Miniature Monday – Egregis Darkfathom (UPDATED)


In the deep seas, things drift. Waiting. And sometimes, there are people, cults, who call them forth – one of them: Egregis Darkfathom, the Sea priest.

Since we are getting prepared for the baby, everything else gets a bit behind. [Our minis are still drying, so I’ll put uo the article in with two entries first and update it tomorrow with Dirk’s and mine.] Edit: Done  🙂

When I painted my Sea Priest, I had a cult, esp. the Cult of Dagon, in mind:


Since the humand who take part in this cult are rewarded with gold by the creepy fish people, my priest got golden armour (more decoration that protection I presume). The fish head on its head is reddish-brown, perhaps a real one dried over the use of generations? Icky  😀

I kind of like how the gold turned out, not too bright after two or three washes, which also bring out the awesome/awful lot of details this mini has (see below).


Dirk chose different colors and a much more prominent “fish skin” look for his priest:


He thought the carapace could well be a real one, like a crab or lobster’s, therefore he painted it in a strong red – at first I thought it was “too much”, but layers of washes darkened the colors well. The rather pale green looks a bit like seaweed or bleached by the sea winds and looks (although contrasting) surprisingly good with the red armour.


First is Arjen’s priest, on which he used the colors of the sea:

Darkfathom Arjen-1000.jpg

He said e wasn’t too thrilled with the mini, so he used it to practice wet-blending on the clothing, which I agree is a great surface for the technique. He wasn’t too happy with the visibility on the picture, but all in all, are you happy with the result on the mini? Wet-blending is a pet peeve of mine, and I really should have used it on the mini… perhaps some time when I have more than just 2 hours left  😀

Anyway, I really like the color composition on this one, the blues, greys and greens work well together!

Jim got inspired by an old animated series, “Pirates of Dark Water”:

Bones Eregris Darkfathom IMG_3473.JPG

He too had to hurry a bit, but still likes the result, and I do, too: The metallic colors fit really well with the fish theme, plus great work with picking out all the details! Jim said this was his first attempt at painting gems, and they look quite good already.

In his his mail he wrote that he imagined the Sea Priest to be disfigured beneath his clothes, and I think Jim could be right – I mean, why else wear so many layers? As an old fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories I’d imagine the priest as one of the Deep Ones, fish mutants and servants of Dagon! But I digress…

Overall, I found the mini had an awesome lot of detail, with normally is really nice (esp. if using washes to show them all) but for us was rather annoying to do in a hurry – “Wait, another pouch? Two belts?? Really?”  😉

How did you like painitng the priest? Did the fine bonesium structures bend back for you like they should, or curled the spear staff back after heating and cooling down, like it did with my mini? I mean, of course wet wood can get a bit deformed, but still…   :-p

Coming Next:

10/17/16 Companion Animals – Feline, Hawk, Wolverine, Wolf, Bear (Core Set) -> paint as many as you like:)

A lot of smaller (but not tiny) miniatures, great way to do fur patterns and blending, in either exotic or muted tones. I hope we can to some more in one go so we have a lot to show  🙂

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 10/16/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

10/24/16 Stone Lurker, classic dungeon monster (Core Set)

10/31/16 Kar Drakir, Reptile Warrior (Core Set)

11/07/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

11/14/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

11/21/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

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One thought on “Miniature Monday – Egregis Darkfathom (UPDATED)

  1. That spear just wouldn’t stay straight! On reflection, mine looks a little like a Christmas tree ornament. Lots of good variation on “Oceanic” this time around.

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