Miniature Monday – Show me your Project


Here we go: Let’s see, which projects you and we had miniaturewise & besides our beloved dose of Bones  😉

I think one of our main problems with posting in time is the fact that we often work on weekends, so the whole “use the weekend for hobby time” concept doesn’t work so well then.. But even if we’re running late, we’re still running, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to miss the painting  😀

Anyway, here are the projects:

Dirk: Customized Super Heroes


Dirk will probably add some more info later, for starters some basics: For our ongoing Super Heroes RPG campaign (we use the Heroes Unlimited games system by Palladium Games) Dirk uses his vast collection of Heroclix miniatures to represent Heroes and NPC. Mostly the out-of-the-box minis suffice, but sometimes he enjoys converting doubles to get even more fitting figures.

Some of these are complete re-paints with detailed freehand works (like heroe logos) while others also got a new surface structure to make a new kind of mutant  😉


Antonia: Miniature (miniature) Warhammer


Dirk and I enjoy playing Warhammer Tabletop, Fantasy or 40k, but rarely manage to do it because it always takes a lot of space and time just to prepare a game (our flat isn’t that big). Therefore we thought about a way to miniaturize the game further so we can play it just on a regular table, without the need of large mats or boards.

There is a game produced by Games Workshop called “Warmaster” but since it got discontinued, the minis are rare and expensive. Plus, we wanted to use standard Warhammer rules.

So we decided to scale down the game by counting “inch -> centimetres”, therefore making the whole board 2,5 times smaller, and to use Demonworld miniatures (Ral Partha), which are still produced and available, plus some other manufacturers for the 10-15mm range. For reference you can see one “normal sized” 32mm Beastman down right which I intend to use as a giant!

Of course we have a lot of projects, so this one is on planning stage mostly, but at least we already have miniatures, made some bases from plastic card and even bought some tiny dice! Love them  😀


Jim: Bloodbowl and more



Jim sent in a workbench pic showing the minis he is working on. Center stage is his Bloodbowl Amazon team, plus some other minis which can count as antiques since they are from the 70’s even  🙂

Jim said he could tell us some more about this workbench and the minis in the comments if we’re interested, and Dirk & I are defintely, so please do  🙂


Arjen: Age of Worms WIP

Worms Arjen.JPG

Arjen used a whole lot of minis for a campaign of “Age of Worms”, a game or system I unfortunately never heard of. Is it an RPG campaign? Or something like the “Descent” board game? Would you care to elaborate in the comments?

Mashaaf the giant worm from Bones II is the center piece, in front are slugs and maggotmen frome Heresy Miniatures which nicely fit the theme! Arjen wrote he had some trouble picking a color scheme  but is happy with it now, which I agree with  – it looks really disgusting  😀

This week’s gallery:

Coming Next:

10/03/16 Hordlings, small demons/familiars (Add-on, but since they’re small and cheap we’ll keep them in anyway)

Some small and hopefully easy-to-do demons or minions which work as familiars, low-level enemies or maybe just base decoration. Have fun 😀

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 09/03/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

10/10/16 Egregis Darkfathom, Dark Sea Priest (Core Set)

10/17/16 Companion Animals – Feline, Hawk, Wolverine, Wolf, Bear (Core Set) -> paint as many as you like:)

10/24/16 Stone Lurker, classic dungeon monster (Core Set)

10/31/16 Kar Drakir, Reptile Warrior (Core Set)

11/07/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

11/14/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

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6 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Show me your Project

  1. Age of Worms is a classic 3.5 D&D campaign from 2006. The end boss monster from part 5 is something called an ulgurstasa, which I cannot elaborate on because my wife is in the party and will be reading this. Suffice to say, Mashaaf is a good fit. The other critters are not in the campaign, so I will rewrite it a bit so they will be.
    Heresy miniatures is a UK based firm with classic 28 mm figures rather than heroic (Reaper Bones scale), and is a one-man show by Andy, who is constantly between overworking or bankrupting himself, it seems (read the kickstarter updates). He has some great sculpts with very good detail. Prices are somewhat higher than stuff from China, as is to be expected.

    • I love your disgusting Mashaaf! I really need to get some Heresy minis, especially their ghouls.

    • Hi Arjen,
      thanks for the info on heresy miniatures, I checkd the guy’s blog, which is somewhere linked in his shop – one of his postings (I think it’s called “Dragon Slayed”) describes how he decided to make a new awesome dragon miniature… and how it kind of ate his life. Worth a read for everyone interested in small-scale mini fabrication and the obstacles it can bring. I thought about producing one or two minis too one day, but I’m glad I won’t do it for a living.
      (Instead I’m a traditional artist. Which is much more reliable in generating income… hahaha… *sigh* Thanks & hugs to Dirk for having a normal job. Really!)
      Yours, Antonia

  2. I won’t say anything about the bones minis, as I’m sure we’re all familiar.

    The nun BB team is from Shadowforge. I got it about the time I stopped playing Blood Bowl so it has been unpainted until now. As I write this, players 1-8 are done (except bases), 9-12 will be done soon and 13-16 should be done by the end of next week. You can also see the staff minis (head coach, apothecary, etc.) around the pic.

    In the back, starting in the upper left are:
    A giant goblin from Ral Partha, circa ’75 or ’76
    An RP dwarf from the early ’80’s
    An RP knight (French?), old sculpt but newish to me
    A mini of Tre Manor from Darksword

    The 3 on the Ottlite base were painted earlier this year:
    A paladin from RP, old sculpt but a mini I always wanted
    A cleric from Dragonbait
    An RP illusionist from the late ’70s and one of my favorite sculpts

    Moving forward we have:
    A stone giant from Grenadier’s Giant’s Club line, ’80’s
    An Egyptian concubine from Dark Fable
    A succubus from Hasslefree
    A Jotun from Red Box

    Kind of an odd selection right now, but there you have it!

    • Thanks for the details, Jim! Do you plan something specific with the miniatures beside the Bloodbowl team, or do you paint them just for fun?
      In my case much of my painting motivation stems from thinking about how awesome a mini will look on the gaming table, or how horrified my players will be as soon as they realize yes, this big old Kraken is here just for you… 😉

      • A bit of both really. Sometimes I paint what’s needed for a game, but often I just let the muse guide me. I usually end up using everything I paint sooner or later! I think all the minis in the pic fall into the “just for fun” category currently.

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