Monday Miniatures: Darkrasp

02957_GThis week we delve into yet another evil sorcerer. If you’re noticing that we’ve been painting a lot of those the last couple months, it is because we have. There are a couple reasons why this is the case. One is because there were a lot in the vampire package, and another is because they are a lot of fun to paint. There isn’t anything deeper or more sinister than that, probably…


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Heroes For All

Young_Avengers_Vol_1The big comic news of the week was the announcement that Marvel’s Young Avengers won the 2014 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book.  Young Avengers is an amazing book with a cool cast of characters, and while I think that it gets a little too 90210 at times, and not enough smash-boom-pow, all credit to Kieron Gillen and the rest of the Young Avengers creative team for making something worthy of recognition.


Digital Property Rights


This week, the Game of Thrones caused quite a stir, and for once it wasn’t just because of who did or did not die horribly (although he did, and it was.)

In the day following episode 2′s airing, 1.5 million people torrented the show. At one point, just shy of 200,000 people were participating in the torrent simultaneously, a new record. Though there are many reasons why people are torrenting this show, including the fact that it isn’t available to watch in every country, there is one contributing factor that is particularly near and dear to my heart.


Monday Miniatures: Kavorgh

77064_w_1This week I didn’t finish. I didn’t even come close. Work was a terror: my Friday work day didn’t end until 3am Saturday, and My Sunday was devoured by phone calls managing dozens of work related problems. When it rains it pours right?

That’s okay though, because apparently it’s stormy all over: almost no one else found time to paint either. Maybe it’s because tax season is coming to a close, who knows.


Cinematic Tie-in’s Give Agents of SHIELD New Life

hydraABC’s Agents of SHIELD is kind of awesome.  There, I said it.  It hasn’t always been so, but the show has been on a general upswing since Thor: The Dark World brought some Asgard-sized problems to Agent Coulson’s door.  Even then, the show sort of meandered along until episodes began to delve into the mystery surrounding the Son of Coul’s trip to Tahiti following the events of the Avengers.  But it’s really with the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and all the hoopla and consequences that follow, that AOS’s awesome knob got turned to eleven.


3D Printing for the Masses on Kickstarter

My cats would eat that thing to death...

My cats would eat that thing to death…

While some of the technology crowd funding news has been less than encouraging of late, it hasn’t stopped plucky backers from supporting technology projects they believe in.  The project of the hour is the Micro 3D printer by M3D, “the first truly consumer 3D printer.”


Monday Miniatures: Malek

77172_w_1This week we delve into the horrors of the grave with a necromancer. Peek below the fold for a look at five horrors from the twisted minds of our contributors.



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