Miniature Monday – Wizard w Dragon Familiar – Updated!

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Long robes, a tiny dragon and lots of attitude – how would you have painted this sorcerer?

(posting by Antonia)

I always like miniatures where the posture alone tells you so much about the person, and this guy is definitely one of those. There is not much detail, but the whole mini is still very realistic, I love how the dragon’s tiny claws ripple the cloak, for example. And of course the plain surfaces allow for a lot of freehand work if one is so inclined (and has time on their hands. We didn’t…)


I painted my mini as a cultist


I wasn’t quite sure how to use this guy, so I did what I always do in that situation – I paint a mini to match some RPG charakter’s background. So the mage/sorcerer became a leader of an evil cult that worships “The Fallen One”, a black dragon deity that is the enemy of our (Dirk and mine) LARP character’s chromatic dragon pantheon…. Although I somehow think of Star Wars’ Count Dooku instead when I look at the pictures now. Black, grey and red are just the perfect evil colors, I guess.

I painted the robes in very dark grey to allow for a black wash and mixed a metallic grey for the rim of the robes – he is important so he can probably afford silver thread, right? The little dragon on his back should have been black, of course, but red was just the better choice style-wise (see above).


Dirk’s mage is more of a desert dweller:


He painted the cloth in a warm beige and gave the guy a darker skin color, and I like how both our miniatures are kind of inverse to each other in skin tone and clothing, only the dragon stays the same. He used this mini to portray not just one, but two important NPC characters from one of our campaigns – one being some mysterious hermit (we don’t know much about him yet) and the other one a loyal companion or our party, the little pseudo dragon Moonclaw!


Timothy’s wizard looks quite scary:

Itimothy MG_0032

He wrote: “I didn’t give him pupils because I thought it made him look more intense if his eyes were rolled up in his head.”

Absolutely! My first thought was “undead” though – he reminds me of liches or zombies and looks super creepy like that. The robe’s color and the dragon complement each other very well too. Well done!


Michael’s wizard looks blue (but still happy):

Michaelv 20200223_171109

He said: “I didn’t do anything too fancy, but I think most of the highlighting came out well. I do think it looks a little better in person, especially the main indigo color. I also wish I had tried to fill in that mold artifact around his right knee area, but oh well.”

I like the blue, it gives the mini a completely different feel than the others, the purple dragon is an interesting choice! The wizard looks as if he is quite cheerful, or os it just the pic? Not as grumpy as the rest of them. Do you have a plan how and where to use the mini, or did you just find the color palette interesting?


Jim’s wizard looks kind of regal:

Jim Bones Sorcerer IMG_4490

He wrote: “I really like this Sorcerer! Lots of character and not to much ornate detail to get lost in. I was originally going to use a more rusty red for the robe but went with a more standard deep red instead and I like the result. I think the dragon might have been intended to be a small TYPE of dragon like a pseudo- or fairy dragon. I painted mine as a very young bronze dragon because: I like bronze dragons! My paint work on the sorcerer’s face isn’t great but the final result is fine due to the fact that the detail is pretty good. As I painted, he reminded me of different people at different stages. Now that he’s done, he still has different expressions from different angles. Kind of a neat optical illusion.”

On the pic the robes really look like old, expensive velvet, very cool! And of course now I notice that the amulet has indeed a structure in the midlle which I didn’t distinguish before… oops. Anyway. the green “gem” is a very good choice and complements the other colors well. I like how you painted the face and I get what you wrote about different angles – right now on the pic your version looks quite cheerful too, or maybe it’s the dragon’s grin next to him that gives that impression?


Update: Arjen’s wizard completes this week’s color palette with green:

Green wizard Arjen

He wrote: “Did not have time to do a proper face but I like how the pseudodragon turned out and also how the colors work together in this mini. I want my Bones wizards to have all different colors and that means this one got green (I did red, yellow, blue and grey so far).”

Color coding wizards is a venerated tradition in fantasy literature, I wonder why I never thought of that – a great way of trying out how the different colors work and how to paint with a limited palette, which is something many artists recommend for a unified look in a painting or project.

Do you use the different colors simply as an exercise, or will there be a RPG situation where your players have to battle (or befriend) a whole rainbow of wizards?


This week’s gallery:

Coming next:

03/16/20 Bones I-III Anwyn, female bard

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 03/13/20 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we (might, *sigh*) have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

Here is the link to Reaper’s graphic with all the core pieces, but it’s one and veeeery long picture so be prepared for some scrolling. On the other hand it has separate numbers for most of the pieces. I will add individual shop links as soon as they appear!

