Monday Miniatures: On The Road

Forgive the format: I’m posting this from the road. I’ll be out of town all week for work, and last week I was dealing a plumbing disaster. As a consequence, no painting got done. Fortunately other people found the time to pick up my slack painting Ezren.


Arjen went with a blue color scheme, creating a very classic look.


Jessi’s image came out a little dark, but the intensity of it’s eyes lends this mini great character.


Brian painted this yellow mage as a healer in his local tabletop game. Interestingly this image was sent in a format that my phone could not open, and I had to screen shot it. These are the challenges of phone blogging.

See last week’s post for next week’s mini. Better formatted posts will start back up next week.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: On The Road

  1. Hello, back again (at least with a comment).
    After four weeks of hard work and obligations on each weekend, I finally had the Easter weekend off to paint this wizard – and then got ill! For two days I couldn’t come out of bed, and I had a good idea for this mini (a blue outfit like Arjens)…:(

    BUT I will show a picture of him in my watereffect-as-energy-tutorial which will be ready next monday!

    For the entries:
    @Arjen: I like the detail on the cloth rim.
    @Jessi: really good eyes (they’re your specialty I think)
    @Brian: nice idea to use him as a healer.

    See you next week.

  2. Dirk, hope you get to feeling better!!! I can’t wait to see the tutorial!
    I’ve been busy with work and whatnot as well, won’t be posting this week’s mini for that reason. (6 twelve hour shifts doesn’t leave much time for painting!)
    Arjen, I love the ‘driftwood’ effect you got on the staff!
    Brian, you did great picking out the little details (I always get bored and lose interest on those..). With yellow, I find it helps to basecoat with a color that has great coverage (like a vallejo ivory or another light color) to help reduce brushstrokes. Also, thinning paints to a ridiculous degree can help. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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