Miniature Monday: Vrock Demon





Yes, I know – technically it’s Miniature Tuesday. But when you see what hatched from all the colorful easter eggs this weekend, you will happily forget the little temporal inconsistency and bathe in all that demonic glory!



I hope all of you had some nice spring days over the weekend, and perhaps even holidays if that’s a thing where you live. For Dirk & me the Easter weekend was nice but also busy (since we both have side jobs in restaurants we didn’t get all holidays off and the rest of the time we spent visiting our respective familys). Dirk decided he would rather spend more time on next week’s mini, the Undead Lord, and since he know my interest in monsters he gave me his vrock demon to paint as well.

This ways I could try two different color schemes!

My first take was a practical one: Because we will use most of our painted Bones in our ongoing D&D campaign I went for a 3.5 ed Vrock directly from the monster manual, with its classic grey-and-bluish color scheme:


While painting I didn’t find the colors that exciting (although the combination looks kind of harmonic/natural, at least for a demon!), but when I designed the base – I went for a cracked lava surface with turned out really nice! – I decided to use OSL. In this technique we can create the illusion of glow or reflection of light that originates from somehwere on or in the model. In this case it was the lava base that illuminates the lower parts of the Vrock It’s only a slight shimmer of orange, but it worked really great with the rather plain violet and grey – within a more colorful mini the effect could have been much less visible.

Overall the mode is a nice eyecathcher, and I’ll absolutely try OSL  on my next projects too.


And while we’re at it – here is the second version of the Vrock, this time in a Warhammer-y “Lord of Change”-fashion:


The body was painted blue too, but the beasty got pinkish hands, feets and head, which gives much more the impression of a vulture that the first version. I tried a color gradient on the wings, from red over purple to blue, painting wet-in-wet – a technique where you slather all the colors on the mini and then mix them on the spot befire they dry. A bit stressful, but works good for soft color transitions. Kind of.

This base is supposed to be part of the  Chaos Wastes, so I painted it in a dull sand color with the cracks glowing in a sick yellow-green. No doubt there is Wyrdstone aplenty.

Here I also tried OSL but I think I like the first Vrock and the lava better. It’s brighter and better visible. What do you think?


Arjen sent in his Vrock, and obviously he’s also in for the classics, since he also chose D&D’s 3.5 edition color scheme:

vrock Arjen.jpg

Very well done with the colors, I think you nailed the amount of grey (my Vrock doesn’t have enough) and I really like what you did with the white, the highlights  emphasize the important details very  clearly.

Arjen wrote that he remembered how to get good lighting for his photos – he took the light box outside and used indirect daylight. I think that shows well!


William’s Vrock is a co-production with his 5-year-old daughter, as he wrote me – she would mix colors and he would paint them on as they came, so he could freestyle a vividly colored demon:


I really like the bright colors, they give the impression of a tropical nightmare! And since you went for the quite colorful Pathfinder Vrock, you can even call it completely intentional 😉

We should – as always – have look at the base William sculpted – he continued the built-in rocks-and-skulls-theme and covered the whole surface in delicate structures, even threw in some extra skulls and bones. Easter presents 😀


And again – if someone still has pictures of their Vrock, or another model we painted recently, just send it to us and we’ll update the respective posting!

Here is this weeks gallery:



Coming next:

04/04/16DragothUndead Lord on Throne (Bones II Core Set)

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 04/03/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

04/11/16 “Barrow Rats” (Bones II Core Set)

04/18/16   Dragon Hatchlings Part I: “Red and “Black (Bones II Core Set)

04/25/16    “Ankheg classical D&D worm monster (Bones II Core Set)

05/02/16 “Sharkman” (Bones II Core Set)

05/09/16 “Mister Bones” (Bones II Core Set)

05/16/16 Big Monster Part I: “Chimera” Base Colors (Bones II Core Set)

(Wishes? Ideas? Tell us via email or in the comments!)

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6 thoughts on “Miniature Monday: Vrock Demon

  1. Nice Vrocks! I think I prefer the lava one too, mostly because of the lava base and the stronger OSL comes through really well. But the chaos wastes color scheme is great, and the wings turned out beautifully. I really enjoy working wet-in-wet, mostly because I just don’t have the patience for layering!

    I think Arjen did a great job of capturing the classic Vrock look.

    I briefly considered having the Vrock guarding a nest with colorful eggs, but decided that might be a little bit over the top.

  2. William, that is very good mixing. My five year old twins cannot even remember how to mix green if you give them a choice of red, yellow and blue. I think it made a really original vrock too.
    Antonia, i love the lava base, it looks real hot. I like the chaos version better, though. Nice glimmer in the eye.

  3. Arjen, the key for us was not to have a target color in mind before mixing. It’s all about experimentation!

  4. suggestions from Bones 2 core set, in no particular order:
    77270: Spikeshell Warriors
    89032: Anti Paladin
    77371: Basilisk
    77236: Bloodmane, Gnoll Warrior
    77224: Rogan, Half Orc Rogue
    77204: Cassiatta

  5. Hey all, thanks for all the comments! It’s always great to see somebody is actually reading this stuff 😀
    @Arjen: Cool, some suggestions! We also got some per e-mail, now the burden of deciding which cool model to paint next is partially off our shoulders 😉
    Also thanks for the numbers of each mini, it’s a pain to check the Bones II graphic, see a great mini and then not being able to find it at the reapermini page because the serial numbers from the Kickstarter changed since then… I mean, we do find them. After long looong annoying searches and trying a million different not-helpful keywords 😀
    See you all next week(s)!

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