Miniature Monday – Elf with whip

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Whips are not known as the weapon of choice for many people, more a tool than an actually dangerous weapon. So who is this guy, a sinistrous slaver, a showy swashbuckler with a fancy choice of weapons, or an animal handler maybe? Let’s see what the community thought:

(posting by Antonia & Dirk)
First of all – yes, it’s tuesday again, I suppose we could just give in and call this series “Miniature Whatever” by now, but I still like the name as it is and foster the hope that eventually we will be able to post on time again. Who knows!

The mini this week is quite nice, actually, with a lot of details and character. The whip gives it a very dynamic pose and is also quite variable, as it seems – after the soap wash phase, our minis had completely different whip “movements” as one of the minis must have gotten a little bit of a hotter bath. Just as a tip for readers who still think about painting this mini – yes, you can totally re-pose the whip just by carefully heating it, which makes for a lot of awesomely dramatic poses, I guess!

Antonia: “After checking out the mini I really wanted to paint it, but unfortunately there is just too much other stuff on my plate right now (no, not fungi this time!) so I didn’t manage to paint the elf.
If I do one day, I could imagine doing some kind of “Indiana Jones” type of adventurer, just by adding a fedora (or similar hat) on the base, plus maybe some dwarven or lizardfolk artifacts, overgrown by jungle plants. Sounds quite cool, if I think about it, I really should try that…!”

Dirk immediately thought “animal handler”.

dirk Kopie2

Dirk: “I still have an old dark elf army for the old warhammer world (the now called world-that-was) and very liked to play with it (and bash some high elven heads). So as I saw this guy, I immediately decided to make him an animal handler, for you can’t have enough hydras 😉 .
After that it was easy, purple coat as this was my armies main colour, the tabbard was painted as being made out of green scales (my armies second colour) and black hair.
He is one monday mini in a long time that I actually finished, I even painted his eyes! And it took me just one evening and the next morning for the details. Motivation, a precise plan and a deadline can really speed up your painting…”
Michael painted his elf a swashbuckler:


He wrote: “When I first saw the model, I think I assumed it was female, but on closer inspection, I saw it maybe wasn’t. Still, it was slim and androgynous enough to go with my original idea. This is the ex-character of an ex-friend (long story, don’t ask), from an Eberron game. She was an elven swashbuckler from the Lhazaar Principalities, which are in a cold weather area, and used a whip and rapier. I put a touch of a pink line on her lips to add a bit of femininity, and some water effect down on the base to make the appearance of surf crashing against a rock.”

Oddly specific and really cool, your idea, we love it! Antonia especially likes the “gender swap” as she did once with a wizard mini, although you are right, the elf could be totally female from the start if you imagine all elves as rather slim instead of curvy.
Jim imagined the mini as a dark elf:

Bones Elf with Whip IMG_4519-jim

He said: “This guy (& the others in the group) remind me more of drow than of surface elves. Maybe it’s the whip? Unfortunately, I was late getting my Reaper Dark Elf Skin triad so I didn’t really get started on him until Tuesday. I think this mini has good detail, so I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time on him. Overall I’m pleased with the result. I tried to shoot for Dark Elf without being too obvious: No black, red, green and only a bit of purple.”

This is imho the most royal looking one this week, beyond doubt hailing from a noble drow house. Perhaps he’s a wizard, looking at this seemingly important big book?


Timothy went in another direction:


His approach to this mini involves earthly colours with a grassy or woody base. It has an almost monochromatic appearence, with striking blond hair as a spot colour. I like the rural look of it and I can think of different uses for this mini.
May it be a ranger of some kind? So a whip is not the classic ranger’s choice, it is a weapon relying on dexterity and it also can be useful when crossing some revine or river (Indiana Jones again 😉 ), to tie up some bad guy or to use it as a leash for some animal.
Or maybe it is a coachman? Not an often seen job for an elf, but maybe he has a special connection to his draft animals (whatever they are…)?
Timothy, did you have any specific use for this guy as you painted it?


