Miniature Monday – Anwyn, Bard


Better late than never: Have a look at some painted musicians!

(posting by Antonia)

Here we go with Anwyn! I picked the mini because she gave me a nice “Forgotten Realms” vibe, maybe to use it as one of my character’s mentor… and then I didn’t even get to paint it *sigh* I like the mini’s silhouette and tight detail, so I’ll probably even catch up on her some day.  I plan on painting her with a normal length shirt though because the cropped top with her overall pose is just a bit too “cheesecake” for my taste (and the NPC I have in mind).


Dirk’s Anwyn will keep up morale in his army [not like you might think*]:


After some consideration he decided to use her as a musician in his (classic) Warhammer Fantasy Middenheim Army therefore he gave her their white/blue color scheme. The mini is still a WIP but you get the impression!

*Musicians give a bonus on rally rolls, obviously.


Arjen did some experimenting with color:

Anwyn Arjen

He wrote: “This mini looked really simple except it has lots of details like the buckles that are only partly visible. I looked up painted versions in metal and for this mini Bones is really very inferior. Her boots were molded not very well so I decided to give her big downturned collars on her boots with greenstuff. After that, I painted the whole mini in shades of purple, but decided it looked a bit boring. When I painted blue over the purple, I discovered that the dark purple gave a much more interesting shade than if I had used dark blue, so I am really happy with how that turned out. I think I am going to use this trick more often. I also was a bit bolder than usual with using highlights on the upper body parts (top of the arms and buttocks) and it worked very nicely on the arms (though I used too much watery paint at once on the buttocks). I even shaded a bit just above the leather straps on her leg, so that it looks as if the fabric of her pants get a little bit of a bulge there. All in all a successful experiment. Now I still need to improve my eyes. ”

Thanks for these insights! I find it always interesting to hear how a certain color scheme works out for any of you! I love the “aerial” or watercolor-y look and have to agree that the combination of blue and purple work great!


Timothy chose brown with some spot colors:


timothy IMG_0033

I like the color scheme, the white and blue really give a completely different impression compared to an “all brown” approach. Neat choice! I also like her expression!


Michael had a very specific inspiration:


He wrote: “Here’s my mini for the week. I very deliberately chose the red-and-yellow bicolor scheme to go with the next model on the list. You guys especially might be able to guess what I’m going for there.”

It’s the Pied Piper of Hamelin, right? A really cool idea, will you actually match the rat ogre’s paint job to this one, and how? I’m looking forward to seeing that!


Jim had an eye on this mini for a long time:

Jim Bones Anwyn IMG_4494

jim Bones Anwyn IMG_4496

He said: “I’ve wanted to paint this mini ever since I first saw the metal version many years ago. I wanted mostly natural tones with just a splash of color. She is meant to have a linen blouse and leather vest and breeches (and most everything else). Even though she is supposed to be a bard, I could see her as a atypical druid playing for her animal friends. I went back and forth between blonde and red hair but in the end she just didn’t feel like a ginger to me. I feel that I could have gone a bit lighter on the vest/breeches for a bit more contrast and I think I over did it on the washes (especially the skin) but I still like the overall result. One interesting thing is that my copy had much cleaner detail on the back side than on the front. That’s why I sent two pics instead of my usual one. One area the sharpness difference is most noticeable is on her hair. In the back it has good depth but in the front it’s very flat. The face was pretty sharp though”

Interesting how you also went for a bit of blue on this mini!

This week’s gallery:

Coming next:

03/30/20 Bones IV Rat ogre/were-rat (No 12 on KS pic)

Anmerkung 2020-03-23 173312

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 03/27/20 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we (might, *sigh*) have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

Here is the link to Reaper’s graphic with all the core pieces, but it’s one and veeeery long picture so be prepared for some scrolling. On the other hand it has separate numbers for most of the pieces. I will add individual shop links as soon as they appear!

Here is the underdark Add-on.

04/13/20 Bones IV Add-Ons: UnderdarkMyconids! Pick as many mushrooms as you like, I will add some pics from the graphic soon, it seems they are not yet on the reapermini page.

04/27/20 Bones IV Elf with whip (No. 154 on the KS pic)

05/11/20 Bones III Fomorian giant

05/25/20 Bones IV Ettin (No. 99 on the KS pic)

06/08/20 Bones IV Baba Yaga (No. 96 on KS pic)

06/22/20 Bones IV Add-Ons: Underdark Gloom Stalker (No. 540 on the Add-on graphic)

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2 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Anwyn, Bard

  1. Hope everyone is doing well!

    Arjen’s is very colorful. I agree that the dark purple shading looks very nifty with the lighter blue. The built-up boots look cool too.

    Timothy, I like how you took what I think was the mold line on her head and painted it metallic to look like an ornament. Great eye, too. The brighter colors on her top go well with the reddish tones in her hair.

    Jim’s got a bit more subtlety, using the blue sparingly to pick out some details. I also like how the linen color of her shirt looks like ivory when placed on the sword handle.

    While Timothy and Jim’s have some similar colors, the differences stand out. To me, Timothy’s feels like she would be more at home on a ship or a port city, whereas Jim’s feels more rural. While I’m at it, I think Arjen’s belongs at court.

    Looking forward to seeing Dirk’s when it gets posted!

    Mine is in fact inspired by the Pied Piper, likely because of the Rat Ogre (Wererat Lord? I dunno) coming up. I’ll admit that I had to look up what “pied” actually meant, and saw a line from the original poem about being dressed in red and yellow, so I went from there. I almost kept the red/yellow halves theme going in her hair, but I didn’t want her to look too clownish (it did occur to me that someone could paint this model to be a medieval fantasy Harley Quinn). There are some subtle connections with the Rat Ogre. Pictures coming next time!

  2. Dirk – She’s a Fifer! Now you just need some drummers to go with her. I like the colors especially since I had a Blood Bowl team from Marienburg with the same scheme. Small world! (pun intended)

    Arjen – I agree with you about the detail. I, too, think purple and blue look good together, especially in lighter shades.

    Timothy – I really like the way you did her top. It was easy to get a little lost on what was supposed to be what on this one. I started on red hair but ended on blonde?!

    Michael – Well done. I like the pied/jester look. Yet another blonde. Hmmm.

    I really like this mini. It evokes a distinct feel or character, though that might be different for each of us!

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