Monday Miniatures: Rain Delay

In my inbox I couldn’t help but notice that there were many fewer finished dragons than started dragons, so I have decided to give everyone another week. A model this awesome deserves a little extra time. I will amend the mini timeline in next week’s post to compensate. In the interim, look at this:

TrafficYou might notice there was a real spike yesterday. Someone shared last week’s post on Reddit, and that was the result. Whether it was the awesome tutorial or the dragon that drew such a crowd I can’t say, but the best way to get more people painting their bones are to share these posts and make the aware that we exist. I’m looking forward to seeing more dragons next week!

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Rain Delay

  1. I almost made it, but got lots of small details unfinished. If this one takes more than two weeks, I am not buying Tiamat (bones KS 3 june 8, see reaper forum under reapercon/who is ready for another kickstarter).

  2. Woot! I’ll take the credit / blame for the Reddit post. I loved the tutorial and wanted to share it. I enjoy seeing all the paint jobs each week.

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