This week’s gallery:

Coming next:

05/11/20 Bones III Fomorian giant

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 05/08/20 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we (might, *sigh*) have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

Here is the link to Reaper’s graphic with all the core pieces, but it’s one and veeeery long picture so be prepared for some scrolling. On the other hand it has separate numbers for most of the pieces. I will add individual shop links as soon as they appear!

Here is the underdark Add-on.


05/25/20 Bones IV Ettin (No. 99 on the KS pic)

06/08/20 Bones IV Baba Yaga (No. 96 on KS pic)

06/22/20 Bones IV Add-Ons: Underdark Gloom Stalker (No. 540 on the Add-on graphic)

07/06/20 Bones IV (Core Set) Movie night Part I: Paint Classic Horror Monsters (Mummies, No. 130 und 131)

07/20/20 Bones IV (Core Set) Bipedal Dragon Part One (No. 7) – WIPs, e.g. first colors, basing, modifications…


This is a big one, so we’ll stretch it over two entries!

08/03/20 Bones IV (Core Set) Bipedal Dragon Part Two (No. 7) – Finished Monster

08/17/20 Bones IV (Core Set) Movie night Part II: Paint Classic Horror Monsters (Vampires, No. 132 and 133)

08/31/20 Bones IV (Core Set) Bedeviled: Devils/Demons (Nos. 72, 73 and/or 74 on graphic)

09/14/20 Bones IV (Core Set) Movie night Part III: Paint Classic Horror Monsters (Victor’s Creatures, No. 134 and 135)

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3 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Elf with whip

  1. Ha, the minis are ordered by whip color, from light to dark.

    Dirk’s color scheme is great. I like that pale khaki/bone color paired with the flashy purple. When I see that mini, I think bard myself, but definitely a standout. I like the little red gems on the sleeves.

    Speaking of which, Jim’s drow is also not going to be hiding in any shadows. I agree with Antonia and Dirk’s assessment, that this is probably a noble or wizard (or both). I like the purple scarf.

    When I saw Timothy’s, I thought of Simon Belmont instantly from the original NES Castlevania. Just saying that has the music playing in my head. Looks great; the blonde hair came out well.

    Thanks for updating the to-do list. I see Gauth (the official name of the big dragon, which I hate because it’s also a type of beholderkin) made the list. I’ve never done a model that big before, so it’ll be something new; I think I need to buy a bigger base for him, as I don’t think a 3″ one is wide enough.

    Also, yay on the classic horror monsters! Those should be fun.

    I did something a little scary at the end of last year and actually counted all of my unpainted models. I came up with 856 (which doesn’t count ones from some board games that I don’t *have* to paint, but was eventually planning on), the vast majority of which are Bones. I set an ambitious goal for myself to get that number to below 700 by December 31; so far, I’ve done 49. I’ve been fortunate to be painting more since the lockdown; I’m teleworking, but not having to commute, etc., saves me a lot of energy.

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

  2. Dirk – I like that color scheme. The green is very subtle so you almost don’t notice it. A hydra tamer sounds like a pretty risky profession!

    Michael – A fair number of elf minis are ambiguous gender-wise. I like the idea of swashbuckling elves, too! The base came out great.

    Timothy – I think yours would make a great thief or rogue of some sort. A whip would probably come in quite handy for someone in those lines of work! The blonde hair looks perfect and makes a nice contrast to the darker leathers.

    I didn’t get mine dulled down before I took the pic (since remedied) so he looks a little shiny. I promise there is no white dot between his eyes! I know everyone says this but he really does look better in person. I’m note sure of the character details of this guy, other than drow, but I think every one is correct that he has probably never been short of cash: A noble born to power and privilege. Very haughty and probably a multi class fighter/wizard. In any case, I’m really happy with this one and I’m looking forward to more.

  3. I started on this mini, but got confused by all the thingies on his arms. I like how everyone (except Jim) decided that the big thingy was some kind of (rolled up?) sleeve. I will copy that idea when I continue with mine.
    Also, I had not noticed that the bag on his front was really a book, which can clearly be seen on Jim’s mini. I think my mini will look better after taking my inspiration from you guys.

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