Monday Miniatures: Spirit of the Forest


I think in the future I am going to have to give all the larger models two weeks. There is just too much to do I a single week.

This Treant is a real treat. There is literally a ridiculous amount of detail. Under every leaf is another leaf, and behind every vine is another mushroom or bit of wood grain just crying out to be highlighted.

Deadzone has come out with a sequel Kickstarter project.

For that matter, so has Raging Heroes. This one is at least worth looking at the sculpts. The centaurs will give you nightmares.


I only have a work in progress to show for my efforts. This model had a LOT more detail than I was expecting. It’s a good start, but I have hours more of work left to do.

Treant Arjen

Arjen cited time concerns, but was able to knock this one out of the park. I love the color variety, and get a real Swampthing vibe from the back.


Jessi went with a slightly brighter color scheme. You still wouldn’t find it in a Technicolor Disney movie, but it looks friendly enough.


Loxosceles went with more defined areas of color. I certainly understand the desire to simplify the color scheme on this guy. The more you paint the more layers you will find that you have to repaint.

4/5/15 – Ezren

4/12/15 – Almaran

4/19/15 – Zalash

4/26/15 – Red Dragon – Week 1 – this is a big model, so this week are just looking for a WIP.

5/3/15 – Red Dragon – Week 2 – Now’s your chance to really show off. You’ve had 2 weeks and a gorgeous sculpt – blow me away.

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email your pictures of your mini to

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3 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Spirit of the Forest

  1. Minis I intend to use in a game usually get brighter colors and higher contrast palettes; works better for me given the variable ambient lighting at a table. I needed this model for an encounter, and had about three hours to get it painted and sealed (… and glue a goblin to it).

    I was a bit dismayed to give it the paint-by-numbers treatment as some of the fine detail became more evident after basing. I used a couple different washes as a quick and easy way of adding some texture to the underlying green portions, but in the end it was pretty well obscured by the semi-gloss finish of the Reaper sealer.

    I may need to buy this sculpt again, it felt like a lot of missed opportunities.

  2. Hi David, nice crisp textures on the wood. If you keep up that quality it will be great.
    Jessi: Good job. compared to yours mine has joined the Dark Side. Nice basing. Try shooting photos during daylight hours near a window, you will get a bit less of these dark shadows, even if you use a light box.
    Loxo: love the idea of using it as a mount. Very good paint job for gaming. Mine tend to have so much drybrushing and stuff that they look nice on photos, but kind of hazy on the gaming table. Am still searching for the right middle ground.

  3. Blah! WordPress hates it when I comment on things…

    I loved this guy. And I love the different colors and textures everyone came up with! That’s my favorite part of this! I liked the idea of him coming out looking like driftwood.
    Arjen- I find that if I ink or glaze lightly over a drybrushed area, it cuts down on the dusty look. I will have to try shooting in the sunlight sometime!

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