(No new mini choices as of now, I’m afraid, it’s just too late in the evening now, I hope I can add some ideas later. Please write suggestions if you have some! The underdark expansion is already on the reaper page if I’m not mistaken)

03/30/20 Bones IV Rat ogre/were-rat (No 12 on KS pic)

04/13/20 Bones IV Add-Ons: Underdark (mini type TBA)

04/27/20 Bones IV Core humanoid

05/11/20 Bones I-III TBA

05/25/20 Bones IV Core monster

Maybe some minis from an add-on after that? I read some suggestions in the direction of the Underdark box with myconids, drow etc.?

–> Since reaper re-organized their online shop recently, some of the links might not be working anymore. Until we come around to fix that you can always use the miniature’s name and use the search box on top of the page.

This entry was posted by Antonia & Dirk Vogel.

6 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Wizard w Dragon Familiar – Updated!

  1. I like how Michael did some zenith lighting on the mini, like on the dragon and the sleeves.
    I sort of finished mine on Sunday and send in the pic late, but given that it fits in nicely (it’s green!) I hope Antonia can still put it in here.

    • Hey Arjen, I just updated the article. I somehow didn’t see the email before, not sure if that was due to a faulty mail program or just my overly tired eyes. Have a great week!

  2. Wow – wizards all over the color spectrum here.

    Antonia – once you said Count Dooku, I was done. That’s all I could see! But of course, he could be any kind of dark wizard, not just one played by Christopher Lee!

    Dirk’s desert dweller looks both fierce and wild. It’s interesting how some of them look very noble and rich, but without any sculpt changes, he looks almost ragged from his time in an unforgiving landscape. Still very powerful though.

    Timothy’s orange robes look very nice. That’s a great shade of orange. The green dragon stands out very well. I like the eye roll, though I initially thought more of glowing eyes when I saw it. Either way shows that he’s not messing around.

    Jim’s looks pretty friendly from the picture, and also richer. The eyebrows add a lot of personality. He might be a court wizard in a fancy kingdom somewhere. Or perhaps he’s just waiting for lunch to be served at Unseen University…

    Arjen’s reminds me of some classic fantasy art. I like that lime green color used on the main robes. Nice work on the purple dragon too!

    So in my home-brew world, I separated the wizards into Orders that each have a color associated with them; it’s kind of a mixture of the wizards from Dragonlance and the Aes Sedai Ajahs from the Wheel of Time. I have the Order of the Eye (blue robes) who focus on the gathering (and bartering) of information, as well as the Order of the Scales (purple robes), who deal with the balance of powers, on scales ranging from local to cosmic. I actually wasn’t sure which one I wanted this guy to be, so I split hairs a bit. I used Rich Indigo on his robes with a Purple Wash, and Moonstone Blue on his cloak with a Blue Wash. I think he did come out more blue, but maybe he has a sub-interest in using his information gathering to study cosmic balance. I think his expression looks friendlier just in the picture; in person, it’s kind of smug. I believe the 3rd Edition Monster Manual art for the pseudodragon shows it in purple, so I was emulating that.

    • Interesting about the wizard colors! You and Arjen both did purple, so maybe I was on the right track after all. I think you are right about mine: He feels like a court wizard or adviser and definitely looks like he has plenty of cash to blow on clothes!

  3. In regards to future models, for the Darkreach expansion, I suggest the Dark Watcher. Or perhaps any of the fungus people.

    For Bones IV humanoid, my suggestion would be to choose from the Elves set – #150-154 on the big graphic. I think I’d like to do #152 or #154 the most. For a monster, I’d suggest Baba Yaga (#96) or the Ettin (#99).

  4. Lots of color variations this time!

    Antonia – The colors say evil cult for sure! It took me a minute to recognize that there was a symbol on his back. I really like that.

    Dirk – I particularly like the effect around the face and arms. The colors just go well together and remind me of a desert nomad.

    Timothy – Spooky! The robe color coupled with the back ground made me think of a monk. Albeit a scary monk with a pet dragon, but still.

    Michael – The beard color makes him look younger that most of the others. I contemplated a purple dragon as well and, of course, I love the blue clothing, which came out nicely.

    Arjen – The green makes me think this guy likes clling attention to himself! I like the idea of each wizard being different and a distinct individual. I think it was in the Dragonlance books that wizards wore white, red or black based on their alignment: Good, neutral or evil respectively. An interesting idea, but I always thought it revealed to much about the masters of the esoteric!

    Despite my color choices, mine doesn’t look evil at all! Actually, the good dragon was intended as a subtle hint at his good alignment. I too, used a very dark gray on the hood & cloak which always seems to work bette that true black. His robes were initially going to be more of a rust color in homage to a friend’s character. He was a knight whose primary colors were rust & gray! Not really authentic but certainly distinct. The character was known for having a huge entourage and my friend painted all the corresponding minis in the same colors as kind of a running joke. Anyway, I’m pleased with my painting and the end result, which is good! Incidentally, the amulet on my mini had a completely flat face and the depth is truly just from the paint.

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