Monday Miniatures: Oswald the Overladen


This miniature seems pretty appropriate to me given how busy life has been lately. Since I got back to down and immediately got sick, I neglected to post these paint jobs at the end of last week, so here they are. I have adjusted the schedule accordingly.

Oswald Arjen

Arjen’s Oswald has obviously been slogging through the back country – check out all of the grime.

Bones Oswald Overladen

Jessica is back showing off her characteristically clean style. One look at his eyes tells me that this one is up to no good.


Dirk’s mini bears a heraldic color scheme, and would you check out that bottle? What a show off.  Great work Dirk!


Brewster (one of the David B’s) makes great use of soft colors. The face on this one has tons of personality – really outstanding work. How did you get such a subtle effect?

5/31/15 – Gruff Grimeclever

5/7/15 – Novacorp Sgt

5/14/15 – Autumn Bronzeleaf

6/21/15 – Elladan, Elf Ranger

6/28/15 – Novacorp Speedpaint – See how fast you can paint a few of the sergeants loyal men

7/5/15 – Seltyiel, Iconic Mage

7/12/15 Horace ‘Action’ Jackson

7/19/15 – Jabberwock – Week 1

7/26/15 – Jabberwock – Week 2

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Oswald the Overladen

  1. Jessica: I love all the shades of brown, and the keg comes out very well. Dirk: even less color variation: be careful, without the blue bottle, this one would have been dull. I love that bottle of course and the stubble chin is a nice touch too. BrewsterDavid: great face. Great overall look of the mini. Highlights on the sack are very good, but on the blanket and the axe they look sort of random, and difference between background color and highlight is too big.
    Disclaimer: any critisism does not imply the author can do better. He just thinks you can 🙂

  2. Great work everyone!

    Highlights for me this week include that bottle on Dirk’s mini (and I think the quartered shields are really nice too) as well as the highlighting on Brewster’s mini; there’s a sort of over-the-top “Borderlandsy” cell-shaded feel to it.

  3. Haha. Thanks for the comments Arjen. I wasn’t too happy with the axe highlighting either. I hadn’t noticed the blanket so much, but I agree, it’s a bit jarring.

    I wish I could say the face was totally intentional amazingness, but it just sorta happened. Happy fortune that.

    I’ve been trying to do higher contrast highlighting with my 15mm stuff, and it’s obviously affected my 28mm things as well. Not necessarily a problem (except in a few cases).

    Dirk: I really like the half filled bottle. Cool effect. The stubble is great as well.
    Jessica: Great pupil. I also like how you managed to incorporate an orange bag (I colour I have huge challenges with) that fits perfectly.

    Arjen: I like the solid colour on the cowl more than how I broke it up. It’s interesting to me how your shirt zipper/opening is so much more apparent than my own work. Strange how that works out. That chicken is looking a bit suspect though…..might want to foist it off on the lantern bearer…..

    • Regarding the chicken: that’s how it looks when you have been carrying it around for three days following that adventure party that hired you to hold their stuff while they fight monsters.

  4. Thanks for the compliments. For the bottle I used the advice from some tutorials I read. Although I used only the “basic” technique, I’m satisfied with the result.

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