Miniature Monday – Show me your Project


Here we go – you sent us pictures of the projects you did in the meantime, and it was quite a lot!

(posting by Antonia)

Since we, of course! have not much time for writing, I’ll just show you all the pictures and give just a little comment, and maybe you can answer questions or give extra infos in the comments?

Have fun!

Dirk took some photos of his ships and planets for the “Star Trek – Attack Wing” tabletop game.


Besides of looking quite great, the ships are also – believe it or not – completely scratch built from bits, toys and, mostly, “garbage”  😀  Incredible how much the right paint job can do. Can you figure out the components?

Tina sent us pics of her painted “Malifaux” warband:


I don’t know much about the gaming system, but as far as I know you have small groups of characters and followers, so you can dedicate more time to painting each of them.

I especially like the multi-tailed fox – you can find a close-up of it at the beginning of the article  🙂

William painted minis for use with his Heroquest boardgame plus a partially converted dwarf pirate:



He wrote that he chose the models because his children needed female charcter minis too (the original boardgame only contains male heroes) and I think that’s a wonderful thing to do  🙂

The picture also shows his progress as a painter: The dwarf and the wizard are new paintjobs while barbarian and elf were painted some time ago.

The pirate dwarf is a wonderful model, especially this version, in which William swapped the gun with a bottle and did a really great job with painting the glassy effect! Wow!

Kylie finished some projects and started others anew  🙂


Inspired by previous Mini Mondays Kylie wanted to paint more animal companions/familiars, so she did a great fox and parrot – cool idea, painting the bird as tropical opens a whole new world of possibilities!

The bat swarm was done for her husband’s wargame army (Age of Sigmar) and the flesh golem, which was obviously (and patiently 😉  ) waiting on a “to-do” pile, finally got a structured base  In the end she told us she painted all this in a weekly local game store painting group, a great way to keep up the painting spirit – just like some weekly (or two weekly) blog posting  😉

Jim also had a lot of minis done:


I can see some of the minis we featured on this blog (the symbol on the red/blue shield looks very good, is it a freehand or a delicate decal?) , and also cars and tanks – where are they for, Jim? Some kind of tabletop strategy game? And the red car – it looks quite “Mad Max” to me  😀



Arjen’s snow troll arrived later!

MM snowtroll-s

This piece is a very detailed (and seemingly rather expensive) resin mini by Heresy Miniatures. Arjen said it was a real joy to paint due to the fine detail of fur and face. I agree with him that this guy is an unusual take on the subject and, I may quote, “he looks like he would give the abominable snowman nightmares”.


This week’s gallery:


03/13/17 Anti Paladin, Core Set

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until 03/10/17 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we have some ope minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will show up in an update and won’t get as much spotlight, I suppose  😉


03/27/17 Burrowing Horror Vers. 2 (aka Bulette/Land Shark) Core Set

04/10/17 Dwarf Cleric (aka Father Christmas/Dwarven Santa  😉 okay, I’m kidding here) Core Set

04/24/17 Tick Queen, Core Set

05/08/17 Sqoug Warriors (Swamp Invasion Part I) Core Set

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13 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Show me your Project

  1. First, great to see some of what people have been working on. Some really cool stuff there!

    Second, I apologize for the quality of my picture. I took it quick with bad lighting and the flash. Some of the minis have a bit of work left (bases, matte finish, etc.)

    The tanks and GEV’s are for Steve Jackson’s OGRE game. I backed their Kickstarter for new plastic minis and decided to buy some old metal ones to try out some camo schemes. North American Combine on the left, PanEuropean Federation on the right.

    The red car is for a futuristic road/car combat game called Road/Kill. I don’t use the rules, but backed another Kickstarter (Johnny Lauck) for the minis with the idea that I could use them for Car Wars (SJG again). I need to do “something more” to the car.

    I finally got my Garrick the Bold (aka Sir Forscale) and hordlings. A super fast paint job on the hordlings!

