but it paints up rather nicely, as you will see if you look below.



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