Miniature Monday – Beastman Champion – UPDATED


May it be lost forests or the catacombs of a forbidden dungeon, beastmen are at home everywhere, just waiting to chop off pieces of their enemies!

I know, we could rather call this “Miniature Tuesday” but I think the monday version is still more catchy  😉  plus we still hope we can manage the normale time schedule… normally. Or something 😀

Since I had long work hours again this week Antonia painted both beastmen. That was kind of a routine since she owns a Beastmen Army in Warhammer Tabletop and tried some different color schemes already.

The first one is the 4th edition Warhammer style, dark brown fur with black hair and silvery metal parts:

Beastman brown_kl.jpg

All in all relatively dark, but it fits well into her army and I can easily imagine the creature lurking within the woods, just waiting to ambush travellers. I like the jewel on the shield, with adds a nice drop of color and foreshadows the blood spilled in fight. In fact Antonia wasn’t too happy with the jewel paintjob, but I’d say here on the pic it looks quite well, white dot for reflection and all!


For the second version she was playing around a bit, and since she’s doing a commission drawing of two goats right now, she decided to use their black-and-white pattern as an inspiration:

Beastman Goat_kl.jpg


I really like the idea and the overall soft color scheme, light browns and greys – the bronze parts didn’t take the wash/ink as well as she hoped and she said she’ll do some work at them to mute down the bright metal a bit.

The spotted pattern looks good anyway, and I think it could be quite fun to try something like this for hoofed animal/monster minis like minotaurs, horses and the like!


Jim sent in a beastman in a classical dungeon style, as I feel:

Bones Beastman Champion IMG_3430.JPG

The color scheme instantly reminds me of RPG illustrations for ´Talisman-like games, earthtones, silver and a bit of red.

Jim wrote that he, at first, wasn’t so interested in painting this mini, but while he worked on it, this beast rather grew on him, and now it’s one of his favourite Monday Minis! What a development  🙂 Why do you like the mini, Jim, was it all the details?

I noticed how well you highlighted/painted small things, like the lips or even fingernails! Well done!


Arjen sent in his beastman too!

beastman Arjen.jpg

He wrote that this mini was done in quite a rush, but the results are still looking good! I like the grey and blueish color scheme, something different from the rest and still a great theme even for a whole army (as a long time tabletop player I tend to think in whole armies and not just individual miniatures 😉  )


This week’s gallery

Coming Next:

09/26/16 Show me your army/project

Do you have a project, either planned, in preparation or finished? A tabletop army, or perhaps some minis for a RPG campaign? State and manufacturer don’t matter, just send some pic and share (or re-awake) your enthusiasm  😉

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 09/25/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

10/03/16 Hordlings, small demons/familiars (Add-on, but since they’re small and cheap we’ll keep them in anyway)

10/10/16 Egregis Darkfathom, Dark Sea Priest (Core Set)

10/17/16 Companion Animals – Feline, Hawk, Wolverine, Wolf, Bear (Core Set) -> paint as many as you like:)

10/24/16 Stone Lurker, classic dungeon monster (Core Set)

10/31/16 Kar Drakir, Reptile Warrior (Core Set)

11/07/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

11/14/16 TBA – maybe Baby break

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4 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Beastman Champion – UPDATED

  1. I like the subtly gold-silver on the axe of Antonia’s first mini. Overall I like Jim’s mini best: sometimes a relatively simple color scheme, when so well executed, gives the best results. I especially like the face, the teeth are picked out very well and the eye…well if Dirk posts my late entry you will see how difficult I found that one and thus how well this one is done.

    • That’s interesting: I almost went with gray as well! Nice job, especially for a rush.

  2. Antonia: I love the Holstein/Friesian cattle fur. Very original! The only advice I can think of on the shield gems would be to paint the white reflection dot smaller. They look too large to my eyes. Otherwise, the colored parts of the gems came out very well. That’s something I need to try a little more often.

    Dirk: I hadn’t even thought about Talisman, but you are right! He could be right out of a GW cover. This mini was one that I don’t really have a specific gaming use for, so it was kind of a “back-burner” type figure. In other words, I might get around to it someday. As I worked on it, I realized that the casting was quite good and compared well to the metal version. It really painted well and I’m pleased with my color choices and just doing some basic techniques (highlighting/shading, washes) fairly well. The only beastmen I have ever painted were years ago for a Blood Bowl Chaos team whose colors were gray and red.

    Also, a friend’s son has the same mini and I wanted to show him that you don’t really have to do anything fancy or complicated to get a nice mini. We’ll see if my example works!

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