    I’m sure everyone recognizes the ogre. I got him in 2013 to practice on bonesium in anticipation of Bones II (my first Kickstarter), but only painted him recently. The red/white knight, Erick, Paladin Initiate, from Bones II, was painted as a stand in while waiting for Sir Forscale. I don’t think he’s made an appearance on Miniature Monday yet, has he?

    The other three are all older Ral Partha minis. The dwarf is one of my favorites, but really small. The French foot knight is sporting heraldry based on an historic example. I’d love to tell you all it’s freehand, but it was put together using Veni Vidi Vici decals. The orc is a circa 1976 sculpt, though I haven’t actually had it since then, and shows what was available back in the mid ’70s. Kind of primitive, huh?

    • As for the red car you need to do “something more”, have you considered painting a “used look”?
      Some dirt or splintered paint let the vehicle look used and old. I used it on my ork buggies and tanks, and I think it’s quite fitting for barbaric races such as orks or for post-apocalyptic scenarios.


      • That’s exactly what I as thinking. A little weathering to make the care look used. I was also thinking of some sort of insignia or numbers, but I’m having a bit of brain freeze on this one.

      • “I WAS thinking” “make the CAR look”. I can’t type today!

  2. Tina, I love the smooth blended blues on the fox. The bases are cool too, I bet they will look great once they are all put together.

    Dirk, those are fantastic spaceships. I never would have guessed those were scratch built, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are made from. Care to share your secrets with us?

    • The three ships are made mostly out of GW-bits I got in a mixed bag at ebay. The left one has some compartments as main hull (in brown), some bits (I think from a dreadnought) as engine and bridge, and a necron weapon as warp nacelle (dark grey). The disruptor on the right side of the bridge is made of a sensor or light from an eldar guardian shoulder – I just thought it looks like the disruptor of a klingon bird of prey 🙂
      The hull of the ship in the middle is made of bits from the mantic dead zone equipment set, again pimped with GW-bits as bridge and engine.
      The ship on the left is made of a tau weapon (old fusion gun I think) with the barrel mouths as engine, and a space marine shoulder pad as bow with extra details added out of green stuff.

      The green stations hull composes of the cap of a bottle of dish washing soap glued together with the cap of a cola bottle. Added then are a (real) bullet casing, the central spine of a roll of plaster bandages, a snap fastener and GW-bits again…

      The grey station is made out of another dish-washing-soap-cap, a child-toy-spinning top and a piece of a spray can.

      The planets are just freehand-painted on acrylic half-spheres from a deco-shop.

      I began making these pieces some time ago, the intention was to have some 3D-items for mission objectives and planets. There are still some details to paint like windows and engine glow, but they already look better then the STAW-ships in original paint… 😉

  3. Its really interesting to see all the different things people have been doing.

    Dirk: awesome building – I also would never have guessed that you made them.

    Tina: They look great. I love the nine-tail. Are they metal models?

    William: stunning job, I was blown away by the detail. How do yoh make your bases?

    Jim: interesting mix of models have been busy

    • Tina told us that the malifaux models are plastic. I think the detail is great and they are really delicate, more than many other manufacturers…

  4. Thanks, Kylie! I like your colorful macaw.

    The bases in the pictures above were all made with super sculpey, a polymer clay similar to fimo. It’s quite easy to carve little cracks and lines into it to make wood texture or tiles. You can also press rocks into it to give it a rocky texture. For the scrap of paper on the wizard’s base I rolled out a super thin sheet of sculpey, cut out a rectangle and just draped it on the base. The little bits on the dwarf’s base are cut up pieces of a skeleton mini. That’s all there is to it.

  5. Do you find the polymer clay bases to be fragile? Sometimes we play with our 6 year old god daughter & she can be a bit rough with them. Its been one of the reasons we love Bones so much

    • The bases have been fine so far – my kids are 6 and 8 and they haven’t broken anything yet. Sometimes people glue them onto plastic bases, so the sculpey doesn’t hit the table directly. You might have a problem with breakage if you sculpted very thin pieces, but for thin stuff I tend to use green stuff instead.

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