Beyond the Golden Age of Television

ShieldI am a fan of TV and I am a fan of comic books.  They are both awesome.  But better than enjoying both separately, is smooshing them together like a glorious peanut butter and banana sandwich of unadulterated double awesome.  It’s been said that we are in another golden age of television, but with this past Fall season’s veritable bonanza of truly excellent comic-inspired television, we’re past golden age.  We’ve gone platinum.  It’s the Platinum Age, people.


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Monday Miniatures: Deladrin


This mini didn’t look like much. Honestly I may not have picked it if it hadn’t been asked for by one of regular painters. The sheer variety of painting styles this week really justifies the project. It’s the for doing this.


New School Meets Old School in D&D’s 5th Edition

DMGFor my first post after returning from my much needed hiatus, I thought I’d write a bit about one of things has brought me much joy since the start of my break.  2014 is the 40th anniversary of the seminal role playing game Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast has marked the occasion with the release of a new edition.  Starting with release of the Player’s Handbook in September, continuing with the Monster Manual’s drop in October, and culminating with the recent release of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, players around the world now have the complete rule set for the 5th edition of the world’s first, –and perhaps still greatest–pen and paper RPG.

I’ve been fortunate enough to try 5th edition in both online and offline games, and I’ve collected my impressions for your consideration.


Monday Miniatures: Arius


Well loyal readers, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. For my part, I did a lot of relaxing, and even more driving. After a week off, there are a couple items worth reporting on.

First, this week there were 9 minis submitted before I wrote up the post, a new record.

Second, after being in existence 29 months, this blog has hit 100,000 views. That’s hardly enough traffic to set the world on fire, but still, it’s a pretty cool milestone.

Thank you all for your continued readership and participation.


Monday Miniatures: Ghost King


Six, count them – six ghostly kings in all their horrific glory are up this week, and not one of our painters took the same approach as another.


Monday Miniatures: Lizardman (part 2)


Sometimes too much of a good thing just isn’t enough. This week not only do we have a second lizardman, but two new artists to share their art with us.


Monday Miniatures: Lizardman


I’m not sure who posted what where, but last week we got a real traffic boost and at least one new painter, so bravo.

Feel free to share the link – there are literally ten’s of thousands of vampire sets of bone out there, and many of those painters are just looking for motivation to get their minis painted.



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