Monday Miniatures: Red Dragon


Here there be dragons! It’s been 3 weeks, but the results are worth the wait. Great work all around!

With six dragons this week, it looks like it was worth the wait. Sadly, I still was not able to finish – my work load is crushing me. I am exploring the option of moving a little closer to work to give me some more free time – 10 hour days with more than 2 hours of round trip commuting is cramping my … well, everything.

cinder final Arjen2

Arjen painted a different dragon, but the results are fabulous. In the WIP from two weeks ago, it was the veins in the wings that stood out the most. In the final version though, the glow seeping out from the edges of the chest scales it what catches my eye the most.

pathfinder dragon Tallghost

Tallghost sends in a classic color scheme with only the base left to be done. I like the subtle coloring that is going on in the wings most on this one.


Luke wasn’t able to finish, but he did send in a nice WIP showing off his progress. I really like where this one is going. I can’t imagine what kind of breath weapon it is going to melt me with though? Chlorine? Acid? My money is on mustard gas.

I want to see it when it is done.

Full Red Dragon

Brian went with the classic color scheme. This mini also blows me away. My favorite bits are the subtle color variations between red and black and orange that mottle the scales. Nice job!

MMRed Dragon AVogel

Antonia paints a mural. Not content to just have the brave knight, she has to add a breath weapon, frozen in time. Show off. Seriously though, this dragon is magnificent.


After all of those, you’d think it would be hard to top this weeks submissions, but Jessi gives it a go. This is such a vibrant and dynamic color scheme. Jessi had nothing but positive things to say about their trip to Reapercon. Looks like I may have to invest in my painting skills in a similar way. This one is stunning.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Red Dragon

  1. Wow, I always find great inspiration here. Great job everyone! David, you need to share yours when finished!

  2. Thanks everyone! This guy was so much fun! David, I’m sorry you’re not getting as much time to paint! I also drove an hour each way on top of my 12 hour shift, no fun!
    These dragons are all fantastic! And I love the use of the water effects again, Antonia!
    Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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