Monday Miniatures: Large Earth Elemental


This week we paint up a particularly big mini. In retrospect, 2 weeks to do this one justice might have been a better choice.

20150223_173044me My efforts this week are only about 60% completed. Note that there is very little work at all done below the waist. I was inspired by the Infernal’s of wow. A little more  time will see this concept fully realized.

PhotoGrid_1424633976374 (1)Jessi painted some truly spectacular OSL on this elemental. Outstanding! DAVEBEarthElementalDave B tried to add a bit more diversity to his rocky paint job than most of the rest of us.

Earth Elemental Arjen

Arjen painted my favorite mini this week. I love the rocky texture and the highlights, but what I really love are the highlights on the crystals. Fabulous!

IMG_3376Jarrod O’s elemental lies somewhere between Arjen and DaveB’s efforts. It has excellent diversity of color but still maintains excellent cohesion. It also has something else my mini doesn’t have – it’s done!

Bravo to everyone. This week had some really great paint jobs.

3/1/15 – Grandmother

3/8/15 – Ghoul Queen

3/15/15 – TBD – suggestions?

3/22/15 – Aina

3/29/15 – Spirit of the Forest

4/5/15 – Ezren

4/12/15 – Almaran

4/19/15 – Zalash

4/26/15 – Red Dragon – Week 1 – this is a big model, so this week are just looking for a WIP.

5/3/15 – Red Dragon – Week 2 – Now’s your chance to really show off. You’ve had 2 weeks and a gorgeous sculpt – blow me away.

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email your pictures of your mini to

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13 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Large Earth Elemental

  1. Jessi’s OSL really does look great, but I am most impressed by the red crystals on David’s elemental. They seem to almost glow!

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  3. Yes, David W’s is my favorite. Love the green glow and the crystals are amazing. I was thinking about trying for glowing cracks on mine, but got scared off. Fantastic work DavidW.

  4. All of the gems look amazing. I also really like the moss effect on Jess’ model. Good job, folks. Making me miss painting.

  5. Another great round, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. Couldn’t find this guy in my local GS though. 😦

  6. Bottom to top:
    I do not understand why Jarrod took a close-up of the blue gemstone, which is soso, whereas the rocks are perfect: subtle color variation, good highlights, best rocks of this week.
    Dave B: tricky color scheme. If you don’t do it well, it will look like a chessboard come alive, but you pulled it off. Well done.
    Jessi: I like the OSL idea, but either your crystals should be brighter, or the light around it should be dimmer. Now it looks like the crytal just happens to be in the middle of some radioactive fungi. Moss is a nice touch. Base is nice too: well decorated, but modestly, so it does not outshine the mini.
    David W: All your minis this month were at a higher level than your previous work. What happened? Is it just from the practice of painting your rat army or have you been posessed by a painting demon? If this is your unfinished mini, I am really curious how it will look finished.

  7. Regarding my own mini: I am happy how the white/pink quartz crystal turned out. It took me a while to figure out that to make parts look translucent you actuallually must paint them a shade darker than the rest, as if the rock below is shining through. And then the edges were painted white again, because the light is diffracted there.
    Also, I think the sculptor that made this mini did an amazing job: there is so much detail in it. You really have to apply the first layer thin and the highlight with viscous, non-flowing paint, or you will lose all those little holes and cracks. A very rewarding mini.

  8. I’m really bummed that none of the local shops had this guy in stock, and none of them were able to get in restocks…
    David W – The Infernal inspiration really works for this guy. I hope you share the final pictures.
    Jessi – Wow!!! Your OSL is stunning.
    Dave B – I really like the color variation. It’s very clean and sharp looking.
    Arjen – Subtle, and stunning. Most impressive.
    Jarrod – I’d love a closer look at the face.

  9. I accidentally submitted my figure early (I got mixed up on the week), but I guess it got lost in the [e]mail… 😛

    Nice work, all! I hadn’t thought of trying a Warcraft Infernal, but the model does lend itself to the idea!

    I think Jessi’s version comes off as a more natural and “friendly” elemental, as opposed to some of the other “colder” versions. Lots of great variety in rock from everyone!

  10. Thanks for the compliment on the rock texture, Arjen. It was definitely the easy part of this mini. I assumed it was not that good looking because it was so easy. Hence, the gem closeup. Warm fuzzy!

  11. Thanks everyone! I’m so glad to see so many people participating!

    Arjen, I love the effect you got on the rocks!

    The moss is a really easy, fun effect to add. I’ll add a how-to on the blog post I did about this guy.
    Also, I got my copy of this guy and the spirit of the forest off ebay. Looks like I may have to do the same for the pathfinder red dragon.
    Can’t wait to see next week’s mini!

  12. I think I have my lightbox adjusted. I hope my pictures come out better now. Of course, I won’t be painting the next few. I am working on some future pieces, however.

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