Monday Miniature – Chimera part II –Updated–


A classical monster and a bit like three mins in one, this is the week to present all the finished chimeras 🙂 Let’s see how it went!

Here we go again. All the nice words and still no pictures? Well… 😀 We went on LARPing last weekend, which is an awesome hobby but needs incredible amounts of time (i.e. it eats whole weekends) so we (more or less) finished the minis right now, when it’s just too dark to take good pictures of them. So I’ll take them in a couple of hours, until then, you have some mysterious descriptions and, of course, the other contributions 🙂

Update: Here we go with our pictures 🙂

Dirk went on with his classic style, via the basing and a muted color sheme with mostly realistic colors.


Dirk decided to paint the scaly areas dark, with a green hue to come (he didn’t get to it yet, but the result ist just some (dry-)brush strokes away), and I so far I like the variations of brown the mini. Plus, Dirk used the acid ray again that he made for the Ankheg mini! He tried and it fit just fine, perhaps that’s a useful idea for any gaming table if you are using a lot of different monsters: Just make one of each “special attack” like fire, acid, smoke etc and attach them to the monster in question, just a wire pin and a little hole 🙂

Give it a try!


When I first thought about the chimera I was looking for a “theme”, and I settled for “template” as in D&D. In this case, I went for the “fiendish” template, which describes (or creates) creatures from the depths of varoius hells and abysses:


To go with the demonic theme I only used fiery reds & oranges plus variations of black and grey, as in ashes and vulcanic rock.

It could have been better with more time, as always ;), especially with the mold lines on the heads, but overall I’m content with the results. Who knows, perhaps I’ll find time for a celestial chimera too one day? All in white and gold and ivory… would look great I think!

Long time reader David D. also sent in a picture this time: He said he’s trying to get into painting more, which a lot of us plan, and taking part in Mini Monday weekly, or every other week, is a great motivation  (which is why Dirk & I went on helping out with MiniMonday in the first place – just such a great opportunity) So David, and everyone else who thinks about sending a pic in: Welcome to the Project 😀


David chose natural colors which in my opinions work very well together. I especially like how some colors are mirrored in the different heads, like the dragon’s green is in the lion’s eyes etc. Something like that brings harmony in a miniature, even if the creature itself is all but harmonic 😀


Arjen sent in an “advanced WIP” because he knew he’d have abusy weekend and paited as far as he could. It looks fine enough for me!

Chimera Arjen .jpg

Arjen said his choice of colors was inspired by D&D 3.5’s Monster Manual and had fun trying to blend the colors in a natural but still distinctive way. I like the green and yellow on the dragon’s head and especially the lion’s face with the vlack rimmed muzzle looks great!


Here is the end result of William’s chimera, which he sent us a WIP of last week:


I have to say: Amazing detail!  He’s most proud of the dragon’s head and the highlighting on the scales is great, but I also like the lion and the realistic mane color. It’s great how the (literally) different parts of the beast look “tinkered” together, e.g. see  how different the lion’s paw next to the goat’s head look!

To make sure the three heads also had something in common, William used the trick to give all the eyes the same color. Nice idea, and great mini overall!

Update II:

David B. sent his chimera in april already, and I forgot!! So sorry 🙂 I hope he’s not resentful, because of course we want to see more of his (and all your!) painting peojects!

Here we go:


David B. said he chose a classic color scheme, only the pink color on the wings was an experiment, and I really have to say it looks great! In my opinion it balances well with the brown of the lion’s coat and keeps up the feeling of “not quite natural” that a chimera ought to express 🙂


This weeks Gallery:


Coming next:

05/30/16 “Bloodmane, Gnoll Warrior” (Bones II Core Set)

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 01/15/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

06/06/16 Dragon Hatchlings Part II: “Blue and “Green (Bones II Core Set)

06/13/16 Cassiatta, female Dark Knight (Bones II Core Set)

06/20/16 Nakayama Hayato, Iconic Samurai (Bones II Core Set)

06/27/16 Basilisk (Bones II Core Set) <- Change in schedule because we took one mini out of the list (was from Bones I)

07/04/16 Rogan, Half Orc Rogue (Bones II Core Set)

07/11/16 Tiik Baron, Fish Humanoid Champion (Bones II Core Set)

07/18/16 Troll Slayer Sophie, Mascot Demon Lady (Bones II Core Set)

07/25/16 Ape Demon (Bones II Core Set)

after that… perhaps some classical or strange dungeon monsters? Or demons?

(Wishes? Ideas? Tell us via email or in the comments!)

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One thought on “Monday Miniature – Chimera part II –Updated–

  1. nice looking minis again guys, fantastic variations on the Chimera that have given me the inspiration to get my own schedule moving along again. Hopefully I can get some paint on some Bones soon to take part in this again.

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